well hello there! :)

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well hello there! :)

Hey gals,

Been MIA for quite a while!
It's hard to believe but for the past 5 weeks I have been dealing with... a plugged duct that turned into... 10 days of running a fever/mastitis that turned into.... an abscess that didn't want to clear up! Three trips to the emergency room and two followup appointments.. Plus have been on antibiotics for nearly a month. (Poor baby's digestive system has seen better days. Lots of probiotics for both of us.)
SO! Had an incision & drainage/I&D yesterday. Now have dime sized hole in my boob that I have to pack daily. Thankful to be able to still breast feed thru these challenges!

And speaking of breastfeeding - thru this whole terrible experience I googled recurring mastitis causes. Discovered my little sweet pea has a lip tie (upper labial tie) and tongue tie. Baby has been having lots of fussiness/gas, can't latch properly, clicks a lot while he eats and I still have to support my breast while he's eating or he ends up hanging on to just the nipple - OWCH!
I knew something wasn't right all along but figured it was just me/first time mom or baby was sensitive to certain foods or... SOMETHING?!?!

The ENT dr said that it wasn't a big deal, that even if he were to fix it there wouldn't be big changes in breastfeeding...but he's never breastfed a day in his life, either lol. Therefore, we are going to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to have a skilled dentist there perform a laser procedure on Nolan. Appointment set for Halloween! Smile

Thru all of this, I've been on an elimination diet to try to see if that was part of the cause of Nolan's tummy troubles (started the week before The Boob happened haha). Didn't want to add foods back while he was dealing w/diarrhea from antibiotics so have just now begun. He's fine with eggs and nuts BUT doesn't like corn - and neither do I, evidently! I was allergic to corn as a baby and when I added it back, we both had a noticeable reaction. Tummy troubles again for him, face that got all hot and red for me..

It has been a rough 5 weeks - especially with my poor husband trying to study for midterms, go to class full time, take me to the ER, etc. etc. etc. but thankful to hopefully, prayerfully, see the end now!

Thoughts & prayers for all of us would be appreciated! Smile

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Crumbs liss.. You have certainly been through the mill!!
I have to congratulate you.. Pat yourself on the back that through it all you are still breast feeding!!
I got blisters and quit!!
I am in awe of you.. And feel quite weak willed,
Good luck for the lasers on Halloween.
Hope all goes well!!
Hope you recover fast! Your poor boobie.
Hugs and love to you xxxxx

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Wow! That all sounds terrible! I'm so sorry you had to go through that all but way to persevere!

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How are you doing now? I'm late to stalk, but thinking and praying for you frequently. You are lucky to be able to have his ties severed so young. Evie's was so bad I had to wait til she was at least a year old cause no one local would do it (lack of up-to-date docs in our area). It took a couple months after that to realize there wasn't any latch pain or issues anymore, but with Nolan so young, I'd say it'll happen a lot sooner for you (and I was lucky enough to not have mastitis, just a few plugged ducts that I was able to massage out).

Keep up the good work, momma!

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Hi ladies Smile
Thanks for the encouragement! My incision is closing - about the size of a pencil eraser now Smile ...and truly though, I kept breastfeeding for a lot of selfish reasons (I'm lazy & cheap...bahaha Wink )!! Smile but thank you, thank you, for your support Smile

Nolan did well w/the procedure - rough, cranky first day or two, but gradually his latch is improving. So thankful Smile

..typing one handed w/a sleeping baby on my lap so this is short.. Smile but wanted you to know we're doing better!!!

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So glad it's all getting better.
And I have to say... Isn't it the best feeling having to cut something short because of your very own sleeping baby in your arms...sigh!!