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Thread: What is the age spacing of your kids, would you wish for twins?

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    I have two boys that are 33 months apart. My oldest will be 7.5, and my youngest a couple months shy of 5, when this one is born. I wanted them to be closer in age, but it didn't work out that way I'd love twins, they don't run in our families though.
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    My first dd is 6, my son was second got pregnant when she was 9 months hes 5, my 2nd dd is 3 , my 3rd dd is 1 1/2, and my 4th dd is 8 months got pregnant when my 3rd dd was only 3 months huge surprise.. and now pregnant wit #6 ..... hmmmmm gonna have my hands full now lol... na not really love my kids sooo soo much!!!!
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    Lets see 1&2 are 3.5 yrs, 2&3 are 23 mos, 3&4 are 2.5 yrs, 4&5 are 25 mos., and 5&6 are almost 2.5 yrs apart. This baby will be 2 yrs 4 months younger than #6 if everything goes to plan. As for twins they are sweet and precious and I wouldn't be unhappy to have them. Would it be a ton of work when I have 6 at home already? Yes for sure. Dh doesn't want twins at all in fact he is always super worried at the first u/s. I did take clomid the cycle before and the cycle I got pg in so there is a slightly increased chance. I'm pretty sure I O'd more than one egg (prog 53.1) but there's no saying if there was more than one mature one or not. I don't really think there's anymore than one in there though my symptoms aren't any worse than any other pg and I didn't test + early or anything.
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    There's 2 1/2 years in between my first two boys, almost four years between Max and Liberty, and three years between Liberty and Trystan. There will only be 21 months between Trystan and this baby, by far the closest in age!
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    My first two are nearly 4 years apart, which is further than I wanted - was hoping for 3 years, but it took us longer TTC #2 than we anticipated. I wanted to have at least 3 years to let my body heal & decrease my chances of a 2nd preemie.
    This baby will be just under 3 years younger than DS (he'll be 3 end of Oct), which I think will be pretty good. DD will be 6 1/2 years older so I hope she'll be a good helper!!!
    Initially, I see the advantages of spacing them out, for mom's peace of mind when they are little, but have seen friends have their kids close & as they get older, the kids are best buds DD & DS almost 4 years apart & struggle with differences
    I wouldn't mind twins except for the fact that it may put my nerves over the edge with even more fear of having preemies again!! I'm already fearful knowing that there's one in there! Whatever God gives us, we'll be happy with and work with it
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