What is your birth plan???

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What is your birth plan???

Since we are in the 3rd trimester and we are getting closer and closer to the big day, what are your birth plans?

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I'm really hoping that I don't have to be induced this time. I was 41 weeks with DD and barely dilated. Hoping to labor at home since we are only 5 minutes from the hospital. I plan on having an epidural again. Other than that it is whatever they (Dr and nurses) say goes.

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Been told I will be induced or booked in for a c section at 37 or 38 weeks.
I shall push for a c section as general consensus seems to be that after being induced I will have to have an emergency c section.. So lets just cut out the middle man and give me my son Smile

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I think I had all this stuff figured out long before now last time around, but have barely thought about it much this time! Just so busy!! I *think* I'm going to try an epidural this time. My mind is playing tricks on me & my mom & midwife trying to encourage me against it, but I said over & over after DS, if I EVER do this again, i will have an epidural!!! DH is pushing for the epidural. That's about all the thought I've given it so far.

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Scheduled c-section, really hoping they will let me wait a few days past 39 weeks so she can be an August 1st baby. Requesting stitches because I can't handle seeing the staples, and hoping we find a way for me not to be sick for 24 hours after the surgery.

Liz, that is what happened with me, induction ending in an emergency c/s due to his hr dropping too low. I am just thankful for a normal, healthy child, no matter how they get here.

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Now that I have a house to move into, over a month before I'm due! (at one point it was looking like we were not going to be moving until Aug 1!!) I have started to think about my birth plans. My MW's from DS3's birth are not going to be able to come to this one, so I'm looking into other options.

I'm meeting with a home birth midwife tomorrow who lives 10 minutes from where we're moving to. I've heard really good things about her, so I'm excited about that.

My previous home births have been in the water and that worked really well for me, so I'm hoping to go that route again! The interesting thing is that this baby, unlike my others, is still bopping around and often I feel his feet way down in my pelvis. I'm not worried that he'll stay breech, b/c I've got loads of time left, but I'm keeping tabs on it... if he is, then there's one home birth Dr that attends breech births at home, so that would narrow down my choices! But he's a wonderful birth attendant, so that doesn't worry me either...

So basically, planning a home water birth, and more than that... who knows?! Smile

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I'm hoping to have another med free spontaneous labor and delivery. Unfortunately with the GD and being on a small dose of an oral medication of my fasting numbers it seems as though it is going to be an uphill battle all of the way.

My MW broke the news to me that I'm now expected to attend appointments twice a week. One for an appointment and NST and one for an U/S and appointment with the doctors. The doctors want me induced at 39 weeks and claim that there is no health benefit at that point for the baby to remain unborn.

I'm really struggling with this right now, I have no desire to have that many ultrasounds, and I will flat out refuse an induction unless there is specific proof that the baby is having a hard time. Tomorrow at my first NST my husband and I plan on discussing our concerns with the MW.

I'm so stressed out right now because the doctors are involved, and I feel like they are going to try to force all kinds of interventions onto me.

So hoping for them to basically leave me alone!

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Morel baby, I hope you can get the doctors on your side. They can be rediculous at times and I think it all comes down to malpractice insurance and liability issues. I had so many non-stress tests with my first two, and BPPs. I think sometimes it is harmful due to the stress of getting there and worrying that there might be something wrong.

Given your history (saw your other post) I think the induction is a bad idea if baby is not in danger. I wish doctors would listen to their patients wishes more often.

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Hoping for a natural, unmedicated birth @ our birth center, with @ least part of the time laboring in the water.. not sure if I'll want an actual water birth but staying open minded and flexible with whatever happens.. I'm just ready for my baby!!!! Smile

Those of you like morel_baby who are having to struggle a little with your docs - huge props to you...!!! You are so strong and way tougher and braver than me!!! Smile :) I hope that your birth will unfold beautifully and without any extra stress for you.
See, I'm a big enough wuss I didn't want to even try to go that route so forked out some extra dough that we really didn't have in order to go to a midwife...