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    Default Where is everyone?

    Where has everyone been?

    I think this is one of the quietest boards I have been apart of. I hope it really does pick up soon.

    In other news I have booked my 20 week ultrasound for the 11th of april and I also have the appointment for the doctor that does my c-section on April 15th so either that day or that week I will know the exact day I will meet this baby. So crazy.

    Well I hope everyone is doing great.

    Hope to talk with you ladies more.
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    Here, but it is VERY quiet. It feels like there is only a few of us around!

    My U/S is March 20th, and I'm looking forward to it!
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    I'm here! Mostly been lurking - in school so lots of homework and things, plus my work-from-home work has picked up again!!!
    You're so right tho..it's been super quiet here.

    Ooo, ultrasounds!! Super exciting! I've made the call to have mine scheduled.. waiting for a call back...!

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    I'm here too, but don't check in nearly as often as I normally would since it seems like every time I do check, there's really nothing new to look at
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