Fraternal twins in my family.

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Fraternal twins in my family.

I'm adopted and met my biomom earlier this year. I have been having dreams about twins the last few weeks, so I asked her if there were any twins in my family. She said that she has half sisters that are twins...her mom had them in a previous marriage.

I'm excited at the possibility of twins!

Does anyone else have a possibility of twins?

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My husbands father is a twin... But not sure how likely it'd be that id have twins. Let's hope it's just one lol

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I didn't think I had a chance for twins, knowing this month I only had one egg. But surprise!

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I sure would be surprised if I was told twins Friday at ultrasound.... Lol

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Since I already have twins, it does increase my odds. But we are really praying and hoping for just one baby. Twins were crazy hard physically and emotionally for the entire first year. Smile

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My hubby dad is a twin but I'm only having one....Thankful Smile
Keep us posted on how your ultrasound goes Smile

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