Had my first appt

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Had my first appt

Yesterday. There is one baby, and it had a heart beat too. I was so nervous, all day long, just a ball of nerves. I had two other pregnancies when that first appt let me know that I would be miscarrying, so I was really worried. Such relief for both Dh and I. So happy! My doc said that he would recommend another csection, since I have had two, but because I did have a successful vaginal delivery with my first, I could try for a vba2c, but there are more risks. So I need to do some reading up. I am hoping to keep hiding it for another month, and then after my next appt then we will tell the kids and everyone else, but I'm already poking out some, so I don't know if I can hide it that long. Smile

How is everyone else?

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So glad to hear your fist appointment went well and you saw a baby with a heart beat. A close friend of mine had a VBA2C, she had never had a vag. birth before that, only 2 caesarians. She doesn't regret it for a moment, she is quite proud of it.

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Yeah, congrats on hearing a heartbeat!!! Such a stressful first appointment.

I am doing well. I found out at my 8-week appointment that I'm 12 weeks. Crazy!!!! I guess I misjudged that conception date. My new due date is August 1st. Happy to be almost in the second trimester!

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Congrats! I was super nervous before I heard that heartbeat too. Good luck on waiting to tell people! If that works I want tips for hiding it:)