I really want a....

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I really want a....

Boy! I will be happy with girl or boy, just want a healthy baby. But I will admit I'd like another son.
I always thought I was suppose to have two little boys. When my Dr told me I could buy pink I tried telling her I was supposed to have a boy. LOL Very happy with my Princess! Since I never imagined having anymore children after my divorce maybe this is where my thought for a second boy comes in. Smile
So send me some Boy vibes. :blowingdustblue::blowingdustblue:

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Blue dust to you!

Like you, healthy come first, and I can't decide if I have a preference at all. We already have three boys, so boy would be easier. I am not sure that I would know what to do with girls, but it would be fun to try!

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Blue dust!!!

I'm hoping for a boy, but I don't care what we get. I'd love to wait until bitty baby is born to find out the sex!

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I really want a girl. I am blessed with three sisters, and I love the relationship I have with each of them, and I really want my daughter to have that. I realize they will be almost twelve years apart, but I am twelve years older than my youngest sister, and we are still very close. Plus I have all here cute girl clothes I have not been able to use in so very very long! Lol. But of course a boy will be fun too, and I do have two tons of cute boy stuff. Smile