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My name is Rachel, and I have been a member here since I was pregnant with my first, almost exactly twelve years ago. Smile the ladies on these boards have seen me thorough thick and thin, so I couldn't imagine having another pregnancy without joining a birth board here. Smile

I am actually due Sep 4th, but I've never gone past 37.5 weeks, so I'm pretty sure this babe will make its arrival in August. I have been married for 13 years, and I have four kiddos. A daughter-eleven, son-just turned nine, and fraternal twin boys that just turned four. I had two losses and a long time conceiving after my son, eventually using clomid for my boys. This pregnancy is somewhat of a surprise for us. 5 has always been my magic number for kiddos, but after twins, we haven't been completely ready. So we have been doing nfp and avoiding ovulation. We weren't very careful last month, but since I have never been very fertile, I wasn't too worried about it. We were both pretty shocked to get a positive test on my twins birthday. Lol.

I have my first appt set up for the end of the month, and had my doc call in a progesterone rx. I'm nervous about miscarriage, and also about the pregnancy in general. I'll be 37 next month, so I feel old. Lol. I also was diagnosed this summer with pelvic congestion syndrome, which is basically varicose veins in your female organs. It isn't major for me right now, just caused extremely heavy periods and mild cramping. But I am worried about how it will effect my pregnancy. I had bedrest with my single son due to placenta previa. And then of course, bedrest with my twins also, 4 weeks of it in the hospital. Bedrest sucks, not just for me, but for my family, it was really hard on them last time. But I'm hoping all will be okay. Smile

I'm fairly confident there is only one in there his time, I took one of the week calculator tests, and 3 days after my missed period it accurately said 1-2 weeks, and then took the second one exactly a week later, and it said 2-3 weeks. I really hope it is jus one, six kids is a lot, and multiple pregnancies are trough! Lol

Hope to get to know you all better, TIA for reading my novel. Smile

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Congratulations! I am also 37 so I hear ya on the age issue. I hope everything goes great for you.

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So happy for you hun. And yes, I know to stay quiet on FB. Sticky vibes to you.

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Welcome aboard! I'm 37 as well. We're the "older moms" board. Ha!

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Glad I'm not the only "old lady" on the board. Smile