Anyother Mothers on the board?

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Anyother Mothers on the board?

Hello, my son is 4 1/2 and we as a family live with Autism. He was screened at 4 1/2 yrs old. do to no speech and non verabal. I just wanted to say hi to the other mothers who have children just like me. So hiiiiiii Biggrin

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so far, I have gotten very little responses from anyone on this board. But I'm hoping we can turn that around.

Hi! :wavehello:

I'm Janelle. I have an 8 year old ADHD son, a 3.5 year old son with developmental delays and multiple signs/symptoms of an Autistic disorder (most likely Aspergers) and a 12 month old red headed daughter.

DS#2 (Daniel) is currently attending preschool 2 days a week thanks to a program called Early Childhood Intervention. He was delayed in speech, cognitive ability, and communication when they evaluated him in Aug 2010. He has come a long way since he entered the program. He still has some signs/symptoms of an Autistic Disorder, but we have yet to have him diagnosed medically because nothing would change with what we are doing, but I long for the confirmation and may be pushing for it this school year.

While I am still new to this realm, I feel unable to answer questions, but wanted to offer you my support.

And say, congrats on the future addition to your family. Smile

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Hi there.
If you ladies are game, I'm usually lurking around and would love to participate Smile

I have a daughter with ADD, 12 and a son, who just turned 11 who has aspergers. I have quite a bit of experience with his problems if anyone wants to try me as a sounding board?
It was a long long struggle to even get a diagnosis, but he is in a great spot now, with a great school, and things are going smoothly (as smoothly as they ever are someone so unique!) for the first time in....well...forever really lol