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Thread: ASD Mommies Roll Call/Introductions

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    Name: Meira
    Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Natalie
    Current Age: 9yo

    Age at DX: 18mo: PDD-NOS, Receptive-Expressive-Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder (I think?), SID; 3yo: Celiac; 4yo: Early Onset Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder; tons of various diagnoses from 18mo-7yo; 7yo: Asperger's Syndrome.

    Diagnosis: Asperger's is the most current, and I think the one that will stick, though Bipolar still looks like a good possibility to me.

    If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:

    Other Children/Ages: We're working on adopting #2!!!!

    Anything else you want to share: I'm glad to have found you all.
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    Name: Melissa
    Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Freja
    Current Age: 3 years 2 months
    Age at DX: 25 months
    Diagnosis: High Functioning Autism
    Other Children/Ages: Raeden Storm 1 year 2 months
    Anything else you want to share: Freja currently goes to Special Needs Preschool. She has speach but no conversational skills at all. Is hearing impaired and does some signs. Has many delays. Also wears bilateral AFOs. So much more but those are the main things
    Mama to-
    Autistic, Hearing Impaired, SID, allergies, severely pronated left foot, moderately pronated right foot, wears AFOs

    Asthmatic, Sleep Apnea, GERD, Allergic to: Dairy, Soy, Eggs, Wheat, Berries, pineapple
    Calypso Paikea Rhyder born 6/14/2007 at 29 weeks 5 days and as 3 lbs 1.9 oz and 13 inches long

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    Name: Racquel
    Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Caleb
    Current Age: 5
    Age at DX: 24 months
    Diagnosis: Autism
    Other Children/Ages: Egan 3 (may be an Aspergers child but doctors will not dx him until age 6)
    Anything else you want to share: Caleb has made amazing progress. Since schools here are not the best we have opted to homeschool. So far things are going great although it can be stressful

    I look forward to getting to know you all better. I stumbled upon this site due to some problems with another site and this one. I had no idea this one existed.


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    Name: Michelle
    Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Brennin
    Current Age: 3
    Age at DX: 18 mos
    Diagnosis: Autism
    Other Children/Ages: Aidan 4, Cael 4 mos
    Anything else you want to share: Brennin is a wonderful sweet little boy who has made tremendous progress. We have had him enrolled in an ABA therapy school and recently moved. I am not sure how he will do at this new school, because it is not ABA but the teacher is wonderful. I look forward to sharing all my experiences and hope that I can answer any questions if anyone has any. I am also an Early Chilhood Teacher so hopefully that will bring an extra opinion to the board
    Michelle and James 8/2000
    DS Aidan 05/2003 DS Brennin 09/2004 DS Cael 11/2007 Baby #4 EDD 2-23

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    Talking This is our introduction!

    Name: Amanda
    Childs Name: Evan (Richard)
    Current Age:3 turning 4 on April 19th
    Age at DX:3
    Diagnosis: PDD, Gilliam Autism Spectrum score 95 which is "very likely to have autism" Psychological Evaluation tomorrow 3/31/08. This will determine the specific level of ASD. I would have to admit high HFA may be a future diagnosis. Vineland test was completed indicating a child with a disability. His overall combined average was 63, which any score below 70 is considered intellectually handicapped.

    Anything else you want to share:
    My Evan is a " tip-toe walker." He avoids eye contact. He also prefers to play alone. He can be self-injurious, and his tantrums are violent. His self-injurious behaviors and such can be related to his dyspraxia. He can only retain knowledge by use of PECS. He is yet to be potty trained. My Evan also has sensitivity to loud noises, and this has been evident since birth, starting with the noise of the vacuum. Evan will line up toys but only if they are of the same exact toy. He has a compulsion with wanting to have 2-3 of the same toys. He recently reverted to sucking his thumb, he never did this as an infant. He refers to his sisters as Evan, which is his own name and he knows his name is Evan but when asked he say dunno; or if you point to him in a picture he will say baby.

    Well I think that is enough for now!
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    Name: Jennifer
    Child's Name: Kai a.k.a. Buddy
    Current Age: 2 will be 3 in June
    Age at DX: 2
    Diagnosis: ASD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Eczema, poss. Verbal Apraxia
    Other Children/Ages: twin sister Khyla 2, sister Jaidin 4 1/2, sister Brooklinn 8 1/2
    Anything else you would like to share:
    My son Kai has shown signs of Autism since he was a little baby. I asked about it when he was 6mo old and his Ped. looked at me like i was crazy. You know how you just had that feeling well I had it since he was a little baby. He is also a toe walker, refuses to wear clothes, is allergic to diapers but wont sit on the potty. He has about 10 words and when he has a new words he loses one of his old words. He just can't seem to remember more the 10 at a time. He also signs about 10 words. He loves cars and has recently decided he wants to sleep with me every night which odd since he never slept with me before 2 weeks ago. My dd Jaidin was recently dx w/adhd and i think Kai's twin sister will be dx w/adhd soon also. Kai has therapy 2-3 X's a week and starts full time school in July. Where he will be in a regular school in special classes for children with asd's. He will be going for 6 hrs aday year around. I'm going to miss him so much but I know it is whats best for him. I look forward to speaking to all you wonderful ladies and learning new things from you..

    Jennifer mommy to; Brooklinn 8,
    Jaidin 4 dx w/adhd,
    twins Khyla 2 and,
    Kai 2 dx w/Autism,Sensory Integration Disorder, poss Verbal Apraxia,Eczema

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    Default New update!

    Evan was diagnosed 3/31/08 with ASD. The diagnosis was a confirmation of how hard I will need to work to promote and educate his diagnosis. He is going to recieve an aid to assist his daycare. He will in return, be recieving a TSS in the near future. As much as I would enjoy to stay home with him, I am a single parent and I must work to ensure my baby gets the proper help. As guilty as I feel, I know that he is on his was to recovery!

    In the mean time I am researching and implementing new behavior management techniques. I share these methods with people that deal with him, such as his daycare, on a daily basis. I have done so much research on ASD that I am educating his Special Ed teacher! Isn't that funny. I just keep smiling and researching.
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    Mommy to:

    Evan Richard

    Amyra Jane
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    Default Our Intro.

    Name: Cindy
    Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Reagan
    Current Age: 21 months
    Age at DX: 20 months
    Diagnosis: a verbal diagnosis of PDD-NOS for now
    If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: None....he meets all criteria, but we have been told that we need to wait until age 2 to get a formal diagnosis. (makes no sense to me!!!)
    Other Children/Ages: Chance 6 1/2 years
    Anything else you want to share: We have always known that Reagan had issues with eye contact and social skills. He did have some regression around 18 months, but most of his issues have been present as far as we can remember. He has had EI since the age of 6 months. We are ruling out syndromes (via chromosome testing) and seizures (via EEG and MRI). He also has reactive airway issues (allergist thinks related to milk proteins), reflux, and off and on stomach issues. We are about to start a casein-free diet to see if it will help with the stomach and asthma-type problems.

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    Name: Ashley
    Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Ethan
    Current Age: 2y 7m
    Age at DX: 17m (possible ASD) 2½ final diagnosis
    Official Diagnosis: Developmental Language Disorder/Developmental Delay/Autism
    Other Children/Ages:Elliott 4

    Anything else you want to share: Im always looking for info and new developments. I dont post here often but do lurk alot

    ETA 11/7/08: Ethan is now receiving ST, OT & will begin PT for his Ehlers Danlos III. His OT says he has great fine motor skills but has quite a bit of sensory issues that were looking forward to helping him work through.
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    Ashley, mom to 3 awesome little boys!

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