ASD Mommies Roll Call/Introductions

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ASD Mommies Roll Call/Introductions

Hey Ladies, thought I'd set up a roll call/intro topic so we can all get to know each other better and get this board going more. Smile

Here's a sample format:

Childs Name (dx'd with ASD):
Current Age:
Age at DX:
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:
Other Children/Ages:
Anything else you want to share:

Edited to add: PDD-NOS is the official diagnosis, PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) is a definition not a diagnosis, PDD/ASD is the term that covers all the disorders within the autism spectrum. PDD-NOS is Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, it's a specific diagnosis just as Autistic Disorder (Autism), Aspergers Syndrome, Rett's Syndrome and Childhood Disintergrative Disorders are specific diagnosis. PDD by 'doctors' terms is PDD-NOS (which is the actual proper diagnostic term) means the child has signs of autism but not enough to fit the diagnostic criteria for any of the other disorders/syndromes in the autism spectrum. Hope this clears it all up.

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Name: Mish (Michelle)
Child's Name (dx'd w/ASD): Dylan
Current Age: almost 9 years (born Feb. 7, 2001)
Age at DX: 29 months w/ PDD-NOS & 40 months w/Autistic Disorder (High Functioning), Sensory Processing Disorder at 31 months, Oral & Verbal Apraxia at 36 months (formal dx), Allergies at 39 months, Asthma at 39 months, and Epilepsy (Complex Partial Seizures) around 5-6 yrs old.
Diagnosis: Autistic Disorder (High functioning) [previously PDD-NOS]/SPD/Oral & Verbal Apraxia//Allergies (Feathers)/Asthma/Epilepsy
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder dx: His first diagnosis was PDD-NOS based on ADOS, CDI and ASQ questionnaires and videotape observation. His diagnosis revision was based on the ADOS, ADI-R, as well as a few more testing scales and video tape observation. He is high functioning but didn't get Asperger's due to his lack of language as he didn't develop language normally due to Oral and Verbal Apraxia.
Other Children/Ages: Brendon Nicholas, almost 9 years (born May 21st 2003)
Anything else you want to share:
Dylan currently is in grade 5 in school now. He doesn't have an aide to himself in the classroom anymore and he doesn't have a formal IPP (aka IEP) now. He is doing really well. He still has fluency issues with his speech but it has improved a lot over the years. They have adaptations in place in the school and this year things have looked better for him. Not as many behavioral issues as a few previous years. Academically he's doing about average in school. Has a few select friends and is trying to participate in social activities. He loves listening to music and playing video games.

Child's Name (dx'd w/ASD): Brendon
Current Age: almost 9 years (born May 21st, 2003)
Age at DX: 8 yrs 7 months (officially)
Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder (fits Aspergers Syndrome but due to DSM changes, felt it was better to use ASD as dx)
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder dx: He was placed with an ASD dx for now due to as I said about upcoming changes in DSM, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome will be all placed in one dx in 2013.
Other Children/Ages: Dylan, 11 yrs 1 month old (born February 7th, 2001)
Anything else you want to share:
Brendon has been followed in an infant sibling study of children with autism since he was 6 months old. Took a while to really see most of his issues because the social things weren't as evident till he was in school with other children. He also has a high IQ and is high functioning.

Just updating things as it has been so long since I have been on the forums and moderated this board as well. Smile

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Name: Sue

Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Morgan

Current Age: 7

Age at DX: 6

Diagnosis: PDD

If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder dx: I'm not sure what you mean by this. Morgan was referred to a psychologist by his pediatrician. They diagnosed PDD after we filled out a questionnaire and the doctor observed my son.

Other Children/Ages: twin girls Arianna and Brianna age 3 1/2.

Anything else you want to share:It was a very tough diagnosis to deal with. I started with a whole lot of denial and then feeling like it was something I did during pregnancy. Then it kind of turned into acceptance with me deciding that I was going to learn as much as I could about it and do what I can to help my son. My twin girls have been tested as well and came out with no disorders.

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Name: Stacy
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Sian (pronounced like the colour cyan)
Current Age: 4
Age at DX: still going through the process
Diagnosis: no dx yet but both ped and speech/language path think that she is high-functioning and that she will probably be dx'd as asperger's when she is older. I personally think she may have hyperlexia too.
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:
Other Children/Ages: My eldest DD is Erika, she is 10.
Anything else you want to share: I'm still pretty new to this so I don't have a lot to share but I am really glad that this board is here Biggrin

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Name: Angel
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Chanda
Current Age: 7 yo
Age at DX: 7 yo
Diagnosis: High Functioning Autism and ADHD..she also has a diagnosis of learning disabilities form the school.
Other Children/Ages: Houston- 9 months
Anything else you want to share: I have know since Chanda was an infant that she was different. She walked and talked and did everything early..then when she was 2 she started perseverating.She reagressed as the years went on and I couldnt find a doctor to help my find out what was wrong with her...(appearantly they think it is ok for a child to perseverate for hours on end- the docs here I mean) When Chanda was 5 we got the diagnosis of ADHD but I knew that there was more to it than that. Her ped didnt think there was anything else though. When she went to kindergarten they knew that there was more to it and gave me the name of a specialist( the only dev ped i our state). When Chanda was i n1st grade we began seeing the dev ped and finally on Sept 19th got her diagnosis. HFA and a comfirmation of the ADHD. My son Houston is also a special needs child as well so I keep pretty busy!!!


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Name: Kim
Child's Name (dx'd w/ASD): Rachel
Current Age: 14 years
Age at DX: 8 years
Diagnosis: PDD-NOS, ADHD dx at age 4, Mild Mental Retardation
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder dx: She is verbal and friendly
Other Children/Ages: Emily 17, Heather 9, Katie 7, Eric 3, Abby 17 months
Anything else you want to share: Rachel is currently placed in a residential Neurorehab center five hours away, and has been there for over 3 years. We thought she might be able to come home this fall, but her behaviors (such as burying baby birds alive) make that not feasible. She does not know how to keep herself and others safe. It is horribly heartbreaking, especially when she recently got her first period and I was not able to be there and help her through it. She had a very hard time with it. I am really not dealing with it very well right now and it is especially hard because I do not know anyone else who is in my shoes and I can really understand. I am going to try and come to this board more often.

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Name: Karen
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD):Anthony
Current Age:9
Age at DX:8
Diagnosis:Asperger's and ADHD
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:My son has always carried the Asperger's diagnosis. My DH and my FIL also have heavy Asperger traits.
Other Children/Ages:Victor, 21 months
Anything else you want to share:It can be extremely challenging dealing with both my DS and my husband and their "issues." Right now Anthony attends social skills and pragmatic language group once a week, plus he needs a lot of supervision and time from me school-wise. He is in a small private Christian school and doing very well in spite of the Asperger's and ADHD.

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Name: Nicole
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD):Allan
Current Age: Going on 6 in November
Age at DX: 3yrs 8 mos
Diagnosis: High Functioning Autism
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:
Other Children/Ages: Avryal 2yrs
Anything else you want to share: Even though with therapy and school he is doing better he is still severely delayed, though I am greatful and happy he is doing well I still can't help but feel sad and worried and depressed that he is still so far behind and still has a long long way to go! Allan has started Music Therapy he hasn't opened up to it yet as it is new to his routine so he shuts down completely and we end up sitting there. But I am sure as time goes on it will get better. I am still waiting on at home PT, SLP, OT and Behavioral Health Therapy which is a long process. Allan is now in a CD1 Program in a new school in Kindergarten they have a mixture of grades in his class and they give him the same stuff as regular Kindergarteners but do it so that he can understand and accomplish it. Teachers think he is just amazing, as they see many of his Autistic Characteristics in the classroom they also see and know he has so much inside that he can do but doesn't know how to let that out so they are trying to teach him that, he is still far behind in speech and still does "baby jargen" but with constant reminders to use his words we are getting there, he is able to spell and read and is learning math and other stuff. He is doing amazing in school. They have noticed if somethign sets him off they lost "him" for the day meaning he is unable to do anything for the rest of the day and shuts down. Over all he is doing great! I expect to see more improvements as time moves on. He is on 2 medications one for his ADHD Strattera and Depakote for Migraines, Abnormal EEG (he is at risk for possible Seizures in the future), and for his behavior I can't express how these 2 medications have helped.

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Childs name: Noah
Age: 4 1\2
Age at dx: 4 1\2
Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and acute verbal dyspraxia

Well my hubby and I first noticed a problem at about 15 months when words he learned disapeared and were relearned wrong no turned into mo..he also was clumsy and lined things up reprogramed electronics ect.. at 2 he was talking but no one understood him..then the behavior probs started biting, meltdowns, punching kicking, selective hearing. We couldnt potty train him and had to tape his shirt to his pants so he couldnt paint himself and walls at nap time. Hyperactive no eye contact...the worst ..NO FEAR and hurting himself slamming his head onto things.Its been a rough few months and is slowly getting worse his little "quirks" are showing more and more ..guess it will be interesting in 2004 Blum 3

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Name: Sara
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Elise
Current Age: 28 months
Age at DX: 28 months
Diagnosis: Autism (High Functioning), possibly Asperger's
Other Children/Ages: Luke, 2 months
Anything else you want to share: Elise is beginning an intensive therapy program at UCLA this Monday. She will attend 8am-2pm, Monday through Friday for 2-3 months.

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Name: Gina
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Sara
Current Age: 6
Age at DX: 3, re-evaluated and diag. changed at 5
Diagnosis: initially autism, now aspergers
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: she didn't. apparently the school needed another diagnosis for funding.
Other Children/Ages: nond
Anything else you want to share: [color=red] This is a very long story, but basically the gist of it is that her pediatrician at 2 years old wanted me to put my child (who was sitting on the table, quite contentedly I might add) on RITALIN because she believed Sara had ADHD. (Sara didn't like the woman, wouldn't let her touch her. I shared this feeling and changed pediatricians.) A year later there were some problems at daycare and they suggested that I have her screened for some sort of learning disability and/or ADHD because she wouldn't cooperate in the classroom and do her assignments (again, the child is 3 years old at this point.) I agree and take her to have her evaluated. The final diagnosis was autism for educational purposes. They REMOVED her from me without talking to her, took her through a door, closed a door and tried to get her to cooperate with the tests. Now, this is a child with strong attachment issues, so basically she reacted to them taking her away. The pscyologist agreed that this was the case but that a diagnosis was needed and placed her in special ed at school. Sara basically SKYROCKETED academically and socially so I had her re-evaluated this past january. The teacher acknowledged that she knows a lot and is very intelligent, but is manipulative and didn't want to take the tests, therefore they would categorize her as having aspergers syndrome for school purposes. Her IEP has her as being included in a regular class this year (FINALLY) with hope that by the end of the school year she will be permanently in the regular class.

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Hi Everyone!

Name: Carmen
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Kevin
Current Age: 11
Age at DX: 3
Diagnosis: Aspergers, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety Disorder
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: n/a
Other Children/Ages: 13, 8, 6, 4 (and a 10 yr old step son)
Anything else you want to share: My son is presently in a residence for children with mental illness/PDD's where he has been for 8 months. We have recently started weekend visits home, and he is doing so much better!! He is my gift from God

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Name: Jessica
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Ryan Julia
Current Age: 3 1/2
Age at DX: 2 1/2
Diagnosis: Asperger's
Other Children/Ages: Baby girl on the way!!!
Anything else you want to share: I also have Asperger's, runs in my family. I teach special education, and work primarily with students with ASD.

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Name: LaKesha
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Corteco
Current Age:10
Age at DX: 9 almost 10 ADHD 10 Autism DX (almost 2 weeks ago)
Diagnosis:Autism as primary,which includes problems with his attention and cognitive levels
Other Children/Ages: only child
Anything else you want to share: I wish I would have found out sooner. I always knew he was different than other children, but never thought much about it, until I started working with children of varying ages that I saw that I needed to do something, I knew something was not right but I never knew anything about Autism until I started talking to other parents and I am still learning more everyday.

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Name: Carly
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Aidan Shane
Current Age: 4.5 years old
Age at DX: Not sure really. It's been a looooong ongoing process. We started suspecting Autism when he was around 18 months old.
Diagnosis: PDD-NOS
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: I don't know.
Other Children/Ages: Mckenzie 7, Keegan 2, and Brennan 7 weeks.
Anything else you want to share: We recently switched hospitals for Aidan's care and I am much happier now. We had an appt. yesterday and they are making sure Aidan will get ALL the therapy he needs and will be following him very closely the next year. Next month we meet with the psychologist and we will do a new ADOS with him
Despite all the stuggles with Autism, Aidan is an absolute joy. He holds such a special place in my heart. I wouldn't change one single thing about him. :grin:

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Name: Brandi
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Jarred
Current Age: 4
Age at DX: 3 1/2
Diagnosis: Autism
Other Children/Ages: Currently pregnant with baby #2 Smile
Anything else you want to share: Jarred is currently in special ed preschool. And he's doing pretty good, he's a lot more social. He's actually starting to try to vocalize words, which is a super huge improvement. Biggrin He can match colors, knows his numbers, tries to count. He's also learning sign language, and picking that up pretty quickly as well.

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Name: Tiffiny/33
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Nathan
Current Age: 4 years 4months
Age at DX: 18 months
Diagnosis: High functioning Autism
Other Children/Ages: Neena 7 months 3 weeks, and one on the way due in October Biggrin
Anything else you want to share:

I'm sooo glad I found this board!! Lol

Nathan had language( 10-15 words) and lost all of it at 15 months old. We thought he went deaf. Audiologist said he can hear but get him tested at Regional center. They dx him at 18 months with Autism. He used to hit his head on the ground a lot and phase out, tippy toes, flapping and spinning.
Today (thanks to early intervention) he is speaking. He is reading at a first grade level and is doing simple math. Socially he is does not not understand other people's emotions. He doesn't play with others but likes to do 100 piece puzzles, read everthing, build with Legos. He only eats crunchy items. Loves routine, hates transitions. Currently, he gets behavior therapy in home, private speech, group speech, OT , special day class, socail awareness class. Next year I'm going to have him fully included into a general education Kindergarten with an assistant.
I call him my querky engineer :communityhelper:

I am a general ed first grade teacher, inclusionist specialist, reading, specialist, and team teaching coordinator. I have my credential in General and Special ed and my masters is in special education. if anyone has any questions or just want to chat- I'm here for you ( I'll be checking into this site weekly.

Lots of Love- :bigarmhug:

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Re: ASD Mommies Roll Call/Introductions

Hey Y'all

I stumbled on to this site through a Google search that led me to another section. I'm really glad I found it. I hope I can make some friends here, get some advice and talk about AS with other moms who are in the same boat.

Name: Kate
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Colin
Current Age: 7 1/2
Age at DX: 4
Diagnosis: Asperger's
Other Children/Ages: Connor/3
Anything else you want to share:
Colin also had surgery for Legg-Perthes disease in 2004 with a surgery last week to remove the plate inserted durng original surgery. We are blessed to be in a wonderful school district where he receives PT, OT and a 1x/week session with an AS specialist. Colin is dx as very high functioning so we don't have to deal with some of the behaviors associated with AS, like raging. Although he does have a very low frustration level. My youngest, Connor, just turned 3 last week and is going to preschool for speech therapy.

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Well here I am again for Matthew

well since I introduced myself in 2003 for Noah they have since decided he does not have aspergers syndrome because of his social skills and eye contact are too good. BUT my now 3 yr old matty is if not outright autistic is definatly under the spectrum, He has hardly any speech and needs intense speech and OT starting Sept . Aug 2 we get hearing assessed along with the hundreds of other assesments :roll:
anyways nice to reaqaint lol

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Name: Jodi
Childs Name Richard And Christoper
Current Age: 26 and 24
Age at DX: 9 and 10
Diagnosis: Undiagnosed Syndrome with Autisum
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:
Other Children/Ages: Amber 3
Anything else you want to share:
Hi All my two sons Richard and Christopher have other disabilities also but the main one people tend to understand and relate to is Autisum. I could fill a whole page giving backround on my boys but it would take all day. If you want to know more im me Biggrin

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Name: Meira
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Natalie
Current Age: 9yo

Age at DX: 18mo: PDD-NOS, Receptive-Expressive-Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder (I think?), SID; 3yo: Celiac; 4yo: Early Onset Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder; tons of various diagnoses from 18mo-7yo; 7yo: Asperger's Syndrome.

Diagnosis: Asperger's is the most current, and I think the one that will stick, though Bipolar still looks like a good possibility to me.

If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:

Other Children/Ages: We're working on adopting #2!!!!

Anything else you want to share: I'm glad to have found you all.

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Name: Melissa
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Freja
Current Age: 3 years 2 months
Age at DX: 25 months
Diagnosis: High Functioning Autism
Other Children/Ages: Raeden Storm 1 year 2 months
Anything else you want to share: Freja currently goes to Special Needs Preschool. She has speach but no conversational skills at all. Is hearing impaired and does some signs. Has many delays. Also wears bilateral AFOs. So much more but those are the main things

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Name: Racquel
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Caleb
Current Age: 5
Age at DX: 24 months
Diagnosis: Autism
Other Children/Ages: Egan 3 (may be an Aspergers child but doctors will not dx him until age 6)
Anything else you want to share: Caleb has made amazing progress. Since schools here are not the best we have opted to homeschool. So far things are going great although it can be stressful :?

I look forward to getting to know you all better. I stumbled upon this site due to some problems with another site and this one. I had no idea this one existed.


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Name: Michelle
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Brennin
Current Age: 3
Age at DX: 18 mos
Diagnosis: Autism
Other Children/Ages: Aidan 4, Cael 4 mos
Anything else you want to share: Brennin is a wonderful sweet little boy who has made tremendous progress. We have had him enrolled in an ABA therapy school and recently moved. I am not sure how he will do at this new school, because it is not ABA but the teacher is wonderful. I look forward to sharing all my experiences and hope that I can answer any questions if anyone has any. I am also an Early Chilhood Teacher so hopefully that will bring an extra opinion to the board

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This is our introduction!

Name: Amanda
Childs Name: Evan (Richard)
Current Age:3 turning 4 on April 19th
Age at DX:3
Diagnosis: PDD, Gilliam Autism Spectrum score 95 which is "very likely to have autism" Psychological Evaluation tomorrow 3/31/08. This will determine the specific level of ASD. I would have to admit high HFA may be a future diagnosis. Vineland test was completed indicating a child with a disability. His overall combined average was 63, which any score below 70 is considered intellectually handicapped.

Anything else you want to share:
My Evan is a " tip-toe walker." He avoids eye contact. He also prefers to play alone. He can be self-injurious, and his tantrums are violent. His self-injurious behaviors and such can be related to his dyspraxia. He can only retain knowledge by use of PECS. He is yet to be potty trained. My Evan also has sensitivity to loud noises, and this has been evident since birth, starting with the noise of the vacuum. Evan will line up toys but only if they are of the same exact toy. He has a compulsion with wanting to have 2-3 of the same toys. He recently reverted to sucking his thumb, he never did this as an infant. He refers to his sisters as Evan, which is his own name and he knows his name is Evan but when asked he say dunno; or if you point to him in a picture he will say baby.

Well I think that is enough for now!

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Name: Jennifer
Child's Name: Kai a.k.a. Buddy
Current Age: 2 will be 3 in June
Age at DX: 2
Diagnosis: ASD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Eczema, poss. Verbal Apraxia
Other Children/Ages: twin sister Khyla 2, sister Jaidin 4 1/2, sister Brooklinn 8 1/2
Anything else you would like to share:
My son Kai has shown signs of Autism since he was a little baby. I asked about it when he was 6mo old and his Ped. looked at me like i was crazy. You know how you just had that feeling well I had it since he was a little baby. He is also a toe walker, refuses to wear clothes, is allergic to diapers but wont sit on the potty. He has about 10 words and when he has a new words he loses one of his old words. He just can't seem to remember more the 10 at a time. He also signs about 10 words. He loves cars and has recently decided he wants to sleep with me every night which odd since he never slept with me before 2 weeks ago. My dd Jaidin was recently dx w/adhd and i think Kai's twin sister will be dx w/adhd soon also. Kai has therapy 2-3 X's a week and starts full time school in July. Where he will be in a regular school in special classes for children with asd's. He will be going for 6 hrs aday year around. I'm going to miss him so much but I know it is whats best for him. I look forward to speaking to all you wonderful ladies and learning new things from you..

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New update!

Evan was diagnosed 3/31/08 with ASD. The diagnosis was a confirmation of how hard I will need to work to promote and educate his diagnosis. He is going to recieve an aid to assist his daycare. He will in return, be recieving a TSS in the near future. As much as I would enjoy to stay home with him, I am a single parent and I must work to ensure my baby gets the proper help. As guilty as I feel, I know that he is on his was to recovery!

In the mean time I am researching and implementing new behavior management techniques. I share these methods with people that deal with him, such as his daycare, on a daily basis. I have done so much research on ASD that I am educating his Special Ed teacher! Isn't that funny. I just keep smiling and researching.

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Our Intro.

Name: Cindy
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Reagan
Current Age: 21 months
Age at DX: 20 months
Diagnosis: a verbal diagnosis of PDD-NOS for now
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: None....he meets all criteria, but we have been told that we need to wait until age 2 to get a formal diagnosis. (makes no sense to me!!!)
Other Children/Ages: Chance 6 1/2 years
Anything else you want to share: We have always known that Reagan had issues with eye contact and social skills. He did have some regression around 18 months, but most of his issues have been present as far as we can remember. He has had EI since the age of 6 months. We are ruling out syndromes (via chromosome testing) and seizures (via EEG and MRI). He also has reactive airway issues (allergist thinks related to milk proteins), reflux, and off and on stomach issues. We are about to start a casein-free diet to see if it will help with the stomach and asthma-type problems.

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Name: Ashley
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Ethan
Current Age: 2y 7m
Age at DX: 17m (possible ASD) 2½ final diagnosis
Official Diagnosis: Developmental Language Disorder/Developmental Delay/Autism
Other Children/Ages:Elliott 4

Anything else you want to share: Im always looking for info and new developments. I dont post here often but do lurk alot Smile

ETA 11/7/08: Ethan is now receiving ST, OT & will begin PT for his Ehlers Danlos III. His OT says he has great fine motor skills but has quite a bit of sensory issues that were looking forward to helping him work through.

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Name: Julie

Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Elijah

Current Age: 4 years 10 months

Age at DX: 4 years 10 months

Diagnosis: No official diagnosis, but after being evaluated by the local school, they believe he's low to moderately autistic. I'd like to take him in to a pediatrician I know and I even think she'll back off on the vaccine thing, but we don't have health insurance and I'm worried about bringing the state into it (even more).

DS has sensory issues. He has auditory problems, covers his ears at high pitched loud noises like the blender, but used to scream much louder and higher than the blender could ever go. He hates unfamiliar textures in his mouth so his diet is very limited. He also uses delayed echolalia quite a bit to communicate but he's getting much better and even greeted his sister a few days ago by saying, "Hey, S, how are ya?". Biggrin

If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: We have no specific ds, but from what I've read, he probably has PDD-NOS. I believe they noticed right off that he'll interact with people and makes excellent eye contact. I've always checked for eye contact since he was born, so I resisted the idea of autism till one of my aunts kinda pushed me a bit after he had a nuclear meltdown at her house.

Other Children/Ages: DD-14, DD- 10, DD- 1

Anything else you want to share: We put him on a GF diet this Spring and it's made a huge difference. We already avoided dairy, but he occasionally will have some butter. I just don't serve him a glass of milk or ice cream or cheese. We also realized he has problems with corn, peanuts, and yeast. Anything that's processed also needs to be limited because he will eat too much if he gets the chance and that'll throw him off too. Since we figured the diet out, we can take him out in public without the screaming fits and DH and I can actually go to church now at the same time instead of having to switch off weeks like we used to! We did run into a bit of a speed bump lately: we think either he's been eating too many potato chips or he's having a problem because we changed toothpaste on him. We switched to yet another brand and he seems to be doing a bit better, but not as good as he'd been. The odd thing is he hasn't had any more potato chips either, so I'm guessing it's the toothpaste.

I love that I get to start enjoying my smart little boy again. He can be so sweet now and he's gone from not having the patience or ability to sit while I read him a simple board book to learning how to read! He's picking it up so fast and he loves to read the stories from 100 Easy Lessons. I think he's learning faster than his sister did and he's 3 years younger than she was.

Thanks for this board. It's nice to be able to talk to someone about all this.


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Name: Rebecca
Childs Name (dx'd with ASD): Zachary, DX'd PDD 4-27-'10
Current Age: almost 4 years old
Age at DX: almost 4 years old
Diagnosis: We are still waiting for his evaluation but pedi. is leaning towards Asperger's Syndrome, he has to see another Dr. though and go through an evaluation before they will give it a definate DX.
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: Not there yet.
Other Children/Ages: Zoey Jane- 2 years Jacob- two weeks shy of 7 years old
Anything else you want to share: I'm am just trying to learn as much as I can so that I don't go crazy between now and his eval. May 27th.

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Name: Janelle

Child's Name (dx'd with ASD): Daniel

Current Age: 3

Age at DX: Dx'd with developmental delay at 2 years, 8 months. Working towards official dx of autism or PDD-NOS

Diagnosis: working towards dx of autism or PDD-NOS

If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx: Currently, the Early Childhood Intervention program we are working with to get him assistance in occupational and speech therapy does not feel he has autism, but possibly PDD-NOS. The speech path, however, is leaning more towards Aspergers. He is starting preschool at the end of the month (state paid because of his developmental delays) and I'm going to give it a couple of weeks (he's going to go 2x each week) and then talk to his teachers about it to get their opinion before moving forward to scheduling the evaluations with the ped psych.

Other Children/Ages: Jacob/7.5 He was just dx'd 1.5 weeks ago as ADHD with ODD. Another reason why we are holding off a little on Daniel's dx. Jacob now has a 504 in place for school, but as a group we were unable to come up with any accommodations that would actually help in the classroom. So we may be pulling and homeschooling him next year based on the need for more physical exercise and one-on-one assistance.

Baby Evie will be 5 months old on Jan 29th.

Anything else you want to share: I'm too worn out to share anything else at the mo. A vacation sounds nice, but we are the best at taking care of our kids and my MIL right now is being a PITA with the special dietary needs our boys have. She actually snuck mac'n'cheese onto Daniel's plate at his birthday party (it was at a buffet) after we had exclaimed how much improvements taking him off dairy made to his general life. :angry5: So much for support from her!

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Name: Tara
ds Name (dx'd with ASD): Xavier
Current Age: 4 1/2
Age at DX: 4 1/2
Diagnosis: Autism classic autistic disorder
If the dx is PDD-NOS, What criteria your child did not meet to get a Autistic Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome, etc. dx:
Other Children/Ages:
Anything else you want to share: It's hard but i thank god everyday for my little man....I could'nt picture life without him!