aspie meltdown

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aspie meltdown

feeling very exhausted and defeated tonight after a major meltdown. he fell down squealing and crying and starting throwing things.
no way to get through to him. just wait it out. frustrated. tired. wish i knew exactly the right thing to do.

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There is a wrestling hold you can use to keep him from hurting himself or others. It usually cuts our fits shorter cause he feels more secure being held tightly. Let me see if I can find a how to, cause it's not easy to describe...... I can't find it online. I guess I will have to take a picture of the position for you. You basically sit behind the child and wrap your legs around his (spread eagle) and your arms around his (behind his head) and this prevents him from moving much, but also does not hurt him physically if he squirms.

I will try and get a picture later for you so you can see what I mean. It's hard to describe. I wait it out in that position, which means I feel pretty deaf afterwards cause my ears are so close to his screaming, but it has shortened his fits. As soon as he calms down a little bit (no longer throwing, hitting, kicking, etc) then I sit in front of him and help him practice breath calming. Instruct him to take a deep breath and blow it out like a horsey (lip trilling). He has a stiff upper lip, so he really has to concentrate on that and that takes his mind off of whatever started the meltdown. After he's regained control of himself, I ask him calmly what is wrong and then I help him remember (if I know) cause he has a hard time remembering. Then we go through the logical responses to whatever the issue was.

I promise to get that pic up ASAP. I hope this is helpful to you.