Can we get this board going ? Pretty please?

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Can we get this board going ? Pretty please?

Hi! I'll bet there are a lot of us who lurk on here to see if anyone has posted anything thing that remotely sounds like what our own kids are going through....

My nearly 4 year old was just diagnosed with PDD NOS ( atypical autism) ... Developmentaly he is approx. 2.5 years of age. He is an amazing sweet kid and I just want to make sure I do the best by him.

Just trying to wade through the mounds of info I've been given... anyone want to join me? I don't even know what questions to ask yet...


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Hi there! I have not seen you on pg. org for awhile. We must post on completely different boards anymore. I am glad you have some answers. I hope that more people will post here and you will find some support. We are looking at anxiety/ADHD with my DS, but I am not ready for an eval yet. I want to try a few things with him first. Best of luck and I hope I see you around more often. I miss our little group of ladies. :bigarmhug:

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I really want to get this board going as I am going through a rough patch here. I have DS#1 (7.5) going through eval for ADD/HD on Friday of this week and DH thinks it's just a regularly scheduled check up. He doesn't think DS has ADD/HD, but I'm an ADHD child and I would have to disagree, as does his school. The school is paying for the eval, otherwise I might not be going through with it out of fear over my marriage.

I also have DS#2 (will be 3 on the 9th) who most likely has Aspergers. He's been "evaluated" for his delays in communication, social skills, and fine motor skills and they found him delayed in "2 or more areas of development" and this qualified us for help from the state for Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy. He's had a "teacher" and a speech path coming into our home to work with him a minimum 2x a month (each) since October and we've taken him off dairy and these two things have proven huge improvements. He has gained about 6 months of development since October, and some of his "oddities" have calmed down quite a bit. We have a meeting with ECI (the program that is giving us assistance) today to discuss preschool now that he will be 3 on the 9th.

DH is accepting of DS#2's "delays", but I'm not sure how he'd do with an official Autism diagnosis. He rolls his eyes at some of the techniques his teacher has me doing, but you can't deny the improvements he's made from the change in diet. DD (4 months) wasn't pooping and had horrible gas pains when ever I'd consume dairy (she's BF'd) and I can't handle dairy, myself anymore, so it was easy to incorporate a dairy free diet for DS#2.

Anyway, I worry how DH will handle anything big like a diagnosis of a "disability". Sad

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Well, this morning, my oldest (will be 8 in April) was officially diagnosed as ADHD with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Impulsivity.

DH has no clue I took him in for this appointment to be diagnosed. DH has NOT been supportive of my pursuit to get Jacob help when it came to "disorders". He just thinks he needs a good tutor to help figure out his personal learning style. I agree that his personal learning style needs to be found, but I also completely agree with the diagnosis he received today.

I have no clue how to go about discussing this with DH. My stomach is in knots just thinking about it.

I called the school to set up a meeting with the principal and others that have been involved in having him evaluated so that my husband can understand their point of view and what he does and goes through in the school setting. I am hoping that this opens his eyes and does not start a long drawn out end to our relationship.

I know that this board is for Autism Spectrum, but the ADD/HD board disappeared and I NEED support for him, too.

Thanks, ladies.

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Hey all, I agree, I used to be moderator for this forum, actually this forum is here originally because I asked for it when my oldest son was diagnosed with Autism in 2003. I have talked to a friend of mine Jules and all to see if she wants to talk to the others that run Told her I'd have no problem picking the board back up and all. My info is in the roll call thread. I updated it today. Smile