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Hi all.

I've been on for several years now, since my m/c in '06.

I had a baby boy in Jan 09 (Daniel) and he is not the average 2, almost 3 year old.

Since before he turned 1 I knew he was different. My mom and I have both been saying it.

I had displayed my concerns with the doc (GP) who said, "that is odd, but I wouldn't worry about it". Then when he wasn't talking still at almost 18 months old, she still said "give him time" :confused:

He stopped eating solid foods for several months and would only take milk. But since he wasn't losing any weight, the GP said "some kids go through food strikes and as long as he's gaining weight and not dropping........"

Finally, after we moved back home (we were living 6 hours away for a while) I got the ped to agree to have him evaluated for communication and fine motor skills delays. The evaluation took place through a state mandated program called Early Childhood Intervention. He was delayed in 2 or more areas of the evaluation and that qualified us for in home learning assistance. He has a teacher come into our home 2x (min) each month for occupational therapy and 2x (min) each month his speech pathologist comes in.

He's been receiving this assistance since beginning of October and already he is making progress with communication. However, he is experiencing social regressions and cognitive delays that he was NOT going through before. He does, however, have a new baby sister (12weeks old) and she may play a part in his meltdowns.

His speech pathologist was over on Monday and she mentioned that she thinks he might have Aspergers. This does not surprise me at all and I'm thankful that someone besides me and my mom see it now.

My nephew has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS that he got 4 years ago and he's doing pretty good now.

I am working towards a diagnosis for Daniel. This is gonna be tough for me because of DH and his family.

Both the boys have "issues". DS#1 I am pushing for ADD eval but DH thinks he just needs a tutor. DS#2 DH even admits has days where he is "normal" and days where he is ... well where he isn't normal. And yet, he thinks there is nothing wrong with him, he's just a little "sh*t" sometimes. Does things for attention, etc.

DH's family is not supportive at all with some things like this. They don't think that they have anything different about them "Not MY babies" says MIL. She wants to believe they are angels even when they walk all over her. DD (12 weeks) is exclusively breast fed and she doesn't poop when I have the slightest amount of any dairy product. She is HIGHLY sensitive and DH's family is asking "How do you know that? Have you talked to the doctor about it? You can still have a little bit of milk" His uncle has the nerve to act like they don't have to alter Thanksgiving dinner at all just cause I say that she's allergic to milk since the doctor hasn't confirmed it. IDIOT!

Anyway, got off on a tangent there. Sorry.

Needeless to say, I'm gonna need a lot of support and prayer very soon. :confused:

Thanks for reading my story.

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Yeah, I stalked ya.

amazing mama you are!!!!!!


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I hated it when everyone told me my DS was fine... I shutter to think what would happen if I hadn't persued the diagnosis.

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I am dealing with trying to get two kids diagnosed with two different things right now.

My oldest has an appointment next Friday for ADD/HD evaluation so that he can get an IEP for school.

Since we are working with our state mandated program (Early Childhood Intervention) with Daniel, we have an appointment on Wednesday to discuss how often and to what preschool they will be sending him since he is turning 3 on the 9th. I am both excited and nervous about preschool for him. I'm excited that he gets to go. My oldest had issues socializing in preschool and kindergarten and I think that's cause we waited til he was almost 5 before we sent him to preschool. I have always felt that if he had gone at 3, that he'd have "played well with others" better. But I'm nervous for the obvious reason. He'll be away from me and I'm not sure how he will do.

I'm nervous about the appointment to even discuss it as I'm not sure how many times a week he will get to go. I really want him to go at least 3 days a week, but what if they say he can only go 2x? I mean, that's better than not at all, but I don't know why I'm nervous about it.

He was doing so much better with things like his meltdowns and night terrors and even just his "odditites" since we took him off dairy, but I'm having issues with MIL obeying my request to NOT feed him dairy products. We were visiting family for Christmas and we stayed there the entire week before hand. I told her before we got there how much better he was doing since we took him off all dairy, and I expected her to realize how great the need to keep him off of it. Instead, we arrived to BIG bags of goldfish and cheese-its and cheddar cheese pringles and cheese covered popcorn and mac'n'cheese and .......... ARGH!!! And it's not like he completely understands the whole "you can't have it" deal. Sad

So, of course, his diapers are atrocious, he's had a runny/stuffy nose since the first day we got there, his cheeks are all rosy red (excema or rosacia) and his attitudes and oddities got worse again.

She is about the stupidist woman alive, I swear! I tell her that his fits and night terrors stopped and that his diapers (poop) became more regular, etc, and you know what she said "Oh, I'm not saying it's NOT the dairy, but sometimes they just get better suddenly with no explanation." Yes... that's when you do nothing to change it.. then you can say it's a sudden improvement. But I worked REALLY hard to NOT allow him to have any dairy and he got better. That's not just a coincidence!

We are home now, so he's off of dairy again. I hope he returns to where he was quickly. *sigh*