Newbie with a PPDNOS child

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Newbie with a PPDNOS child

Hi, my name is Kristine. My son was just diagnosised in Sept. with PDD-NOS and ODD. We are awaiting an IQ test to see if we can say that he has Aspergers. Happy to see that there is a board for parents going through this challenge.

We also suspect that out 18 month old is also on the spectrum.

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Hi Smile

My son is going through testing as well...Genetic/Chromosomal....and possibly for a Hypothalmic disease. He had a grand mal seizure July 9th of this year - another on a lesser scale that followed the next day. Due to my pregnancy losses, the pedi neuro he saw wanted to do metobolic testing. He flagged for a possible mitochondrial disorder. She really feels he does not have, reason for more testing, but is redoing the mito test just to be 100 percent (first blood tests were done at Duke gentic lab...Being redone at UNC). Anyways, after researching the disease I found that there is a connection to Autism - related disorders. Just wanted to pass that info on incase you did not know. Hang in there!

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My 6yo DD was diagnosed with PDD-NOS last year, and I am also suspecting ADHD and ODD as well, but she has yet to be diagnosed with those. She is currently in Grade 1 in a private Christian school and is making great strides with the help of her special education assistant, wonderful teacher and behaviour consultant.