Some days it's hard to be Marcus' mom...

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Some days it's hard to be Marcus' mom...

I love my guy so much. But some days it's hard to be his mom!!
January seems to be our low point each year in school and frustration.

My daughter had a pretty decent part in a play this last week. We talked to Marcus about it, and he wanted to go. We thought it was better to push him a bit so she could have his support too. Not to mention, sometimes it's hard to feel you get any attention when you're sharing parents with a special needs child. So we tried for special.
Unfortunately, when we got there the auditorium entrance and the big room in front was packed with lots of loud people because they weren't allowing seating yet. Marcus just kind of shut down and actually crawled into a little nook under the water fountain. (it wasn't a dangerous spot, it was about the size of a big box that's indented into the bricks under the fountain). I have grown over the years to not throw a fuss over something like that. He felt safer and better able to handle himself there. That's fine, I'm used to the looks and the way people don't understand. A couple of his teachers were around and noticed him and ducked their heads down to say hi. That was nice Smile
He came right out when the doors opened and really liked the play, so that was also great. Meg was great, we are proud of her Smile

Marcus is also failing in some classes in school. He is the smartest kid I know. But he does NOT do well in a classroom. He's failing gym. 'Why, you ask? It's gym! That's so easy!' Well. Right now, everyone is trapped inside. So it's 40 kids in an echoing gym with lots of running and bumping and yelling. He doesn't do well with that. So he refuses to change and sits in the quiet locker room. The only thing he participated in was swimming. He loves that, and since there are lanes, there is no touching. He HATES being touched by other kids. (obviously this makes gym sports like basketball and soccer hard) I don't even know how to deal with that.
Also science. Which kills me, because it's what he's best at! But the teacher refuses to work with his IEP and 'expects a certain level of independance' which marcus isn't great at. He isn't good with getting ten minutes of oral directions and then getting up and doing those things on his own. I don't know how to help him, and I don't know to get through to the teacher.
This is the first year of middle school and it's really really not going well for either of us.

Anyway, I don't really have any questions. Or really even need advice.
I mostly needed to just get out everything I'm feeling!! Thanks for listening Smile

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I am listening. Can't add anything except you should go to the principal about the science teacher not following his IEP... that is NOT okay.