Abigail's First Blog :o)

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Abigail's First Blog :o)

1 month, 2 days old

I suppose it's time to move on from the pregnancy journals and start one over here, huh?

Here's a link to that- http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php?t=13568

Parenthood is a crazy adventure- one I wouldn't trade for anything. We are learning as we go, and just when we get her figured out, she changes things up to throw us off.

I won't put the whole birth story here (click on the pg journal link and go to the last page if you want details), but basically, it was the fastest labor ever (seriously), I went natural (though with the way things progressed, I didn't really have time for meds), and she was born on September 12, 2007.

She's our first child, and we'd been trying for her for just a few months before succeeding. Hopefully she'll be joined by siblings eventually.. but not quite yet.

I'm not sure what kind of things I'll end up posting in here. I may peruse some other baby journals to get ideas.

Though the disclaimer says otherwise, please feel free to comment on this journal (or just send me a message).

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Oh, and if there is something in particular you want to see or are wondering about, please ask! I'm definitely open to suggestions, and am happy to share more about our little one.

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1 month, 4 days old

Just in case you haven't read any of my pg journal- Here's a semi brief synopsis of her birth story.
Wednesday, September 12:
5:00am I have my first contraction. It is uncomfortable and slightly painful, but manageable. Contractions continue at an 8 minute interval. Soon I notice that I am spotting. I had completely forgotten that that is normal when you are going into labor, so I called my doctor to ask if I needed to come in. He told me I should if my contractions got stronger.
By 6:00am, contractions are 3-4 minutes apart, and way more intense than they had been an hour prior. I manage to make it upstairs in between two of them and I wake up DH.
6:25am- We arrive at the hospital. ER doors are locked. Security guard lets us in. I alternate between power walking to the childbirth unit and clutching DH's arm during contractions.
6:26am- My water breaks, as I am standing next to the bed about to put the hospital gown on. Doctor on call checks me, and I'm fully dilated. They wheel me to the birthing suite right away. Contractions are 2 minutes apart, and get more intense quickly. I breathe through them, and my breathing becomes louder as they get stronger. I progress to grunting, then wheezing, then all out screaming. Nurses assure me that my doctor has been called and is on his way.
7:20am- My doctor arrives in a suit. He takes one look at me and turns around to go put on scrubs. I can't wait any longer, and I start pushing.
7:35am- Abigail arrives!

When I called my mom to tell her about it, she asked why I hadn't called her when I went into labor. I explained that, though that had been the original plan, there hadn't really been time, and explained the whole turn of events. She understood. Smile
Last night we had our first real smiles! DH and Abby and I were laying in bed hanging out, and DH was tickling her feet. At first she just pulled her feet away, but then she grinned! She did it again a few more times.. Is there anything sweeter than a baby's smile? I'm really glad DH and I got to see it at the same time. She'd been giving me teaser smiles for a week or so, but they didn't seem to correlate to anything that was going on around her, and they looked more like facial reflexes than actual smiles.

She's doing pretty well at holding her head up, too. She doesn't have complete control yet, by any means, but she practices a lot, and can hold it up for longer and longer stretches of time.

I think she's hitting another growth spurt (she had a short one at about 2.5 weeks). Since Sunday afternoon (it's Tuesday morning now), she's been eating more frequently- at times, once every hour or so. At night she's eating every two or three hours instead of her usual four-ish. I'm hoping we're nearing the end of this growth spurt!

She has her one month appointment this Thursday. I can't wait to see how much she has grown! I did an unofficial weigh-in with her this weekend- I stepped on the scale, then had DH hand her to me and stepped on the scale again to see what the difference was. According to that highly scientific method, she's up to about 12 pounds! We'll see what the doctor says. Smile

DH is a computer guy for a company that has several locations, so he often has to travel to the other stores to install/fix things, etc. This week he needed to go to one of the stores in Michigan, so Abby and I decided to tag along. We hang out in the hotel during the day, and then Daddy comes to pick us up after work and we go to dinner. At night, she sleeps in a travel bassinette that we got as a shower gift. Last night she did pretty well with it, especially considering it was her first time in it.

Ok, this entry is long enough. I'll write more later!

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One month, one week old

Her appointment yesterday went very well. DH ended up not being able to come with us because he was busy at work. She was cooperative, and is growing like a weed, which the doctor was impressed by, especially since she is exclusively breastfed.

8 lbs 11 oz
20 3/4 inches long

Discharge (2 days):
8 lbs 3 oz

Five days:
9lbs 0 oz
same length

One month:
12 lbs 4 oz (>97th percentile)
22 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
38 cm head circumference (I think. I know it was 90th percentile)

Way to go, little one! She's in size two diapers now.. growing so quickly!

Doctor thought she still looked a little yellow, so she ordered bloodwork to test bilirubin levels and direct level (I don't know what that second one is.)

Abby was a champ during the blood draw! She sucked on her pacifier, and grunted and whimpered from time to time to let the tech know she wasn't impressed, but she didn't cry at all! I was so proud of her! Last time she got stuck, she wailed her little heart out (which of course broke my heart).

Her numbers came back, and she's improved. Bilirubin dropped from 14 to 11 (no idea what's normal) and direct was normal at 0.3.

We went to a class at the hospital last night (parenting your child birth to one year). The class itself wasn't all that helpful or interesting, but we did meet some other parents, which is what I was hoping for. We exchanged numbers with one mom whose daughter is just four days older than Abby. She and her husband had been in a couple other classes at the hospital with us. Hopefully the six of us can get together and hang out/play cards/have dinner.

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5 weeks, 5 days old (1 month, 1 week, 3 days)

Just a couple things today.
1) I went to go play soccer with friends last night and forgot to turn my phone up. She got hungry and DH called several times in a row, but it was 1/2 hour before I got the message. I hurried home, but I felt horrible that she had to wait so long to eat. I don't have a pump, because I was planning on doing a milk donation thing through the hospital, and they give you a fancy double electric pump, but they want me to wait until 72 days after she's born, since I got a rubella vaccine at the hospital. Holy run-on sentence, Batman! Sorry! Anyway, long story short, I don't have a pump, so she's completely dependent on me being there for food. That needs to change!

2) I gave her a bath today, and for the first time, she didn't cry during/after it! Not sure what the difference was, but she seemed to like it a lot more than usual!

3) She's been pretty sleepy today- more than usual. Not sure why. She slept most of the morning, was awake to eat and have the bath, and is now dozing again.

4) Her baptism is next month, so DH and I have been thinking more about what to do afterward/how many people will come/what food to serve/where to have it. I think we've nearly decided (probably at our house), but it will require some hardcore cleaning so we have enough room for everyone.

5) Our wedding videos came in the mail yesterday! It's a long story that I won't go into here, but it's been a year and a half since our wedding. They are currently on VHS format, and we don't have a VCR, so I'm going to take them to a camera shop in town today to get them converted to DVD.

I think that might be it.

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Seven weeks, two days old (not sure how many months/weeks that is.. one month, three weeks, maybe?)

Guess what Abby did?

Drumroll please....

She slept through the night! Not only that, but she did it TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! It was amazing!

Wednesday night, we put her down around 12:30 (she still won't go to sleep before that). She kind of woke up around 3:30, so I went in there to feed her. However, she just fell right back asleep and was not interested in eating. After that, she slept till 8!

Thursday night, we put her down just before 1, and she slept until 8! She didn't fuss or anything.. wow!
Today we played. I had her in just a diaper, and was tickling her and singing songs and giving her raspberries and moving her legs and arms, and she was just having a blast! She was smiling and laughing and cooing.. It was so fun!

She dressed up as a chili pepper for halloween. I didn't take her out trick-or-treating (come on, she doesn't even have teeth, what is she going to do with candy?) but we did answer the door for other kids. Sadly, only four kids came to our door, so we have lots of leftover candy that is mysteriously disappearing. Biggrin

I had my post-partum appointment last week. Apparently everything is looking good. Total weight loss is 24 pounds (though I think the candy is bringing some of it back..). Doctor did a pap smear while I was there, so I don't have to go back till next October. Whoa! It will be weird not going to that office every month.

I made a video montage today. It wasn't too tricky, and I think it turned out pretty well. PM me and I will gladly give you the link to it!

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Seven weeks, four days old

Confession: I have been lurking on a TTC after a Loss board (not on this site), and I feel super guilty.

I feel saddened that I had it so easy when so many others didn't. It only took us three cycles to get pregnant, I had a mostly uneventful pregnancy, labor was short with just a little tearing, and I ended up with a beautiful baby girl who is healthy.

Reading through posts on that board, there is a lot of anger and bitterness (and rightfully so). And I feel bad because I don't "deserve" a healthy baby any more than people who have lost one or more little ones. I want to reach out and hug them, but I don't think it would mean anything coming from me, since I cannot empathize with what they are going through. I think it would just seem like a slap in the face.

My mom went through 3 m/c's- I don't know how she did it.
Abby has been holding her head up a lot more, so we decided to get out the bumbo seat just for kicks (oops, sorry, ours is called "bebePOD"). It says 3-12 months on the box, so she is still a bit small for it, but she did ok. She held up her head fine, but kind of slumped over to the side. I took a couple pictures, but we'll probably hold off a couple weeks before trying it again.

Three weeks till her baptism!

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Seven weeks, six days old

My baby is going to be such a girly girl! She loves looking at herself in the mirror, and sometimes plays with her hair when she thinks I'm not watching. Even if she's a bit fussy, I'll hold her in front of the mirror, and as soon as she catches sight of herself, she'll bust out a huge grin. I love it! It doesn't work if she's all out crying, cause she can't calm down long enough to focus on what she sees, but it definitely helps during those slightly fussy times!

I'll have to try to get a picture of it sometime. Biggrin

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2 months, 1 week, 1 day

My baby girl is two months old! Whoa..

She had her two month appointment, which went well. She's still growing like a weed. My little chunker is 14 lbs 4 oz, and 25 inches long. Both of those numbers put her above the 97th percentile. Her head is 15.5 inches around- don't know where that number falls on the chart.

She had to get shots, and she was NOT a fan. Neither was momma. I don't even know what all she got, but there were four shots and one oral. I've never heard her cry so hard. Since then, she's been kind of fussy, and was sleepy the first 24 hours.

Doctor also says she has thrush, so we get to do Nystatin 4x/day for two weeks. Abby hates the taste of it, but will take it if I put it on my finger and let her suck on it.

We're traveling to be with DH's family for Thanksgiving- they haven't seen Abby in a while, so they will just eat her up. We're celebrating Christmas while we're there, so I'm spending my mornings trying to figure out what to get our nephews and ILs. I'll probably be putting together a little photo album for Grandma.

I think that's it for now. Baptism is this weekend.

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6 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long! Wonder if anyone is still reading this?

Anyway, Abby is growing so much.. it's amazing! It seems like she develops a new skill every week.

She started on solid food at 5 months. Just rice cereal for the first month, and then we started introducing some new stuff. She doesn't like sweet potatoes or bananas, but tolerates peas. She likes oatmeal. That's all we've tried so far.

She started rolling front to back at 4 months, and back to front at 4.5 months.

A few days past 6 months she was able to sit independently. (She can't get there on her own, but if I sit her up, she stays steady.)

And last night I discovered she has her first tooth! It has already cut through. No wonder she's been cranky!

She also is quite a babbler.. her favorite syllable is "da", and she'll repeat that over and over, but she has a few others she works in as well- "ba" "ya" and "mmmm".

Sorry again for the loooooong delay in updating. No promises, but I'll try to remember to update this more often.

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7 months, 4 days

That first tooth was quickly followed by a second tooth (within 24 hours!). Abby enjoys sitting and playing by herself, and it doesn't usually faze her when she topples over. She just hangs out on her belly and keeps playing!

She's moved on to stage 2 foods, and seems to like different foods a lot better than she used to. Even sweet potatoes! Whenever I introduce something new, she'll scrunch up her face a little as she gets that brand new taste, but then keeps opening her mouth for more.

She eats solids twice a day- oatmeal and a fruit in the morning, and rice and a veggie in the afternoon/evening. Other than that, she's still nursing.

I thought she had an ear infection a week or so ago (unusually cranky, and wasn't sleeping well at ALL), but when I took her to the doc, he said her ears and throat were fine. And she got through it, whatever it was.

Yesterday I picked her up from my mom's, and she LOOKED bigger! I don't know what it was.. and then that night her godmother came over and said the same thing. Visible growth spurt?

She's starting to develop object permanence. I was holding a toy in my hand and she was playing with it. I covered it up with my other hand, and she looked for it, eventually pulling on that hand to uncover it. Wow!

She enjoys smacking the palm of her hand on things (floor, tabletop, me..), and has just discovered what fun splashing in the bathtub can be. Smile

And now she's starting to fuss.. Ciao!

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7 months, 2 weeks, 4 days

I think she's close to crawling..

She's getting better and better and scooting backwards, and just yesterday, she got up on all fours and rocked!

Momma got the hint! We went shopping for baby gates today. Smile I got some cabinet locks last weekend, too. Am I ready for a mobile baby??

I went to a baby sale (huge garage sale, essentially) last weekend and got a FP learning table for $1.00! She really likes it, and her cousins were playing on it too. Well worth the buck I paid for it!

She's starting to develop stranger anxiety. Sad She's still social and will smile at people, but she has to have a hand on me, to make sure I'm still there, I guess! Definitely a momma's girl.

Oh, and today two people told me she looks just like me! These are DH's co-workers, so they definitely know what he looks like. Hurray! (Everyone always says she looks more like Daddy..)

Random post over. Biggrin

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8 months, 2 days

Still not crawling, but she keeps practicing, so surely we're close! My brother said kids seem to be stuck at "almost there" for forever though, so we'll see.

She's also starting to pull up on things. So far, just to her knees (not to a standing position).

For someone who isn't crawling, she sure does manage to get around!

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8 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

Houston, we have a crawler!!

She's been officially crawling for just over a week now, and is getting really good at it! About a week and a half ago, she also pulled to a stand for the first time. Whoa, baby!

So, now she's into EVERYTHING! Good thing we had rearranged the living room to make it more baby proof! The other rooms are a bit hazardous, though, so I really have to keep my eye on her, especially until we can get them cleaned up.

She's also becoming quite clingy.. sigh. When I get up to throw away a diaper after a diaper change (I'm only out of sight for a max of 3 seconds), she whines till I come back and pick her up.

If I sit/lie on the floor, she'll crawl over to where I am and pull up on me. If I stand near her, she'll try to pull up on my legs.

But she doesn't do that for anyone else, even DH... Hello, separation anxiety!

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9 months, 1 week

No major developments since the last post. She is getting VERY good at crawling and pulling up. She can now crawl over things, which makes her able to get into spaces she couldn't get into before. We're constantly retrieving her from behind/under things (couchs, end tables, recliners).

Because she can now crawl, it became especially important to make sure she slept in her own crib, where she's safe. Don't want her crawling over one of us and fall off our bed in the middle of the night! We had been mostly putting her in her crib at night, but it was kind of lax. Some nights she was with us for just the morning, or the whole night if we were feeling lazy.

So we've been putting her into her crib every night, and with much reluctance on my part, we started CIO. I hadn't done a ton of research on it, but her pediatrician said we could let her cry up to maybe a half hour and then go in to calm her down before laying her down again.

Last night was night #3 of CIO, and it's definitely been a success for us.
Night #1- She screamed for 15 minutes, whined intermittently for 5, and then was out for the night.
Night #2- She cried for only 1 minute! Cried again 10 minutes later for another minute, and that was it.
Night #3- She cried for about 10 minutes. A little while later she whined for a couple minutes, but we haven't heard the I-HATE-YOU screams since the first night.

And the great thing is, she's sleeping through to the morning, and not even demanding a feeding at 6/7 am like she used to. I guess it was just habit? She's been consistently waking at 9 or later for the last several days.

I'm going to try to move her bedtime up again. Now that we aren't all going to bed together, I can put her down anytime without feeling like DH and I need to be ready to be done for the night. So freeing!

Oops, she's found where DH is storing his gaming controllers. Better intervene!

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a day shy of 11 months

Good grief, time is flying! Hard to believe we're already sending out invitations for her 1st birthday party.

She is cruising like a pro, taking huge steps along furniture, and taking risks. She can stand up from a sit, and loves to dance (bobbing up and down). She is threatening to take her first step, but so far just stands, lets go of furniture, then squats down.

She is sleeping so well now.. I'm really glad we did CIO, as it worked fantastically for us. After the first week or so, she didn't even cry when I put her down. Occasionally she'd whine for a second till she realized where she was, then she'd go right to sleep. Wonderful! She's sleeping from about 9pm-7am (sometimes with a little variation in there).

She's just such a happy funny spirited baby. I couldn't have asked for better!

Oh, and I did get a twinge of baby fever a few weeks ago, but there won't be a sibling quite yet. Just so y'all know. Biggrin