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Baby Ella Marie

I get to have a baby journal now, instead of a pregnancy journal. Took me a while to realize it though!
Ella Marie was born July 17, 2007 at 12:20 pm. She weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 19 and a half inches long.
Daddy and I are loving having a little baby girl! She is growing like a weed.....but not so much just the up and down, she's going sideways too! At 2 weeks she weighed 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long, and at 6 weeks she was 10 pounds 15 ounces (!!!!!) and 22 inches. She is a little porker! And we love her.
I feel pretty bad, she's been here for almost 7 weeks and I haven't even written up a birth story yet. I NEED to do that sometime soon.
Anyways, that's all for now. Will post pics soon!

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Ta da! A birth story, finally!

Monday, July 16, 2007
39 weeks and 4 days pregnant

I spend the morning doing some organizing in the nursery. By lunchtime I am ready to relax. I decide to lie down in bed and put on a movie. I wish I could say I was watching something classic from my collection like “Breakfast at Tiffany's” or “Singing in the Rain” or one of my favourites lke “Lord of the Rings” or “The Count of Monte Cristo”, but I can't. I was watching “Save the Last Dance”, the kind of light fluffy movie you feel like watching to put you to sleep. At 1:30 pm, as I lie in bed, grooving to Julia Stiles getting jiggy to some hip hop, my water breaks. I felt some wetness, so I get up to go to the bathroom. By the time I get downstairs to the toilet, my pants are soaked down to my knees and I am dripping everywhere. Over the next 5 minutes I soak 3 pads as I hobble around the bathroom trying to decide what to do. I grab the phone to call Chris at work.

“Thank you for calling the Quality Hotel, Claire speaking”
“Extention 235 please”
“One moment”
“Thank you for calling the Quality Hotel. You've reached the office of Chris Goetz. I'm not -

An answering machine? There was no way I was going to the hospital by myself! I called again.

“Thank you for calling the Quality Hotel, Claire speaking”
“Hi, this is Chris' wife, I just tried his office but there was no answer, but I think I'm in labour....”
“Oh! Ummm.....wait, he's just on his way out the door, hang on!”

And finally, I get Chris on the phone. I tell him my water broke and I need to go to the hospital. Problem being......I have the car. He rode his bike to work. So now I have to drive over to his work and pick him up on the way to the hospital. With my soaking wet pants. I go to change my pants and head out the rings. Chris is calling to say his boss will drive him to the house. Thank goodness his work is only a 3 minute drive from our house and the hospital is 2 blocks from his work.

Chris arrives home, grabs me a towel to sit on and my hospital bags (which I had finished packing the night before) and we speed off to the hospital. He drops me off at the doors to admissions and goes to park the car. Within the 10 steps that it takes me to get inside, I've soaked through my pad, underwear, and another pair of pants. There is a huge puddle underneath me on the floor. And now they want me to take a number, and wait until they call it? HA! Thankfully everyone in th lobby saw that I was a big fat pregnant woman leaking all over the tiles, so they let me up to the admissions desk right away. Some nice lady got me a wheelchair, so I could sit in my mess instead of stand in it. I get my bracelet and Chris arrives to push me up to labour and delivery.

At 2:00 pm I have my cervix checked. I am 2 cm dilated but not effaced at all. By 2:10 pm, I begin to experience some mild contractions. They are uncomfortable, but not very strong, and about 5 minutes apart. Over the next few hours I am attached to the fetal monitor. Baby is doing fine. By 5:00 pm, I am still only 2 cm dilated. They decide to send me home. The hospital has 17 inductions scheduled for the next 24 hours and they don't have room for me to labour when I am only 2 cm, and the contractions aren't painful. So home we go.

For the next several hours at home, I try my best to time my contractions. I sit on the couch (protected with layers of towels, since I am still leaking amniotic fluid) with a clock and a paper and pen. They range from 7 to 2 minutes apart and last anywhere from 30 to 75 seconds. Every few hours I post my progress on for all my July 2007 ladies to see! By 11:30 pm, the contractions are too strong to bear without some kind of pain relief. I decide it's time to go back to the hospital. Hopefully the last few hours of labour will have had some progress on my cervix.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
39 weeks and 5 days pregnant

We arrive at the hospital around midnight. Unfortunately, I am still only 2 cm dilated. I am so discouraged. I've been sitting at home in agonizing pain for 7 hours, and I haven't progressed at all? They attach the fetal monitors to see how baby does during my contractions. Baby is doing fine. Mom is not so fine....the contractions are 4 minutes apart and getting harder to breathe my way through them. Thankfully, I have a wonderful nurse helping me. She turns out to be the wife of my GP, Dr. Lok.

At 12:30 am, I get a shot of morphine. Your bottom has to be the worst place to get a shot. It hurts more than the contractions! By 1:00 am, the morphine still hasn't kicked in; it's not helping my pain at all. They tell me that unless I've progressed at all, they're going to send me home again. Thankfully, the nurse checks me at 1:30 and I'm now almost 3 cm dilated. She says they'll keep me there. I am SO glad I don't have to go labour at home again!

At 2:00 am, we decided to try out the tub. For an hour, I labour in the hot water, spraying the shower nozzle on my belly during contractions. I feel much more comfortable, though still in a lot of pain. We are trying to get to 4 cm so that I can get an epidural. At 3:00 am, I get out of the tub, and I am 4 cm dilated! Sweet relief is on the way! Chris falls asleep in the armchair in my hospital room as I get ready for the anesthetist. By 3:30 am, the anesthetist arrives and I receive the epidural. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as the morphine did! Now that I have some relief, I try to get some sleep. For the next few hours, I doze in and out of sleep, but, still attched to the fetal monitor, keep getting woken up by my blood pressure being taken every 10 minutes. Also, the epidural seems only to be working on my left side, and I have pain still on my right.

At 7:30 am, the nurse comes in to check my progress. I am now 7 cm dilated! Chris wakes up, and is excited to hear our progress. I let the nurse know about the epidural, and she can see that I am still in a fair amount of pain during contractions. They decide to back the epidural out of my spine a little (apparantly they may have gone in too far) and up the dose. I can tell the difference within 15 minutes; my right side is now going numb, and the pain is much less. Over the next hour or so, the whole bottom half of my body goes numb. I have no control over my legs, and cannot even wiggle my toes properly!

Our parents arrive around 9:00 am. They come into the room and stay with me for a while.

At 10:00 am, my cervix is checked again. The nurse reaches down to check my progress and a look of shock comes over her face. Apparantly, I am a full 10 cm, and the baby's head is “right there”! She jokes that they could literally just reach in with forceps and pull it out! We decide it is time to start pushing, even though I cannot feel anything at all. They turn down the drugs in my epidural, and at 10:15 am I start to push. At first I can't really tell what I'm's hard to distinguish which muscle I should be using! But after a while I can tell when I'm making progress. The nurses tell me they see dark hair on the head!

I am getting tired from all the pushing. I'm not sore 'down there' but my face hurts from holding my breath while pushing! Finally, the head comes out and the rest of the baby follows closely behind. Baby is born at 12:20 pm after 2 hours of pushing. It was an amazing sight to see the little body coming in to the world. I couldn't believe that I was responsible, that I had made something that small and real, something so human. The doctor says “It's a girl!” and I can hardly believe her. It takes a while for it to register what she has said...a girl? We had been almost sure it was a boy. But a girl was a lovely surprise!

They put baby on my chest and let me hold her while they clean me up a little. Then baby goes to get cleaned up. She is so quiet....not crying at all, just content to be in the world with her new family. The nurses poke and prod her a bit to get her crying so they can clear out her lungs. She is healthy as can be! She weighs 7 pounds 8 ounces and is 19 and a half inches long.

The next few hours are a bit of a blur. I deliver the placenta, and then the doctor takes a look to see what the damage is. She was going to have the resident stitch me up, but after seeing what had happened, decided she'd better do it herself. There was one tear down the perineum, and what she called “a blowout” above. I had torn in nine different directions. It took over 2 hours and over 60 stitches to fix me up. Thankfully they turned my epidural way back up so I couldn't feel any of the stitching.

Once I was put back together, they sat me up and brought me back the baby, who had been out with her daddy saying hello to her grandparents in the waiting room. We tried our breastfeeding for the first time, and she did very well! The nurse also brought me a meal (sweet and sour chicken on rice) since I hadn't eaten since breakfast the day before (aside from a bowl of iceceram during labour at home). Everyone laughed at how fast I ate it......I was hungry! After we had eaten, our baby girl was taken to the nursery, and they let me sleep for a few hours until my epidural wore off so I could actually move my legs!

By 4:00 pm, I was ready to get up and have a bath. Unfortunately, I had had a catheter put in after I was stitched up, so walking was very difficult, as was bathing. By 5:00 pm I was up in the Mother/Baby Unit and I got to see my little angel again. We visited with family until 8:00 pm and then spent our first night alone together.

After 3 days in the hospital spent recovering, learning how to breastfeed, and learning the real meaning of “lack of sleep” we were ready to go home. We decided on the name of Ella Marie 2 days after she was born; Ella after a song I sang in choir in high school called “Ella Sunlight” which was about a little girl, and Marie because we thought it sounded perfect....a name fit for a princess.

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So, 2 nights ago, Ella finally slept through the night! She's had a couple nights where she does pretty well and gives me a 4-5 hour stretch, but on Friday night, she went down to bed at 10 and didn't get up until 5! Woohoo! But then last night she got up every 2 hours......sigh.

I knew 7 hours was too good to be true. Hopefully she remembers how to do it again soon.....

I am loving all of the smiles we are seeing! I'm having a hard time catching one on camera, but we are seeing lots of smiles! And she's starting to coo as's so awesome! Daddy and I are loving having a little girl....they are such treasures!

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Today Ella had her first immunizations.....AAAHHHHHHH! I think I cried almost as hard as she did. Poor little bean. Time to finally post some pictures:

Here are some from the hospital:

And here are some more pics from over the last 8 weeks!

Here is a LARGE group shot of Ella's blessing day. She was 2 weeks old. It includes, DH and I, his parents, his dad's parents, his sister and her husband, his brother, his dad's sister and her kids.

Here is DH's mom with Ella on Sunday night:

And our little family. (Ella is a gangsta with her hoodie)

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Well, we are doing really well. We have established more of a schedule so that I feel a little less stressed. I make us get up and get changed out of our pj's around 8:30 or 9:00. We are on 3 hour feedings now instead of 2. And she has gone for 6 hour stretches 4 nights in a row. So we're feeling pretty good!
I haven't been to see my OB yet for my followup/postpartum visit. I was supposed to go at 8 weeks, and that was last week, but I have just been holding off. I'm not too thrilled about the prospect of someone poking around down there just yet. I am definitely healing though.....I was really sore right up until about 7 weeks, but now, 2 weeks later, it's not bad at all.
Ella is such a little goof! We love her to pieces. She likes to pee on her changetable when we have her diaper off and then smile at us cause she's done such a good job!
I can't wait until she starts to laugh out loud (and not in her sleep). I also can't wait for the day when she will reach for me and put her arms around me when I hold her! I want a hug from my little bean so bad!
We've started taking baths together. It's so much fun! She likes the tub much better when we go in together. Doesn't like the shower though!
Here are some recent pictures!

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Well, Ella is now over 10 weeks old! I can't believe it. DH came home last night, took one look at her and said "did she grow up today?" Apparently, she looked SO different than she did the day before. It could have been the fact that she slept for 9 HOURS overnight! I was astounded. Of course, it didn't happen again last night, but oh well. Every night is different.
Here are some pictures from this past week. I've had to put her in some of her 3-6 month clothes since it's getting cold here and the only long sleeved onesies she has were the larger size. Some of them were huge, but some were not bad! She is getting so big!


In the Bumbo (still not sure if she likes it)

Time to swing!

It is so hard to catch a smile on camera from this little munchkin! She's full of smiles until the camera comes up, and then the result is the look on her face in those last 2 pics!

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Well, yesterday, Ella turned 3 months old! She's such a big girl!
We went to the Dr. the day before and found out how much our little bean has stretched out......she's now 25 inches long, and 12 lbs 13 oz. She's so long that some of her 3-6 month clothes are almost too small!
We got a bunch of hand me down clothes and toys from a friend of mine this week, and we're enjoying them.....we never really had that many toys for her before, and now that she's starting to take an interest in them, it's nice to have more fun ones! We also got some really pretty dresses for next summer.
She's growing up so fast. She loves to stand up on her own (holding mommy's fingers) and she loves to sit up as well. If you lean her back, she'll just pull her little head right back up to sit up like a big girl.
She is telling us the most amazing stories! She has lots of "AH-OOOOO"'s for us.....she sounds like a little coyote! She's got her little fingies in her mouth the whole day, even though I tell her they don't taste good. She's been swimming to the public pool twice now, and she's had her first Thanksgiving (we live in Canada). Here are some pictures!

Our little Banana (Halloween costume)

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Well, a friend of mine took some totally cute photos outside of her 5 month old, and I wanted to take some for Ella before it gets any colder (it's already only 9 degrees C this afternoon - 48 F) I took these with our new camera......yesterday morning I dropped our old one in the bathtub :confused: so I had to do a little shopping!

So, we got all bundled up....

But all I got was funny faces!

And all she wanted to do was stare at the ground!

I did get a few cute ones though.....

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A few more pics from later on in our photo shoot after we warmed up inside for a bit.........

Also, we had a pretty fun night.......
Ella dressed up as a banana for Halloween (pics to follow later)....
I think she is teething cause she's pretty grumpy and likes to bite on her cold teething soother........
Until....Mommy shook a box of Smarties at her (for those of you who are American, Smarties are NOT candy like in the US, they're chocolate like M&M's) and SHE LAUGHED! Like 10 times! I'm so excited, I started to tear up, it was so cute! I can't wait to hear more laughs! It was a good day!

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***We are doing DITL on my July 2007 board, and I thought I would share it here too!***

This is a Day In the Life of Ella Marie! It takes place on Friday, November 2nd, 2007.

Good morning!

It's 6:47, and I want to get up! I went to bed at 10 pm last night, but I woke up at 3:33 am and made Mommy put my soo-soo back in my mouth, just cause I like it. I went back to sleep. I come into Mommy and Daddy's bed and cuddle with mom for a few minutes (Dad is in the shower) I'm pretty sleepy still and I don't like the bright lights.

At 7:00 am, I eat my breakfast. Mom is falling asleep while I nurse, but not me! I'm hungry!

After I'm done, I don't mind the bright lights so much.

We get up and go downstairs to see Dad, who has to go to work.

Normally, Dad takes the car, or walks to work, but today Mom needs the car, and it's getting colder outside, so we have to drive him to work. I have to get all bundled up.

When we get home (Dad's work is only a 4 minute drive, so it only takes 10 minutes) I'm pretty sleepy.

Mom has to wrap me up so I can fall asleep. She pats my tummy and gives me a foot massage and we both doze off for another few hours (Mommy likes her sleep too).

Time to get up! The lights are pretty bright again after being asleep.

I hope mommy unwraps me soon.......

There we go! This is my stretching face! It's time for me to eat again, and mommy too. Mommy eats some buns with jam on them....

And I have booby while we watch an episode of "The West Wing"

After I'm done eating, it's time to get dressed for the day, and out of my favorite rainbow pajama's. Also, I made a HUGE stink in my diaper!

Mommy's got my clothes all ready for me!

And now that I'm dressed I watch Mom get ready for the day too.

Now we go downstairs and I swing around with my monkey while mom takes care of some important business.....

Now me and my monkey (his name is Banana) sit in my big girl chair while Mommy cleans up the living room. I like to watch her vacuum.

Next mommy is getting ready to do some laundry. I like to help her with all the bright colored clothes.

Next we go upstairs and I watch my mobile while mom puts the laundry away, and tries to make her and Daddy's bed up with fresh sheets.

I get fussy so she wraps me up and hopes I'll go to sleep....

But I'd rather be with mom! She can't even finish making the bed!

Finally she gets the bed made (with MY help) and I get to test it out.

I just wanted to watch the news anyways!

Mommy changes my pee-pee pants before I eat my lunch.

It's 12:41

And I'm done eating lunch. I also conked out while nursing and am having a nap.

This gives mom time to pack the diaper bag and her bag for the gym.

Mom is really good at putting me in my carseat while I'm sleeping. We have to be at the gym by 1:15 since mom booked childcare for me.

Mom works out for an hour and I stay in the daycare. I only sleep for a few more minutes there cause there's another baby being REALLY loud! After the gym, we get back in the car...

And stop by the library to return some books and movies. When we get home I am really cranky, cause that kid at the gym interrupted my nap!

Mommy wraps me up and puts me in the swing in the door of the bathroom so I can watch her take a shower. I think she thought I'd fall asleep but I like to look at the shower curtain and listen to the water running.

Now I'm getting hungry, so mommy feeds me so I don't have to eat my hands anymore.

After I eat, I'm pretty happy. I watch mom blowdry her hair and watch Oprah.

Then I have to have my pee-pee pants changed again before we go out to pick Dad up from work.

Here we go, in the car!

We pick up Dad and get back to our house: here it is!

It's 4:20 and I fell asleep in the car.

Mom eats some supper while I'm sleeping and Dad gets changed to go to a meeting. I wake up in time to say goodbye to Dad. He's pretty crazy and tries to eat me instead of kiss me.

Now, since I'm happy (well-fed and rested)...

I go upstairs with Mom and help her fold the laundry

Ok, so I'm really just playing with my toys!

But I get kinda cranky since mom's paying attention to the laundry and not me! So we have to get up and dance around to some music and look out the window at the pretty trees in our yard.

Then Mom gets me changed cause I smell like sour milk.

She even puts my fuzzy socks on to keep me warm!

Now I'm mad! First of all, I'm tired again, and second, I can't believe Mom put me in so many different shades of pink! Call the Fashion Police!

So Mom wraps me up, and I fall asleep on a chair in our living room. Just as I'm drifting off, Dad comes home from his meeting.

Dad gets changed again and goes out to a football game. Mom waits for me to wake up, so she can feed me before we go out to our friends house while Dad's at the game. But since I was so tired, I'm still asleep! So she packs me up in the car and we drive to our friends house. It's 6:35

When I wake up, I'm there!

For the next little while, I play with my friends. Here we are! Their names are Marshall, Carter and Westley. Our moms are friends too, and all our dads are at the game.

After I eat, I have a little nap in the tent Mom makes for me on the couch. I don't like the bright lights.

When I wake up....

It's time to go home!

It's 10:15 and we are home waiting for Daddy to get back from the football game.

Mom takes off all my clothes and changes my diaper...

Now I am in my pajama's and ready to have my bedtime snack!

It's 10:24

Time for me to eat, and mom watches another episode of "West Wing".

Daddy comes home from the football game and says goodnight to me.

Now Mommy wraps me up and I fall asleep on her bed. She moves me to my crib and I sleep until 5 am the next morning when we start all over again!

See you another day!

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Well, Ella will be turning four months this Saturday! She is doing so well! She's generally a very happy, goodnatured baby. She has the greatest smiles and laughs for us! We love her to pieces!

She is sleeping through the night pretty well. She goes down in between 9-11 and sleeps usually until 4 or 5, but I just bring her into bed with us, and she sleeps until 6 or 7, when she eats for the first time. Then she goes back down until 9 or 10 am.

We are leaving for Philadelphia the day after tomorrow! DH is running the marathon there on Sunday, and Ella and I are going to tag along and go do some sightseeing. We'll be gone for 6 days. I'm a little nervous about the flights, and about BF her (hopefully I will be able to pump sometimes, so we can go out and not have to worry about finding a place to BF). But mostly I'm excited. I will be sure to take lots of pics! And Ella is going to an NBA game :eek: we'll see how that goes! I'll post pics when we get back!

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Home again! We had a great time. Ella was an angel on the airplane, she slept and ate (I BF her during takeoff to help her ears popping). We went to the Constitution Center, Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell, went to a 76ers game, went to 2 malls for some shopping, saw the Art Museum.....we stayed busy! And I BF her in some pretty crazy places! I brought my pump but didn't get much, so I just plucked up the courage for some MAJOR NIP.

DH ran in the marathon, his time was 05:04:00
We are so proud of him!

And, I finally went for my 6 week post-partum check up the day after we got home! Lol....only 12 weeks too late. She said I had healed "beautifully" (which considering how torn up my bottom was, is a good thing) and that everything looked great. I got a prescription for some BC pills. She said since my milk supply is fully established it doesn't matter what kind of BC pills I take. I probably won't start for a few months anyways though.....I'm not in the mood for DTD, we haven't yet, and I don't plan on it anytime soon. (poor DH)

Now, here are a few pics of us in Philly.
Here is Ella relaxing on our king bed at the hotel...

And here we all are....

We bought Ella a bathing suit at the Gap outlet for $10

A diaper change in the National Constitution Center....

Ella fell asleep in her we are with the "signers"....

Here's DH and Ella in the National Liberty Museum....

Me at Independence Hall....

DH and Ella in the signing room.....

At the 76ers game......she LOVED all the lights around the arena....

Here's me in Elfreth's Alley (the oldest residential street in the nation) I love all the cellar doors in Philly! No one has cellars here.

DH LOVED this house, he wants to live there.

Anyways, we have a million more pictures, but there's a sampling. Ella started rolling over on our trip (to add to the party), but since I'm not used to her rolling over, she FELL OFF THE BED! Oh dear.

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I just wanted to post a video of Ella laughing! Well, ok, you can't see her face, but I was wearing her in my sling and I was only wearing my underwear underneath, so I couldn't get a shot of her face! But here is my boo-boo laughin at a dancing box of Macaroni. What a doll!

View this montage created at One True Media
Funny Macaroni

Also, I am really excited about my stepmom coming to visit. Well, she's not married to my dad anymore, but I still call her my stepmom......sounds nicer than ex-stepmom! She really is more just like a friend, she is 10 years younger than my dad, so she was only in her mid-20's when she married him, and she was just like a big sister to me. She taught me how to shave, wear makeup, bought me my first bra, etc. She came out when I was 38 weeks pregnant to help me shop and set up the nursery, and she hasn't been back since, so she hasn't met Ella! I'm really excited for her to come. She said that since Ella has enough presents by now, she'd take me shopping for myself instead! So I'm glad. The only pair of jeans that fits me right now are about to rip in the crotch! I need new clothes.

Ella has been a real pain about going down for naps this week. She just fights and fights....then she gets overtired, etc. And when she does go down it's for like 30 minutes, even though she's tired enough to sleep for 2 hours.....poor little bean.

Oooh, she also found her feet this week! DH went to get her from her crib one morning and he found her holding on to her toes! So cute.

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Ahhhhh, I am so behind!

So, we had a great visit with my stepmom last week. She took us shopping, I got a manicure and a haircut, and we had an awesome time. Ella was a doll, she was so good for us, and Debbie even got to see her laugh!

Then, this week, my dad is in town. He came to my choir concert last night, and we're having dinner tonight.

The bad part is I have been practically attached to my pump for the past 4 days! I had choir rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday and then my concert on Wednesday. But unfortunately, I have depleted my freezer supply, and I had nothing left to leave for the babysitters! So I pumped all day Monday to get a bottle for Monday night, all day Tuesday to get Tuesday's bottle, and all day yesterday for last night's bottle! So now I'm bursting at the seams since my supply went up, and I have been pumping today as well to not feel so engorged! But it's good, because I should get a freezer supply up again.

Ella has been getting a little better at going to sleep....last night she ate at 8:45, then fell asleep around 11:00, and she slept until 7:30 this morning (she got up around 1 and around 2, but it as only for her soother, she went right back to sleep). So that's much better than it's been the past couple weeks......I was having to feed her at 4 am because she would NOT go back to sleep.

OOOOOOOHHHHHH, I finally got the 'heddibands' I ordered for Ella from Jill on my July 2007 board! I was so excited, here are some pics!

Ok, I'll stop have like, a million more pictures, but I can't even begin to pick the best ones!

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Also, I have another Macaroni video! Here she is again, laughing at a silly macaroni box!
View this montage created at One True Media
Funny Macaroni Part 2

It never gets old!

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Well, time is ticking away, and there are only 3 days left until Ella's first Christmas!

We did a gift exchange with my July 2007 board, and here are some pictures of Ella opening her presents!

Mmmm, wrapping paper!

My new teething toy!

This toy is so great, I can't even wait for Mom to take the packaging off!

Ok, that's better!

oooh, cute clothes!

Thanks for the presents Shaylen and Shelley!

She had a good time opening them up, I can't wait for Christmas for her to open more!

We have been doing some CIO with Ella for her naps and bedtime. It just seemed like we were regressing instead of progressing as far as bedtime went. We were having to rock her to sleep and swaddle her, and it still took 40-50 minutes to get her to sleep, so I figured....we might as well, let her try it on her own.

Night One - She cries. I go in every 5 minutes to comfort her. Within 20 minutes she is asleep on her own. But during the night she wakes up at least 8-10 times! She wants her soother.

Night Two - She cries. I go in every 5 minutes to comfort her, and she is asleep within 15 minutes on her own. She wakes up about 6-8 times during the night for her soother.

Night Three - She cries. She wails. She screams.......for 40 minutes. I had a meltdown she was screaming so much! I was crying as much as her. I went in every five minutes to comfort her (and me) finally after 40 minutes she fell asleep on her own. I was SO distraught. She woke up about 5 times in the night, wanting her soother.

Night Four - Fell asleep nursing! Woke up 4 times in the night.

Night Five - She cries. Falls asleep on her own after I only went in once to comfort her, within 10 minutes. Wakes up only twice in the night for her soother!

Night Six - Falls asleep nursing again. Wakes up only once for her soother during the night!

I feel much better now. I think we are making progress. Her naps still take 10-15 minutes for her to fall asleep, but she's only really crying for about 5 minutes of it, the rest she's just kind of whiny and talking. I'm glad I'm sticking with it, because I think it's going to get easier.

Here are a few more recent pics of us....
Here's DH playing airplane with Ella after a day of work:

Ella and I:

Yummy feet:

Learning to sit:


We'll try again another we go!

Yeah, I'm pretty good at this Mom!

Uh Mom, do you get tired when you sit up all day? Cause...

Awww, crap!

Just kidding, I can do it!

But this is much easier....

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Well, now that I'm back in computerland at home, I'll try to catch up on what's been going on here this past week! Here is our Christmas!
On Christmas Eve during the day, we went out to my family's house. They live in a small town (my IL's live there as well), and we actually know the guy who manages the rink, so we started off the day by doing some skating! We had the whole rink to ourselves, plus the managers family. We all spent about an hour skating, my mom just wore her boots and held Ella, and boot DH also took her around a few times on his skates, and we got a suepr cute video of it. Here are some pics!

After we were done skating, we went to my Mom's and hung out for the afternoon. We played some games, went caroling, and helped make Christmas Eve dinner. My mom didn't want to make turkey 2 nights in a row, so we had steak, oven fried potatoes and caesar salad. Here is Ella wishing she could eat some steak....

The Ella had rice cereal for the first time! She LOVED it! She opened her mouth SOOOOOO wide when she saw the spoon coming, and flapped her hands in the air because she was so excited!

After that, we opened our presents from each other (since we we not going to with my family for Christmas Day) Mostly I was excited for Ella's gifts, but mine was pretty sweet too! Here I am with my box set of all seven Harry Potters!

Ella thought the candy canes were pretty nice too.....don't worry, the wrapper is on!

Ella got some cute clothes and about 10 books! She also got a cute Lamaze soft shape sorter. Here she is! She had fun opening them!

After presents, we had to get going, since we were driving out to the IL's cabin an hour away to spend the night. There were 12 people in total sleeping out there, so it was pretty fun. Christmas morning, we woke up quite unfortunately by the time we opened presents.......she was asleep!

All her presents waited for her until after her nap!

She got mostly clothes, a lot of pretty dresses! I wish I had gotten more regular basic clothes, but she seemed to get a lot of fancy stuff.....oh well. She did get some cute things. She also got a playmat which she LOVES! We never had anything like this before, so she really enjoys it!

Here are some of her other presents...

Then we just spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day (day after Christmas) out at the cabin, playing Wii and XBox, watching movies, eating tons of cookies (that would be me) snowmobiling, sleeping, and eating way too much turkey dinner. It was lots of fun. Unfortunately DH's little brother who is 15 broke his arm on Boxing Day and now has a full arm cast with a pin in his wrist! Poor kid is on 2 hockey teams and basketball tryouts are in 3 weeks. And they're going to Phoenix tomorrow to spend like 2 weeks on holiday, and he's got a full arm cast! Yikes.
Anyways, it was a great first Christmas for Ella! Can't wait til next year!

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I can't believe it's 2008 and Ella will be 6 months old this month. She is growing so fast! She can now sit on her own for about 5 minutes! And she is just talking up a storm! She really likes the "g" sound, and "w", we get a lot of "gawawa gawaga wagawawa" etc. It's pretty funny. She is growing so tall too! I measured her myself the other day and she is over 27 inches now! That is in the 95th percentile for her height! But she is pretty skinny, although starting to chunk out a bit more in her legs.

We are going on a road trip on Friday to visit my Dad and Grandparents in Winnipeg. It is about a 6 hour drive, so we'll see how Ella does. I'm going to sit in the back seat I think, so I can try and entertain her when she's not sleeping. My Dad just saw her in December, but my Grandparents haven't seen her since August, so it'll be fun.

DH and I are amazed every day at how beautiful she is! We can't even believe that we made something so awesome, she is just a doll, and such a good baby! The other night we played a board game, and she just sat in her swing watching us and talking to herself for over an hour! What a good girl! I love her to pieces!

I'm starting to get the baby fever again.....ok, so maybe not the baby fever, but the belly fever! My SIL and also DH's uncle's second wife are both pregnant and due in March/April......we spent time together at Christmas, and I was jealous of their bellies! But I want to wait until Ella is a year old before we TTC again. I'd like to be able to BF her for a year and then TTC. Last time it only took us one month to get pregnant, so I'm hoping that's the case again! Then Ella will be almost 2 when the next one comes along. So hopefully we'll conceive in July/August and have Ella's baby bro or sis by April. DH is hoping for another too! He says he wants 3 girls and one boy, and he wants the boy last. I think that would be pretty nice! Woo! I'm getting ahead of myself here!

Anyways, here are a few recent pics!

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Back again!

We had a great trip to Winnipeg last weekend, Ella was pretty good for us.

We left on Thursday night for our trip. We decided (since we didn't get to leave until 8:30 pm that we'd spend the night in Brandon, which is only 4 hours away. DH works in a hotel, so we get good deals wherever we go. Ella slept the whole 4 hours to the hotel, but then when we got there, she thought it was playtime! It was actually midnight, not playtime, much to her chagrin. We finally got her to sleep, but we had a rough night, up about 3 or 4 times. The next morning we only had 2 hours to drive and she slept the whole way. We were staying at my Dad's house, and he just did renovations on his upstairs, and it was beautiful! We slept in the spare room, which had a new memory foam mattress on the bed.......mmmmmm.
We had a great visit. On Friday we went out for dinner to a great Chinese restaurant with my Dad and my grandparents, and Ella was so excited about her Daddy giving her water from a glass there, that she flapped her arms and broke 2 glasses by sending them flying in the air......:eek: Then we played a game of dominoes and went to bed early.

Saturday we watched a lot of Russia CLOBBERED the USA in the bronze medal game of the IIHF World Juniors, and then Canada had a close call in the Gold medal game, but still beat Sweden 3-2. Woohoo!
We visited with my Grandparents and Ella charmed them by showing them how she can sit up and roll over. We got to open more Christmas presents for Ella, and she got lots more clothes, and a infant to toddler rocking chair. Saturday night, my Dad threw a get together and we saw my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and my stepmom and her twin boys, who are 5 years old. We had a great little party, and after it was over, DH and my dad went to a hockey game, and I stayed at the house and watched a movie with Ella. We didn't get to bed until after midnight that night, but Ella was pretty good and only got up once at 4 am.

Sunday, Ella and I had breakfast with my stepmom, and we got a new highchair for Ella too! We have just been feeding her cereal in her bumbo, and I was anxious for a highchair to do it properly. Then we had lunch with my grandparents and drove home. Ella was a bit of a monkey on the way home, but it paid off last night......I fed her at 9:30, she was sleeping by 9:45 (put herself to sleep) and didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning! Hooray! Then she was awake until 9, slept until 10:30 when she woke up to eat, and then we both slept until 11:30! Woo! I feel very well rested!

Here are some pics of our visit!

Playing with great grandad

Playing with great granny

Having a snuggle with Mommy

Being goofy for greatgrandparents

Sitting like a big girl on great grandad's bed

See, I can roll to my tummy!

Also, we tried out her new high chair once we got home......

I think she liked it.........

Then, yesterday, I started choir again, and Ella came along (last semester, she came sometimes, but DH watched her mostly, but this semester, he has class on Monday nights, so she has to come every week). She was very good, and played for the first hour, then I fed her a bottle, and tried to put her to sleep at break time, but she woke up as soon as I layed her in her car seat. But she was very mellow, and just sat in her car seat singing for the last hour. Then we came home, I BF her for a nightcap, and she was asleep by 9:55.......and she slept until 7:30 am again!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two nights in a row, 10 hours of sleep for her! And at least 8 for me! I hope this continues, I don't want to jinx it!

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Well, I think we've done it! We've created a STTN baby! Ever since we got back over 2 weeks ago Ella has been sleeping SO GREAT! She goes to sleep (on her own, in her crib) in between 8:30 and 10:30. She sometimes gets up to have her soother put back in, but usually only once. Then she gets up to eat usually around 7:30 am! Sometimes it's 6:30 and sometimes it's 8:00, but it's SO WONDERFUL! Now if only I could get to sleep on

Ella is now 6 months old (2 days ago)! She had a Dr's appointment too on her 1/2 birthday. She is still 27 inches long, and she now weighs 15 pounds. She is a skinny little girl, but the Dr. is really pleased with how she is growing. She's just going up instead of out! He asked about feeding and I told him we have tried rice cereal and oat cereal, and he says to go ahead with veggies and fruit now. So that's in the plans for next week! I can't believe how grown up she is getting!

I had a sad moment yesterday when I realized she never sleeps on my chest anymore......I used to love that! But she is definitely no longer a newborn...she is halfway to a year!

Here are some recent pictures of our little princess:

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Here goes my to my mouth.......

Well, I knew I got too comfortable with the whole STTN thing! The past week or so has been pretty rough! She gets up usually 4 or 5 times, and seems to think it's time to eat at 4:00 am! I can't see any teeth coming through, so it's not that, but she is a little constipated, so maybe that is keeping her awake. Actually last night was a little better than the rest of the week, she got up at 5 and 6, but took her soother, and didn't get up to eat until 7:00 am.......which is better than 4!

Ella has now tried carrots :), sweet potatoes :), green beans :huh: and bananas :yahoo:. Unfortunately, they all make her constipated! I guess I am going to have to try some other foods that will keep her regular! Time to break out the prunes and peaches.

I am sick (again, I had strep throat 3 weeks ago, and now I have lost my voice) so that sucks. Ella doesn't seem to be sick though, so that's good.

I got the cutest shirts for her on sale this week, this store had all the winter clothes going for like 2 or 3 dollars each! So I got her 3 long sleeved shirts and a hoodie for like, 10 bucks!

Ella has started showing less interest in the breast and likes her bottle a lot more. I am still trying to BF but she is getting 1 or 2 bottles a day and BF about 4 times. She just will not suck for very long, gets distracted easily and gets angry when the milk doesn't come out fast enough. She will down her bottle in 5 minutes flat, without getting distracted, and is much happier. So, I think I will just follow her lead. Because I am BF less, I got my first PP AF! AHHHHHHHHH :eek: I have not had AF since October of 2006, so it's weird to have to worry about it again. Although, this is good because DH and I want to TTC starting in a few months (maybe April or May or June), so now my body can get back to normal before we get Pg again.

Anyways, that's all thats new! Here are some pics!

Ok, I forgot to mention, she tried chocolate too! I let her lick the spoon (BAD MOMMY!)

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Well STTN is going so much better! I think she must just have had trouble sleeping when she was constipated. The past few nights she has slept until 6 or 7 am, which is fine by me.

Also, I am trying to get her down to 2 naps a day. Like yesterday, she got up at 7:30 and ate, played until 10:30, ate and fell asleep until 1:00. The she ate at 1:30, played, slept from 4:00-5:00, and then ate again. Then she came with me to choir, ate at 8:00, and went to bed at 9:30. I dream fed her at 11:00 when I went to bed. I think it will be good to have her doing 2 nice long naps during the day instead of these crazy cat naps she has been doing! So I think I'll try to get her down for a good morning nap and a good afternoon nap.

Also, we started some other fruits and veggies. She LOVES peaches, and they go RIGHT THROUGH HER.....she pooped 3 times in one day! So I figure if we eat some of the foods that constipate her and some of the foods that go right through her, she will have nice balanced poops.......LOL. Funny the things moms think about! She also tried some peas, and didn't mind them, and they were also good for her poops. So, I think we will get the hang of this solid food thing.

I got a job!
I am still on maternity leave from my other job, but I got a job at the childcare center at the gym that I work out at! It's just casual, so I only have to work if they are short staffed and need a fill in, so some weeks it could be no shifts, and some weeks I could pick up a few. And, I can bring Ella with me! So we'll just go and play with some other kids a few times a's a perfect job for me! So I'm excited about that. Then I can have a little extra money for myself!

Here is Ella and her doggie Sidney:

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Bathtime Pics

Well, I just recently started giving Ella her baths on her own in the tub (I used to bring her in with me - obviously no pics of that!) So I finally took some pics today of Ella Bella in the tub - I was nervous about bringing the camera in the bathroom because last time I did, I dropped the camera in the tub and we had to buy a new camera......which we couldn't afford if I did it again! So, here are some pics of Ella having fun at bathtime......

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Last night was horrendous! It took us about 50 minutes to get her to go to sleep (as opposed to her usual 15-20) and then she got up like, a MILLION times! Even weirder, all I remember is her FINALLY falling asleep in her crib around 11:30, but then I woke up at 2:30 in bed, and she was lying beside me! In my bed! And weirder, my shirt was pulled up and my boobs were hanging out as if I had been nursing her! But I had NO recollection of ever going to get her! ROFL I asked DH if he brought her in, and he said, "No, but I woke up at 12:30 and was surprised to see her lying in between us, and then I woke up at 2:00, and she was on the other side of you and you had your shirt half off!" So I have no idea what happened but I must have been sleep walking or something, because I could have sworn I didn't get out of bed!

Anyways, after I put her back in her bed at 2:30, I had to get up like every 15 minutes until 6:00 because she kept waking up. Then after she ate her breakfast in bed, I went to change her diaper, and she had a HUGE POOP in it, which I can only assume she had been lying in all night long! :eek: So no wonder she couldn't sleep! She was lying in a pile of crap! Only I couldn't smell it because my nose is plugged........:ROFL:

What a disastrous night! Hopefully tonight goes better!;)

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Last night was pretty good. She was sleeping by 9:30, and woke up once at 11:00 for her soother, but I was still awake so I didn't mind. Then again at 4:30 for her soother, but she went back to sleep until 7 am, so it wasn't too bad.

Today I am babysitting a 5 year old boy from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. It's going ok so far.......he will NOT STOP TALKING..........LOL. I better prepare myself for the stage of endless questions......."why this"......."why that"........."why why why".........I had forgotten how exhausting it is to have to have an answer for everything!

Thankfully I persuaded him to be relatively quiet during Ella's naps.

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Well, last night she got up about 4 or 5 that sucked. BUT she didn't get up for good until 8:45 am! The last time I went in to put her soother in was around 5:30, and then she didn't make a peep until 8:45, so at least I got to sleep in a bit.

She is being SO funny lately!
She is doing this lip smacking thing, where she smacks her lips together and makes all kinds of funny noises - what's even funnier is she does it to get my attention! If DH is holding her and I'm looking away, she makes the noise until I look at her, and then she gets a big smile! Then I make the noises back to her, and we talk in lip smacking language for a while!

She also loves it when you drop a blanket over her - she just SQUEALS with delight! DH was dropping the blanket over her over and over like a parachute game and she just squealed and giggled for the longest time! What a doll she is!

Also, today she gave me a hug! I went to pick her up from her crib after a nap, and I always give her a big squeeze after, and today she squeezed back! It was so great! I can't wait until she reaches for me with her little arms!

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Well, my little Ella Bella is more than 7 months old! She is growing so fast! Sad

Today I found a NB size diaper............WAHHHHHHHHHH! What a tiny bum she had! What a tiny babe I had! Where did she go? My girl is getting all grown up......I can imagine this feeling never ends does it?

Here are some new pictures of my little honey!

I have been going to work about 2 times a week, for a few hour each time. Ella comes with me, and loves it! It does interfere with her nap schedule a bit, but she manages to sleep for a little while at least (I wear her in my sling). Today I was working and I had 11 kids to look after! AHHHHHHHHH! Thankfully, no one died! And Ella even managed to have a 40 minute nap.

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Ugh, what a horrible night. Ella and I slept at my Mom's house since we were out there for my cousin Jenn's bridal shower, and the roads were quite bad (plus DH was working overnight so he wasn't home anyways). I guess Ella did not like sleeping in a strange place, because I only got about 4 hours of sleep. She was just WAILING from about 2-4 am. I ended up giving her a bottle at 4:00 am to calm her down (I haven't had to feed her before 6:00 am in over 2 months hardly) and then she slept until 7:00. Then we drove home at about 8:10, she fell back asleep in the car and slept in her carseat at home until 9:50 this morning, so I got to grab another hour of sleep at least.

She is going through this weird phase right now.........making strange, wanting Mommy, sleeping bad, being grumpy all day.......I'd like to chalk it all up to teething, since she's 7 months and has no teeth yet, but I can't see that her mouth is bother her at all..........only time will tell. It's just that she used to be such a good baby all the happy and goodnatured. Well, I guess she's just a little under the weather. I hope it passes.....:( I hate to see her upset.

I REALLY hope it passes before April.........because we are planning on going to Cancun and taking her with us! DH bought a travel package, so we have to go within the next 18 months, and we thought of going at Christmas, but we want to be pregnant by then (and QUITE pregnant at that point) and I doubt I'd want to lie on a beach when I'm all fat and swollen. SO......we might be pregnant by April, but it'll be more fun then, since I won't be all roly poly.

We'll see if it all pans never know, my DH and I make plans all the time, but whether or not they actually come to pass is another story!

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I have been having WAY too much fun making siggys for myself! Ella is just so darn cute I can't help it! Take a look at my creations!

Someone needs to stop me before I officially have no life!

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Our Goofy Ella Bella gettin' some kicks!

View this montage created at One True Media
Funny Popcorn

View this montage created at One True Media
Funny Froggie

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Well, after that horrific night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night both went well. Back home in her crib, and she slept from 9 pm - 7 am on Friday night (woke up only once for her soother at 5 am) and last night from 8 pm - 7:30 am this morning. (I am still dream feeding her around 10 pm) But she didn't make a peep last night at all until she got up at 7:30, so that's good. At least the past 2 days I have been able to get about 8 hours sleep.

By the way, we are DEFINITELY going to Cancun in April now! We booked our flights and the resort! We are driving first from here to Winnipeg (6 hours) and sleeping at my dad's that night, Then the next day we are driving to Minneapolis (7 hours) and staying in a hotel. Then we fly out of Minneapolis direct to Cancun! We are there for 5 days 4 nights, and then we fly back to Minneapolis to pick up our car (but dread the drive home!) Here are some pics of the resort we are staying at!

SO we're pretty excited! The flights are about half as cheap when you fly out of the US, so we decided to drive to save a little cash. The only thing I worry about is Ella, and hope she will be ok! I'm excited to go buy her some new clothes and little sunhats! She's going to be lying on the beach in less than 2 months!

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Ugh. Here it is only March and I am sick for the third time this year! First I had strep throat in January, then in February I lost my voice and had a cough, and now I think I am getting strep throat again! Thankfully I just have a sore throat, and nothing else is hurting. And Ella Bella does not seem to be sick, so that's good.

I love my little girl! She is just so darn cute! We seem to be getting on a pretty good schedule.....she has been getting up at 7 am for a few days in a row now, so that seems to be her time. She is taking one morning nap, one afternoon nap, and sometimes a quick evening nap. Bedtime is still a little off......some days it is 8, and some days it is last night, her evening nap lasted an hour, so she wasn't tired until 10 pm. But when she doesn't have a nice evening nap, her bedtime is more like 8.........I can't decide which I like better!

She is being so funny all the time now.....she makes ridiculous faces and babbles up a storm. She is giving me hugs sometimes when I pick her up......she will squeeze around my neck and it's SO CUTE! I want to eat her up.

I went window shopping the other day picking out some outfits I will buy her for Mexico and this summer.....just have to wait for the tax refund! I swear I could live in, LIVE there, for many years. I love that store. And The Children's Place has awesome stuff too........oh gee, I like shopping! LOL, and shopping is so much more fun for little girls!

Here are some pics of my happy baby! You can see her trying out the BabyLegs I made her! She is such a little goober about the camera now! Always smiling!

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OK, so now Ella is sick too. She has bright green snotty boogers and can barely breathe she is so plugged up! The past two nights have been terrible, she has had to sleep in our bed because she can't breathe when she lies down in her crib. She sounds like a motorcycle! So we have had hardly any sleep at all, and she is not too happy either. Poor little bean. I went and got some saline nose spray and a bulb syringe for her little's SO GROSS the stuff that is coming out of there! Ugh. Maybe I should take her to the Dr. since from what I am hearing, green snot can mean an infection (sinus infection?) and she may need antibiotics. We'll see if she gets any better. Yuck.

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Well, the past two nights have been SO good. She is still a little runny nosed, but at night it does not bother her anymore, it is going away on it's own. Last night she slept from 9:30 pm to 8:00 am! And I did not even feed her while she was sleeping, like a I normally do at 11:00 pm or so. I decided to cut that feeding out, since she is eating a lot more now during the day.

She used to drink 4-5 ounces every 3 hours, and occasionally 6 ounces. But this past week, she is drinking 7-8 ounces in every bottle, and draining it fast! And she is still eating every 3 hours! Plus she is getting solids 2-3 times a day. She must be going through a growth spurt.....maybe she will gain some weight! She has always been such a skinny girl, only in the 15 or 20th percentile for weight. We will find out tomorrow, since we are going to get some shots Sad I haven't taken her since her 2 month shots, because I decided to delay them, but now I am ready to catch up. So we'll find out her weight and height tomorrow, which I haven't known since her 6 month appt. in January.

Something bad happened yesterday......:( I always put Ella on the couch, and she plays up there and never moves (she can't crawl, she doesn't roll) but lately she has started squirming and rolling around more and she did a FACEPLANT off the couch on to the laminate below......:eek: The poor little bean! Bad mommy! She only cried for 20 seconds, and then stopped and just wanted me to hold her for a while, but her snot was bloody for the rest of the day since she bonked her nose, and her lip got a bit fat Sad But today she seems to be fine. No more putting babies on couches!

We went shopping yesterday for some summer clothes! Ella will be the most styling baby in Mexico next month! Here are her outfits!

Plus I got myself some super cute outfits too! SO excited for our trip!

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Well, today Ella went to get some immunizations....:(

I haven't taken her since 2 months old, because I decided to delay them a bit. So she got one needle in each leg, and got so sad! But she only cried for about 30 seconds, and then was just a little grumpy for a bit. but now she is good as new! We also got her weighed and measured! So I'll count this as her 8 month appointment......

16 lbs 10 oz
27 inches

So, she has gained just over 1 and 1/2 pounds in the past 2 months, but has not gotten any taller! She is a dainty little bug. Her height is in the 5oth percentile, and her weight in the 20th. Good thing is though, we don't need to switch to a bigger carseat anytime soon.....but she is getting heavy! I think in May we will get a convertible one.

The nurse wondered if I had any concerns about her development, and I said "No", and she said "So she's crawling?" "Ummm, nope" "How are her teeth?" "She doesn't have any...."'s a good thing I'm not concerned about her! She is just going a little slower that some babies, but I think she is doing fine developmentally. Anyways, all was well. We go again for a Dr's appt next month, and then back for shots the month after.

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Well, night times are still a hit and miss with this girl......some nights are good, and some are BAD. Two night ago she was awake from 1 am to 2:30 am with DH (THANK YOU DH!) and last night/this morning I had to get her out of her crib at 4:30 am because her wet diaper leaked all the way up her back and she was sopping wet.....I think we need to go to a bigger size of diaper at nighttime. She has had some leaky poops too this past week, so maybe it is time to move up after all.....but she's just a little thing! I think she's only at the bottom of the weight for the size she's in.......and they've always fit her good before. Who knows. I will buy some of the next size and see how they go.

Here are some new pics of my little munchkin! I can't believe she is 8 months old already!

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I just can't believe how big my little monkey is getting! She has such a hysterical personality - she is easily excited and we love her big gummy grins! But today we spotted some teeth under her gums! I tried to get a pic but it was really hard! Here are some pics from today - you can see what a little goober she is!

This one her tongue got in the way, but you can see one oft he teeth to the side of her tongue under her gums......

Again, really hard to see because of the darn flash (should have turned it off) but they are really there, under her little pink gummies!

Here are some others of her ridiculous smile! (Some are blurry but they make me laugh because the way she smiles is so funny!)

Oh, she is just so great! She makes me laugh! We took a HYSTERICAL video of her tonight, I will have to upload it.

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We went for family dinner to my aunts house last night. It was her family, my parents and siblings, and Chris, Ella and I. My cousin Jenn is in town because she is getting married next week here, and we are great friends. It was so fun to see her again - especially because she used to work at Sears Portrait Studio, and she decided to use Ella as her model and go crazy with the camera! She did a great job! We got some real gems, considering Ella was a bit of a grump! Ella is sitting on their couch, which is in front of a window. Jenn pulled the curtains for the window in front of the couch, and viola - a studio! Here's a peek!

These are from earlier in the day before we went to church (but of course, I'm not cool enough to have a studio in my house....LOL)

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Poor little Ella Bella has some kind of tummy bug Sad

I got called in to go work for a few hours this morning, so Ella and I went in to the gym and played with the other kids in the daycare for a bit......but she was NOT happy. She had been grumpy all morning, now that I thought about it. And she had only eaten 2 oz from her first bottle of the day instead of 7 or I tried feeding her again since I thought she was probably hungry around 9:30.....well, she drank the whole bottle and then proceeded to projectile vomit the WHOLE 8 oz back up in to my lap. Yum. Little bean had a sore tummy! And she told me so, of course, by not eating her morning bottle, but did I listen? Nope. I took her to work. Bad mommy. SO.......they had to call someone else to come work so I could bring her home (not to mention I was covered in puke). She has a fever too. So I gave her some Tylenol and she napped for a few hours. Then she managed to drink a whole bottle at 12:30 and only spit up a tiny bit. Right now she's napping again, and had another bottle, so I think she'll be ok, but she's quite grumpy and still has a fever. AND she's been poop about 4 times already, and it's only 3:30! Poor muffin. So, we'll see how she doesn't help that those bottom teeth are on their way in sometime soon too.

Other than that, we're doing well. Mexico is looming in the not too distant future! I bought a new bathing suit (well ordered it online) and my stepmom is paying for it as a 'have fun at the beach' present. Don't you love those kind of presents? Wink I'm so excited for Ella to wear all her summer clothes......she's been wearing them around the house because they're just so darn cute!

This weekend is my cousins wedding and Ella will be wearing her Easter dress for it......she'll look pretty as a princess again! (And maybe I won't look too shabby either!)

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Well, Ella's first tooth has come through! It's the one you can see just under the surface in the picture a few posts back - nice and sharp and poky! And she has been so good, not grumpy at all! but I hear that the uppers are tougher to get through, so we'll see how that goes.....I can see them under the gums right now!

Well, we had a great time at my cousins wedding, it was so beautiful! Now we are starting a new week, and the weather is getting so beautiful, and I can't wait for spring to REALLY be here! It's no beautiful today I wish I could go for a walk, but DH has the car and we keep the stroller in the trunk. I'll have to take it out since we will use it in the summer in places other than the mall!

Mexico is coming up! I'm getting excited, and hoping Ella does ok. She has been doing really well with naps and overnight lately - don't want to jinx it, but she doesn't wake up at all at night for her soother anymore! It used to be at least 2-3 times that I'd have to go in and put it back in her mouth. Now, she's good until she gets up in the morning - usually around 7 am. On Sunday she didn't get up until 8 am and it was heaven! But today it was back to 6:50. Ah well, can't complain, at least I have an uninterrupted sleep now!

She is getting so big, I can't believe it! I think I will post a comparison picture......1 week old, and 8 months old

AHHHHH! My giant girl! Almost time for a new car seat!

She is being SO cute lately (ok, well, all the time) She has started falling asleep watching her movie! Once on the couch SITTING UP her eyes closed and the poor little bean kept bobbing her head around trying to stay was ADORABLE! And now, 3 days in a row, she has fallen asleep
for her naps lying in our bed watching the movie in our's just too darn funny......we have a little couch potato!

Anyways, Ella and I are going on another trip this summer! My family is going to the Maritimes for 2 1/2 weeks in July/August and Ella and I are joining them for a week! We'll go to Nova Scotia, and spend 5 days on Prince Edward Island! I'm so excited - I was supposed to make a trip to PEI with my mom and grandma YEARS ago but it never happened, so now I am going! We will see all the Anne of Green Gables sights and tour the beautiful countryside! Ella will be a year old then, we'll see how she does on that trip! I think Mexico will give us a better indication, since we haven't traveled since November when we went to Philadelphia (other than Winnipeg at New Years).

Well, time to put Ella down for her nap......if she hasn't dozed off in front of the TV already! Wink

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Well, the ladies on my BB like to share poop stories....:rolleyes: Yeah, we're pretty cool! Here is my most recent poop story....accompanied by pictures (without which it would be a useless post)

Ella started a few new foods this week - strawberries and turkey. I'm not sure which did it, but she got super CONSTIPATED. She'd been going for a few days giving me nothing but rabbit pellets.....and straining and wheezing in pain Sad Poor little bum bum.

Over the past 24 hours, she has had: water, apple prune juice, strained prunes, q-tip with vaseline on her little bum.........

Today, after we got home from church.......


YAY! GO Ella! She finally let it all out! I was changing her on the living room floor on a blanket. I thought her onesie had escaped the mess, but when I lay her down to change her bum, it smooshed up her back. Crap. Literally.

Once we got the diaper and onesie off, it was straight in to the she is!

Here's how happy she was to get all the poopies out!

So, I WOULD have gotten you a picture of her lovely diaper (how kind and considerate of me Wink ) BUT, when I got back to clean it up in the living room and throw it out.........

My dog ate all the poop. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:eek::eek::eek:

Yeah, licked the diaper clean, the stupid dog. Yum. So hence, no pictures (lucky you!)

So here are a couple more of her refreshing tub today.

Thanks for adventuring with me!

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Ah! I am so neglectful! Here is an update:

Ella has 2 teeth now! Both her bottom middles are in and they are so cute! She is being a real good sport about teething.

I went away last weekend without Ella and DH! I was 6 hours away chaperoning at a church Youth Conference. DH did great! Ella was very good for him, ate her bottles, ate her solids, slept not too bad.....but poor DH got the flu. So he was a mess when I got back. He's still sick right now, and in the middle of finals, and studying for finals. I was so happy to come home to my baby! She looked at me kind of strangely for about 3 seconds, and then gave me a big smile!

Ella had her 9 month checkup. She is HUGE! She had such a growth spurt this month, I can't believe it! At 8 months she was 16 lbs 10 oz, and 27 inches long. At 9 months she is 19 lbs 13 oz, and 29 inches long! She had quite the month! 2 teeth, 3 pounds, and 2 inches! I can't believe she is so big already, I am noticing it more when I'm carrying her around......."Geez......she's heavy!" But she still seems so much smaller than her other baby friends! I think she's just evening out - she used to be so skinny, she's starting to fill out a bit in her tummy!

Mexico is 1 1/2 weeks away! I'm getting really excited! Can't wait to take Ella Bella in the ocean! I got her the cutest little sandals to wear this summer! One pair of flip flops too!

Poor little bean had a diaper rash last week, but it's finally cleared up. Her poops are so funny because of all the solids she's eating now. She only has 4 bottles a day (sometimes 5) instead of 6 and she's eating solids 3 times a day. She still doesn't really like anything with a lot of texture in it though, so we're still on majorly pureed foods. It will be nice when she can just eat a little of what I'm eating instead of having to get her own food!

Well, that's all that's new for now, I'll try and put some new pics up soon too!

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Well, I think it's time for a new method when it comes to night time and Miss Ella Bella. She's not that hard to get to sleep, we do a modified CIO, so we go in every 5-10 minutes and turn the mobile back on, put her soother in, etc. I think it's time to let her just do it on her own though - by this age she should be fine doing a full CIO - and she doesn't really even cry, she just complains. Most of the time she's just talking to herself. So think once we put her in her crib at night, that'll be it, and I'll just let her fall asleep on her own. She has great people and object permanence now, so it's not like she thinks we're never coming back :rolleyes:

But the morning is another story. I am getting really tired of waking up at 5:50 every day! That's when she thinks it's time to get up, and it's starting to take a toll on me. I'd love it if she could just get up ONE HOUR later, 7:00 would be fine by me! So I've started 2 things. One - not taking her out of her crib right away. I've been leaving her in there until about 6:30 when she gets kind of upset. Two - I'm holding off on the bottles until she gets really grumpy - usually 6:30 or 7:00. I'm hoping that realizing she won't get a bottle until 7:00 am will just make her sleep until then. If she knows she won't be fed if she wakes up before then, then she won't wake up to eat at 5:50.The first night I did this she got up at 5:45, and I didn't take her out of her crib until 6:15. Then she didn't eat until 7:05. Since then we've had some rough days (yesterday she got up at 5:00 am! I think she was just making up for the day before, when she got up at 7:00 - take and hour, give an hour....LOL) Today she got up at 6:00 and was in her crib until 6:30 - she made a huge poop that leaked, so she had to be changed ASAP. But she was GRUMPY, so she had her bottle at 6:30 too.

Well, we'll see. I know this will all get thrown off when we go to Mexico next week.....she'll have no idea what's going on, and she'll probably not sleep too well.

Well, Ella's having a nap, so I'd better be productive and get some things done! Lots to pack for out trip!

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Ella is a COUSIN and I am an AUNTIE!

My SIL had her baby yesterday! She was 5 days early, and had a nice quick labour! It lasted less than 5 hours in total! She got to the hospital around 3:45 pm and Jaxson Kane was born at 6:13 pm! He weighs 6 lbs 11 oz.

This is my first time being an auntie, and it's Ella's first cousin! (But of course, she'll be in charge of all the cousins and boss them around, since she's the oldest) We got to the hospital and saw little Jaxon when he was just an hour old. Ella was pretty interested in him and kept trying to touch his face (or poke his eyes out). She tried to tickle his toes too. It was so surreal to hold a baby that small - weird to think that Ella was less than a pound bigger than that when she was born! He is just so tiny! I felt rather silly holding him, like I don't even know what to do with a baby that small anymore!

Ella just seems so huge and grown up in comparison now! But 9 months ago she was new, just like that. I was doing some updating in her baby book today, it's so crazy to see pictures of her when she was that new!

Well, Ella still got up at 6:10 today. We took her out of her crib at 6:30 and she ate her bottle at 6:50. I really would love an extra hour of sleep in the mornings........YAWN!

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Here is my 'farewell' post..........

Tomorrow morning directly after DH writes his Calculus final we'll be driving to Winnipeg (6 hours) and sleep at my dad's house. On Sunday we are driving from Winnipeg to Minneapolis (7 hours), where we'll spend the night in a hotel. Early Monday morning we'll catch our flight out of Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport direct to Cancun! After that.....well I'm sure you can all imagine what we'll be doing Wink

We fly back to Minneapolis on Friday afternoon, via Memphis. After our flight gets in in MN, we are driving straight back to Winnipeg that night. Saturday we drive home to Regina in time for me to sing in a choir concert with the symphony at 8:00 pm. So I probably will not be back on here until Monday, May 5th Sad But really..........:)

I can't wait to come back and share pics and tell all about our vacation!

I don't even want to IMAGINE how many posts I will have to catch up on on July 2007 and LDS Families - I feel like when I don't come on all weekend it takes me so long to catch up, I don't even want to think about being away for over a week!

Yay Mexico! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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Hello! I'm back!

After being away from home for 8 days total, we are super glad to be back! But we had some great fun! Here are some tidbits about our trip to Mexico!

We left on Saturday around 12 noon. We drove 4 hours to DH's grandparents house to spend the night. Ella did great in the car, and fell asleep on her own in about 5 minutes flat in the middle of our king size bed. DH's grandparents were amazed! Sunday we left around 9 am and drove to Minneapolis which was about 8 hours away. Ella did SO good again, only being fussy for about 20 minutes. We stopped 3 or 4 times to change her and let her stretch, but we made good time.
We spent Sunday night in a hotel in Minneapolis, and she fell asleep in the pack and play in 5 minutes flat on her own! (Here I had been worried that she would have trouble falling asleep in a strange place!) Monday morning we flew to Mexico! We had a 4 hour flight and Ella slept for 2 hours of it - there were some empty seats, so we got to lay her down across one in between us. We arrived in Mexico to some HOT HUMID weather! Hooray!
We spent our days swimming, sleeping, eating, tanning, shopping, relaxing and having fun! Our resort was on the ocean, but we did most of our swimming in the pool. Ella napped twice a day for about 2 hours each time, on the bed in our hotel room. She was so great about napping and sleeping - she fell asleep on her own, and hardly woke up at all at night. We had pretty nice weather, it was a little cloudy and windy, but that was nice because Ella got hot so quickly.
Friday morning we were on our way home - we flew to Memphis, and that's where the disasters started. Our flight was delayed because of thunderstorms in the area, but we weren't delayed in the airport, we were delayed INSIDE the AIRPLANE with NO AIR CONDITIONING for 2 HOURS! There were 3 other babies on board, and everyone was drenched with sweat. Ella was a tired, hot, sticky, whiny mess, and it did NOT go well. She finally fell asleep when I put her in my sling and walked up and down the aisle of the plane while we waited for the lightning to stop. Finally we lifted off, and she woke up. She only slept about 40 minutes. Then our flight was rerouted in mid air because of more storms, so instead of a 2 hour flight from Memphis to Minneapolis, we were on that plane for over 4 hours.
By the time we arrived in Minneapolis to pouring rain, Ella was a grumpy disaster. Then she threw up her bottle all over her clothes and we had to get some new clothes out of our suitcases as they came off the luggage belt. While getting the clothes, we realized that her can of formula had opened in the suitcase and spilled everywhere - meaning all our clothes were covered in powder, and also that she had no formula left. A trip to Walmart was in order! By the time that was over, it seemed just TOO daunting a task to drive back to Winnipeg that night, which we were supposed to do. I had a choir concert to get back to on Saturday night........but it just wasn't feasible. We got a hotel in Minneapolis again and spent the night. Saturday we drove to Winnipeg, and today we drove back to Regina - HOME! I missed my choir concert last night that I have been rehearsing for for months, but family comes first, and I was concerned for my little Ella Bella. Ella has a fever and has been quite unwell for the past few days, ever since that hot wait in the airplane. We got her checked out at a clinic just to make sure she didn't get Hepatitis or anything, but she just has some sort of virus that will have to run it's course. She already seems 80% better now , just being home again! As soon as we walked in the door, she was happier and less irritable - I think the vacation was just a day or 2 too long for her! But she did SO well. We had a great time!

Here are the links to 3 online albums with our pictures! There are 180 pictures in total, so make sure you've got time to browse! I'll post a few of my favorites too, so that you can see some if you don't have time to look at them all!

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Well, things are slowly going back to normal after our vacation. Ella seems to have a pretty good routine each day now. This is basically how it goes:

6:00-7:00 Wake up
7:00 Morning bottle 6 oz
9:00 Breakfast (fruit and Cheerios)
10:00 Naptime
12:00 Wake up
12:15 Afternoon bottle 6 oz
2:00 Lunch (cereal & veggies, Cheerios)
3:00 Naptime
5:00 Wake up
5:15 Evening bottle 6 oz
6:30 Supper (veggies, fruit, Cheerios)
8:00 Bedtime bottle 6 oz
8:15-8:30 Bedtime

She is being pretty consistent with her naps, which is very nice. I can count on a few hours a day to myself!

She's started not minding the 'chunks' in the stage 3, or 8 month foods. I have to mix it with some cereal so theres not too many chunks of veggies for her liking, but she will eat them. She just started that this week - she used to gag and spit them out. She also likes Cheerios a lot more now - can you tell? LOL She has water with every meal too from her sippy cup.

She is walking really well while holding on to my fingers - not nearly as wobbly as she used to be, and you can tell she wants to let go......poor thing doesn't know she'll fall over! Still no crawling or pulling up, but I think she is getting closer to pulling up - she tries at least, but can't make it. Maybe she'll be walking before too long!

We've started to think about her birthday party! We're going to have it out at DH's parents cabin on the lake on the Saturday after her birthday. We won't really have a theme, but it should be fun. I'm going to get started on designing the invitations soon. Also DH and I are going to make a video of her first year, so we need to get started on that too. AH! It's coming up so quick! Just over 2 months, and our little bean will be one!

We're TTC #2 now as well! We just started this month - so wish me some baby dust!

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Some pictures!

Her favorite past time is sitting in front of the mirror and watching herself pull videos off the shelf.....

A good look at her toofies!

Happy girl!

Woah! What is that racket Mom?

You're not from around here, are you.........

Whatever Mom. Whatever.

AAANNNNDDDD..........Ella's First Ponytail!

I couldn't help myself! I have been waiting and waiting for her hair to grow so that I can put it up! Tada! The smallest ponytail in the world!

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Well, my little girl is growing up so fast! Is seems that already she's done a schedule change, and wants to be a big girl. For 3 mornings in a row, she has not woken up until almost 8 am! I am SO happy! I was getting really tired of 5:50 every morning! So, she seems to be sleeping for longer at night. Her naps during the day are getting shorter - instead of 2 hours, only about 90 minutes each.
She also is only having 3 bottle a day now - one at 8 am, one around 2 pm, and one before bed at 8 pm. She is NOT interested in them at all! She is only drinking about 4 ounces in each one.
She LOVES her solids! She will eat just about anything now - she has pureed fruit for breakfast, chunks of banana and cheerios for a snack, cereal and meat with veggies for lunch, cheese and crackers for a snack, and cereal and meat with veggies for dinner. She LOVES cheese! She eats it grated, and she just stuffs her little mouth full of it! She's such a doll.

She had some immunizations today - poor little muffin. Cried for about 2 minutes, and then she was fine. I gave her some Tylenol before we went. She's still about 19 lbs and 29 inches.

This weekend she will be 10 months old! I can't believe how big she is getting! I'm working away at creating a birthday invitation on the computer, it's going to be so cute! I also found the cutest cake I want to make for the party.

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Ugh, so here I am. Poor little Ella Bella has been sick. Over the weekend she had:

runny nose
green snot
raspy cough
rosy cheeks

She has been SO irritable! Thankfully all that seems to be bothering her now is her cold - the teething signs seem to have disappeared, but still no teeth up top. And she's taken in her fair share of prunes to combat that constipation. So I just have a snotty, coughing babe now. She gave DH a cold too, but I seem to be fine so far.

She is also super irritable because she CANNOT MOVE! My little 10 month old bean, CANNOT crawl, CANNOT cruise, CANNOT scoot, CANNOT walk........but she WANTS to! She's ACHING to move! But she's just stuck like a lump on the floor. At least she is making a little progress this week. She is trying to pull up, but can't get all the way there - but hey, she's trying! She loves to stand holding on to things (as long as we put her there), and she's started trying to let go and move her feet along, so maybe some cruising in the near future? And the poor bean just can't get in to a crawling position on her own, her leg gets stuck under her.....but even when I put her on her hands and knees, she just looks kind of shocked, and wiggles down until she's on her belly. Well........I hope she does something soon, because she is not content to do anything else!


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