A Day In The Life Of Emma Elizabeth!

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A Day In The Life Of Emma Elizabeth!

Birthday Princess,

Hey Baby girl! 5 days till your first birthday! Woo hoo! This will be the first time you are EVER going to eat cake! I am so excited to see how you will like it! If your anything like your daddy you'll love it! Last night was a very rough night. You woke up with some gas at about 2am so mommy was pumping your little chubby legs for you! You got a few little gas bubbles and threw up right on daddys bed!! I think mommy needs to start thinning out your formula before bed. You are having a big birthday party at Gampops tomorrow night! All of mommys side of the family will be ther! They all can't wait to watch you walk! By the way, you are a little speed machine now! You play hide and go seek now, too! Mommy runs into her room and hides under a blanket, you run and rip it off, mommy says "Peekabooooo" then she runs into your room and hides in your closet and you come and find her there! I Think I may start hiding in different spots, I just don't want to confuse you just yet. Well princess, I think it's time for a mommy emma bath! I love you, miracle!