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Hunter's Journal

SO it is not the most creative title. But I guess I can change that later. I had wanted to start a journal for Hunter during my pregnancy, but something kept me from doing that. I believe it was my intense fear something would happen to him, and all I would have would be the journal. I think I was afraid it would be too painful to read what happy things happened during my pregnancy. But now that Hunter is here, safe and sound in my life, I really want to have a place to put down my thought, feelings, and what is going on in our lives. I am so truly blessed to have him in my life, I want to remember these days forever.
I will start with a brief overview of my pregnancy:
It was back in March 2007 that I had a feeling something was different with me. On a whim I bought a dollar tree test, and low and behold, 4 minutes later, there was a line! I was sure I had waited to long to read the test, so I sneaked in one of those tests that answer with pregnant or not pregnant. Well there was no denying that it said pregnant! I was in shock! We were planning on adopting a child!! We were so into the adoption process that I was sure that we would have been "matched" soon! But here I was staring at the word pregnant!!!
I went to the doc that Monday, and it was confirmed. I had to tell Wayne, I was completely in shock. Well if I was in shock....believe me...Wayne was in utter disbelief! I seriously thought he was going to pass out.
It was a long couple of weeks. We had ultrasounds every week to try and see the sac, then the fetal pole, then the heartbeat. Oh we had a heartbeat! We had passed our first loss. This baby had a heartbeat!! But Wayne and I did not rejoice just yet. We knew we had a bigger hurdle to overcome.

The next few weeks seemed to drag. Morning sickness was quite tough. I felt like moving my bed into the bathroom. I didn't really ever get "sick", but was always on the edge. Everyone told me that was the sign of a good healthy pregnancy...well I was hoping so.
We had an ultrasound with the specialist that had diagnosed Brennan's condition at about 13 weeks. Lets just say my nerves were shot. I didn't know how I was going to get through that appointment. But the scan started, and we saw the heartbeat, and we saw 2 arms and 2 legs! You cannot imagine the emotions I felt, seeing my child with arms and legs. Normal sized (for that age) arms and legs. Arms and legs that were the right length. What relief! In looking further it appeared everything was "normal". I left the appointment on cloud 9.
Several weeks later we returned to that office for our 20 week scan. I was still very nervous. There were many other things that could be wrong with this baby. I still was not ever confident that I could have a "healthy" child. But this baby was as healthy as could be. And this baby we found out was a BOY! Oh the look on Wayne's face. I wish I could have captured that moment on film, but it will be forever etched in my mind. I know he would have been VERY happy with a daughter, but I think the fact that he lost a son, and was now going to be given the privilege of raising a son was overwhelming to him. In those few moments, I could see him dreaming of the future....and it seemed like we really were going to finally have our dream. A son!!

We actually started preparing the baby;s room. We still didn't name the baby, that was too much at that point. But we knew the baby was a boy, so we picked a nice blue color...funny as the color was called Niagara Falls. We moved the computers into the smaller spare room, and now had this big room all painted fresh, and newly carpeted. We were really preparing....sort of.

As with all things in our lives, nothing comes without difficulty for us. My baby shower approached, and I was having severe apprehension. I was nervous about going to my baby shower. I think I still didn't believe this baby would come home with us. I was so afraid to bring all this "stuff" home and not bring home the baby. But the shower was nice. Our family and friend were extremely generous. I cannot believe how many items we received. But that scared us alot as well. For weeks we left all the items on the front porch. I couldn't bring myself to wash the clothes, or set up the just wasn't the right time yet.
Well again, as with many times in my life, the good has to be followed with the horrible. The Tuesday after my baby shower, I went into preterm labor. 31 weeks and this baby decided it was time to come. There is no way I wanted this baby to come at 31 weeks. But I was bleeding so much, and I was dilating. I knew at 31 weeks this baby would need to fight to live. I didn't want my baby to have to fight to live, I wanted my baby to be healthy. I called my friend Erin, and just cried. At that point I had not even called Wayne yet. I needed that "practice call" because I didn't want to scare Wayne, even though I can assure you I was scared out of my mind.
When the doctor asked me if I had contacted Wayne yet, and I had said no, he said, well if you want him here for the delivery, you should get him here soon. Well that woke me up. I called Wayne, and he came right over. In the meantime I had to sign all sorts of consents. I was consenting to blood transfusions for me and the baby, I was consenting to c-sections, and any and all treatments for the baby. I met with the anesthesiologist, the NICU docs, pediatricians, high risk OB's, you name it, I talked to them. I had doctors WAITING to talk to me! (Go figure!). We got the first shot for the baby's lungs...and prayed to hold out for at least 24 more hours to get the second shot. My contractions were quite intense, but I didn't want anything for the pain. They offered me meds, but I didn't want anything, for the sake of the baby.
That night we settled on the name Hunter. We felt that the baby needed a name, in case he came overnight. Wayne stayed in the hospital with me that night, cramped on a crappy pull out cot...he slept as much as he I was being checked on every hour. Thankfully we made it though that night, and I did get that 2nd Beta we wanted at least 24 more hours for it to be 100% effective....we made that milestone too!

Amazingly, we made it more days....and somehow, by the grace of God I made it to 32 weeks. I was released to strict bed rest at home....and we prayed for everyday I could remain pregnant. They said every day he stayed in me was 3 less in the NICU. And that place was scary to me. They have great docs there, but still, I would prefer Hunter never see the inside of the NICU if we could help it.
So I get home, and another love of my life came home too....our dog Lisa, who had stayed at my moms for the week. Lisa (for those who don't know) was the one thing that gave a smile when all was down. She seriously was the reason for my sanity some days. She knows what she did for me in my darkest days, and I can honestly say, she was my best friend. She knows more about me than most people....which is kinda scary to admit!
Well that night, another horrible thing happened. She had been home for about 4 hours, when she had several seizures. She had seizures in the past, so this was not something we didn't know how to deal with. Wayne scooped her up and rushed her to the ER vet (it was 11 at night at this time). I had to stay home. I had to think of Hunter. Wayne would take care of Lisa...I would see her soon.
An hour later Wayne came home and had to tell me the most horrible news. Lisa had passed away. My best friend was dead. I didn't know what to could this happen? Never in a million years did I think we would lose her. She was everything to me. We did everything together. But I had to try to stay calm for Hunter's sake again. Here is my dearest Lisa..

The next few weeks were spent going to the OB and having stress tests. Hunter never cooperated, always showed no reactivity in his heart rate, which always required us to have more ultrasounds done. I enjoyed seeing him every time, especially since the tech always said everything looked good. SO he was just a calm baby!!
Week after week passed, and somehow I got to 36 weeks! I was taken off the meds, and was told that if I could deliver safely at this point. SO we were ready! But it was Hunter that was now taking his sweet time!

At my normal stress test on Nov 5th, the contractions were of course quite intense...but that was nothing new. When the midwife checked me (again this was routine for my stress tests) she said I was dialed to 4...well...that was new!! And she said my water was "bulging". OK more new hour later, I was determined to be definitely in LABOR! I was having this baby! Still in shock, I called Wayne. I don't think he believed me. I told him, I was not leaving the hospital pregnant, and to come over as I was almost 5 cm!! I still think he thought it was a false alarm until he got to the hospital and saw me hooked up to more monitors than usual and in a hospital gown. This was it!
My friend Erin came up to be with us. She is an amazing woman that unfortunately lost her son Jesse, at full term due to a cord accident. She knows the pain of losing a child, and in fact I met her through the support group I go to monthly. But Erin was blessed with Tyler, a beautiful baby that she had just this past she knows that there can be prayers that are answered! Anyways, Wayne, Erin and I just hung out for the evening...the contraction were strong, but I had been having them all along, to me it wasn't too bad. I did ask for the epidural, figuring I had wanted one anyways, and when I got it, it was AMAZING. I did still feel them "on the inside", something that I cant explain, but seriously, I could still tell the docs when I was having each and every contraction. It was an intense pain, just a weird discomfort...hard to explain.
By 11:30pm I was fully dilated...and we were excited! But I didn't feel the urge to push, so we waited...and waited...and waited. By 2am I was still just hanging out...but then it happened. I got that "urge" and we started pushing....I have to say that was the hard part. I was having a little bit of trouble getting his head all the way out, and at the end his heart rate dropped a little bit. My doc...whom I LOVE, told me that I needed to "help the baby now"...that was his and my "code words" for when we were having trouble with the baby...I pushed as hard as I could, and 2 pushes later (with the help of a little snip snip) Hunter David was born into the world, on November 6th, 2007, screaming and crying at 2:47am!!! I could not believe it was my baby that I was listening to cry. I could not believe that I had a baby and that the baby was alive. It didn't seem possible.

That moment was so bittersweet. I was so overcome with joy for Hunter's safe entry into the world and at the same time was so mourning Brennan and missing him in ways I didn't think were possible. I hated that I had just delivered Hunter and could only think of Brennan, that was not fair to Hunter. But emotions are something you cannot control sometimes.

As I was being stitched up, I was amazed at how wonderful it was to look over at Wayne holding our son. The two were instantly bonding. I missed out on that TLC Baby Story moment of getting to hold Hunter as I had 3rd degree lacerations and tears along with an episitomy that needed to be repaired. Well I don't think whatever they give you to numb you down there was working, because I sure was feeling that pain. It was definitely worse than the actual delivery. I couldn't believe it, but just about an hour passed before I was even able to hold Hunter. I was all stitched up, and the doctors and nurses had all left, and it was just Wayne, Erin, Hunter and I. I couldn't believe a little over an hour ago he was inside me, and now he was here and he was OURS!

He really was a beautiful baby. He was very alert and just content to be warm and held. I had wanted to breastfeed him right away, but they came and told me that had to take him to the nursery. I guess that's protocol or something, that you have to let them go to the nursery to be monitored for a few hours and get a bath and watch their temperature. So with a heavy heart, I kissed him and told him I would be just down the hall and I would get him soon. They told me 3 to 4 hours....

I got a great shower, and then was moved to our room for the next few days. Wayne and I got a little rest, although the nurses kept coming in to check me and give me papers to sign and talk to me. I was so tired, I don't remember much of any of that time. But I do remember that at about 8am they brought me my beautiful baby and I was able to really seriously look at him. He was amazing! I got a nurse to help kinda teach me how to try and breastfeed him. OK THAT hurt....the first couple of times he didn't have anything close to a good latch on, and he really gave me some serious blisters! But I was determined to make it work, so I just kept at it....thankfully he was a fast learner and the lactation people at the hospital were nothing short of amazing in teaching me how to do it.

The next few days are quite a blur. We had many friends and family coming in and out to meet our son. It was really nice to see everyone, but it was very exhausting. I was in quite a bit of pain in the nether region, and didn't sit anywhere without my egg crate cushion. I am sure that looked cute! Getting into my own clothes made me feel more human also.

Wayne was amazing. He took care of coming home to get some last minute things set up. As we had no clue this was going to be "it", we still had the bassinet on the porch, and needed just a few minor things done such as vacuuming and grocery shopping. Wayne came home and did that, and I think he might have even done some laundry and caught a quick cat nap! This gave me some time to just be alone in the room with Hunter and be with my thoughts. It was in those quiet moments that the reality of the situation hit me and I cried and cried. They were all happy tears, I was a MOM! I was a MOM!

We came home from the hospital on Thursday November 8th, and it was really quite nice. Our next door neighbor stopped over to see Hunter, and that was nice. She had followed my pregnancy almost as closely as I had!! She really seemed very happy for us, and then we just sat down and realized how life would never be the same in our house. Wayne sat up in Hunter's room with him, just holding him in the rocking chair and I took videos, I wanted to capture as much on film as I possibly could. I didn't want to forget any of these moments.

Friday was spent with family and friends stopping by to see us. It was nice, but everyone thought I was neurotic making everyone wash their hands before they could touch Hunter. I had several types of soaps available, so no one could complain. He was so small I didn't want anyone to get him sick.

Then on Saturday, I didn't feel well. I cant explain what it was, I just felt a bit off. I was lightheaded, then I would have a splitting headache, and then I was nauseous. I took my blood pressure and realized that something must be wrong with the machine because it was reading 180/110. Surely that was not accurate. SO I tried the other arm. 182/110. I figured something was just wrong, so I got a glass of water, and took it about 15 minutes later. 176/100. This made me nervous and I called the doc which landed me in the ER for the rest of the day being monitored. All in all I was released with the diagnosis of post-partum pre-eclampsia. I didn't know there was such a thing, but apparently there is. I was told to go home and HELLO....I had a baby 5 days earlier!!! Thankfully with just relaxation (as much as I can fit in) I have felt better. The blood pressure is still high, but we are not medicating at all.

OK I am posting this now and will continue later in the week.

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are we allowed to comment? if not, let me know. Smile

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"mskoala" wrote:

are we allowed to comment? if not, let me know. Smile

How exciting...someone will actually read this!!
Of course you can comment!!

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Congrats again Laurie... I've loved sharing your journey... wishing you and your family all the very best :bigarmhug:

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What a gorgeous girl, your Lisa. May she rest in peace.
He's a beautiful boy Smile

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Hunter's first week at home was great! He slept well, he ate great, and well lets just say the plumbing worked great! At our first ped appt, we saw that he had gained back some of the initial weight he had lost in the hospital (which is common). I was so proud that I was making enough milk to sustain him, and help him thrive.
We worked on some tummy time..and I have some of my favorite shots of him:

We really were enjoying being a family. We had bought a video camera, and video taped many of his "firsts". Someday he may hate us for some of the shots, but looking back now, I can already see how much he has changed and I am so glad I have the moments captured! Although I didnt have much "alone" time and time for me, I wouldn't have changed anything!
Like this one....this is what happens when Mommy has too much time on her hands:

Thanksgiving day we decided to just stay home...just the 3 of us. I was worried about him being out with so many germsand him being so young. I am sure the family would have wanted us at dinner, but I just couldn't justify taking him out. My mom made us a turkey with all the trimmings, so at least we still have turkey! It was really nice. Later that evening Wayne's family did stop by for a bit, which was nice for his Uncle Dave to meet him. (Hunter's middle name is David....after Wayne's uncle, and my father who's middle name is also David.)

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Oh Laurie, your birth story is so beautiful!! Biggrin And Hunter is just such a gorgeous little man! I am so glad your dreams finally came true! Smile

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My baby is a month old is that possible? In a way a month ago my life officially began over. I became responsible for another human being. And I must say, that I have loved every single minute of it. I have loved the midnight feedings. I have loved the sounds he makes. I have loved being his mother.

This week went by very fast. We did a little Christmas shopping, and I have to say Hunter is a good companion for shopping! I am mastering the art of bringing him along with me,the ontly thing I have not mastered yet is grocery shopping with him. For safety I obviously put him in his carseat in the big portion of the cart, which leaves little room for groceries, but I think I have come to a grocery shop at night when Wayne is home with him!! Pretty much everywhere else I dont have any space issues.

There have been a few milestones this week. Hunter cried real tears! Previously he would cry and there would be no tears, we were told this was something that would come later. Well I looked down one diaper change and there were real tears! As sad as that made me, I realized that he was gorowing, changing, and developing. So as much as it pains me that my baby will cry sometimes, I have to say, seeing the real tears was a milestone.

Last evening Wayne was holding Hunter and Hunter was just a bit fussy. Wayne asked me to take him for a few minutes, and the second I help him, Hunter opened his eyes, and was content. He just wanted me, not because he knew food was coming!!

Then this afternoon, I had him on the bed, and I came up behind him. I called his name, and he turned his head, looked right at me and smiled! Now I am telling you this was not the gas smile, this was the, "Oh there you are" smile. I just melted. My baby knows me! My baby knows that I am his mama!

My baby is something so special to me. It's wierd, I almost can't remember what life was like without him. He is everything I live for, and I want to make sure he has the absolute best life possible. I am a mom, and I love my little boy!

Here are some updated pics!

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What a long time since I have updated!!
But I have just loved these moments, and whenever Hunter is awake, I want to do nothing but be with him. And yes, when he is sleeping, I try to cat nap!

Hunter is amazing! Being a mother is the best job in the world! I am so lucky to have been given this gift!

Unfortunately Hunter has a bad caseof reflux. Not just spitting up, but full blown screaming after feeds, and bringing food up over an hour after eating. We had to have him evaluated at the local Children's Hospital with an upper GI series, and we are also waiting to get him into a GI specialist. He is on Zantac, and it does seem to be helping. Plus I hold him upright during feeds (not easy when you are breastfeeding), and then upright for about 20 min after a feed. It seems to be the doc has had us add rice to a bottle 2 xs a day too....

Hunter is also over 10 pounds!!! I guess he is eating enough!!

He has also started smiling alot more. He can really recgonize me, or at least I like to think he can!! We have done a lot of skin to skin contact this week, what a great bonding experience! He looks into my eyes and I just melt!!

Sadly, he is also producing real tears now too..that breaks my heart to see him cry. But I guess it's all part of being a baby.

He sleeps about 3 - 3 and a half hours at a stretch at complaining here! We get up to eat, and he is very east to get back to sleep. I just wait for about 30 min after a meal at night. I want to make sure the food will stay down.

We got our Christmas's not decorated yet..hopefully tonight???

Well little man is up...lastly a few updated pics!

Ok he is in the same outfit as the last batch of photos...but they were on different days!

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Shame Shame on me! Its been so long since I added in here!
Well I have a few minutes, and Hunter is napping on of my favorite parts of the day. I love that he feels so secure to fall asleep on me. I love to feel his breathing on my neck, I love the little coos he makes when he is sounds asleep. I love when his little body just relaxes in my arms. There is no better feeling than the love I have for him.

This past month was great! Christmas was a blast, and although he didnt understand anything that went on, I feel like this was the absolute best Christmas of my life. The only gift I needed was to wake up Christmas morning and see his little face. Of course he met Santa!

Hunter's reflux is SO much better. WE have gotten into a great routine and the spit ups are few and far in between. Breastfeeding is going great! I am so happy I have been able to experience it. The midnight feeds are the best! Just us (and usually the cat) rocking, and when he looks at me with those eyes!!! Oh I love that look!

Being most maternity leaves are 6 weeks, I have begun to realize how lucky I am that I can be a stay at home mom. There is nowhere I would rather be than right here with Hunter all day long. Every once in a while I think about how nice it would be to shower in a room without a crying baby, but then I realize how lucky I am to be showering in a room with a crying baby. Smile

I have become addicted to shopping for him. He has way to many clothes, and I know I have a problem. But I want him to have everything and anything he will ever need in life. I want him to have the absolute best world, and for now I am starting with spoiling him with clothes and toys!!

Finally as my little man is waking up now I will end with his 9 weeks stats from the doctor.
Hunter is 11 pounds 12 ounces
23 inches long
and his head circumfrence is 40.

He is a perfectly healthy happy baby, and I thank God everyday that he has trusted me with this little life. I know I will make some mistakes along the way, but I know there there is noone on this planet that will ever love this little boy more than me. I would do anything to make sure he is happy, healthy and grows to be an amazing man. (Although I do wish he would slow down a little bit. Putting his newborn clothes away was very painful).

Just a few updated pics:

And a quick comparasion
4 weeks

8 weeks

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Well Hunter is now 11 weeks. How did that happen?
My little man smiles all the time, is generally always happy, and is sleeping 6+ hours at night straight. His daytime naps have really come along as well. Although I will admit today I was lonely. Can you believe that. I just went into his room and sat in the rocking chair while he was napping and read a book. I wanted to be close to him. I miss the days when he needed me all day. Now he is so content to take a nap alone in his crib. I know I should be so happy he is getting "better" with his naps, but I miss my little baby.

I packed up the rest of his newborn outfits. Most of his 0-3 month clothes are packed up also. He cant fit into his newborn socks or hats anymore either. It's so surreal to know he is getting so much bigger. He weighed 12 pounds this week at the pediatrician's office. That over 5 pound weight gain since we left the hospital. I am so proud of him for being such a great eater. We are still only breastfeeding, so I guess that says that him and I together have really accomplished a great task! I wanted to make it to 6 weeks, and I have almost doubled that goal! I love the close bond him and I have, and again secretly miss the overnight feeds. I loved the special time we had and shared. But I have been able to realize that he and I can bond any hour of the day!

Hunter has found his voice. He talks a lot, obviously all babble, but his coos and ahhhhs are so adorable. His eyes get so bright when he smiles, and he is overall just a very happy baby.

Lately I have been so emotional. I am just so overwhelmed with happiness, sometimes it comes through with happy tears. Its amazing, that commercial..."having a baby changes everything" is that the truth! OK off to go play!!

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I love the pic in his Daddys best buddy shirt with your hubby. too cute!!

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Another GREAT day for us! We have stayed home for the past 3 days (its been really cold out) and have just really had a lot of fun. Today we didn't even get out of our pj's until about 3pm! Hunter, DH and I snuggled in bed for over an hour, until he had to get up for work.
Hunter has been sleeping great at night, only waking up due to gas! Its so sad to see him in discomfort overnight, as I can tell he is just really wanting to sleep. But all in all we go to bed about 9:30 pm, and he starts to wake up about 4 am. We get up and do our "gas dance" and then change his diaper, eat, and are generally back in bed by 5. Then he sleeps until about 8. I am so thrilled with his sleeping. I know sometime it might not be so great, so I enjoy every night it is.

We are planning Hunter's baptism. We want it to be a big event for us, and Wayne and I are hoping to have a lot of people attend the service. Becoming a parent had really changed Wayne, he wants to instill good religious values in Hunter, and have him appreciate religion. We do go to Church every Sunday, and I hope that he can understand how important that is to us.

I guess I should go get dinner started. Thats a great time of the day too. We put Hunter in his high chair and pull him up to the table and he hangs out with us watching us eat! I love the Rainforest high chair!!

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Somehow it happened. My baby is 12 weeks old. First a comparasion
4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

Hunter is napping right now, so I wanted to write a little about how I have been doing. I cannot believe 12 weeks has passed since I had my little man! It has been the best 12 weeks of my life! Hunter has changed me in every way. He has taught me patience and the need to just sit back and relax. I have not watched much tv in the last 12 weeks, as I dont want to take any time away from him.
My favorite times of the days are diaper changes...yes thats sounds wierd. But it is because he just smiles and coos after we are done. We have this habit of just talking to each other after a diaper change. It's been this thing we do, and I tell you its just wonderful. I will say hello (with a long ooooo at the end) and he will smile, and say ooooo.
I have started buying more clothes for him. I figured that I could buy now for next winter...lets hope that I am estimating his size for next year right!
So my baby is 12 weeks. He is becoming quite a little heartbreaker. Yesterday when we were at the store, the clerk asked me if he was my first baby. I smiled and said that no...he has a big brother in heaven that watches over him everyday. It felt really good to say that, and the cashier said, I have 2 babies up there too. It's amazing that I can keep Brennan in my everyday conversation and smile. I cannot wait until Hunter is old enough to know how lucky he really is!

OK my little man is cooing. One of my other favorite times it to get to him as he is waking up from a nap. I love to see him with a well rested smile on his face!

Oh one last pic..Hunter had a playdate the other day with a few of my friends who have also had babies recently. Here is a great pic of him and his buddies!

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He is a sweetheart! Biggrin I am glad you're finding peace with talking about Brennan and sharing that with people. And I also love seeing Nick's after-nap smile - those are sooo adorable!! Biggrin

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So my little guy had his shots today. As always he handled them like a champ! He cried for about 5 minutes, then just clung to me and we snuggled the rest of the afternoon. In an odd sort of way it made me feel good, that when my baby was hurting, he found comfort in me. I certainly wish it didnt hurt him at all, but it was nice for the extra long day of cuddles.
Funny thing that happened. I put him in his crib for his afternoon nap, then I decided that I wanted to take a nap too. But he was in his crib in his room, and I was NOT ready to sleep in separate rooms yet. Usually when he naps I do housework or am on here!
So I went into his room and had the brillant idea to pick a sleeping baby up from his crib to take him into our room to have him nap in the basinette, just so I could be close to him! Of course he woke up, and would have nothing about going back to thats what I get for not being able to let him grow up a little bit. I know I need to start transitioning him to his crib overnight. I have no worries that he will be fine. It's me that I am worried about. I knew I would be overprotective, but I think this is overboard!

Over the weekend I "organized" all of his clothes. All the Newborn and 0-3 months clothes are packed up....sigh sigh. He is really outgrowing 3 months clothes, and really can only wear 3-6 month clothes and 6months at this point, but for some reason, I cant pack up the 3 months stuff yet. I just cant admit that my baby is not a newborn anymore.

We have his baptism scheduled for March 30th. We went all out and handmade invitations, and are planning it to be a big event. I realize it about 2 months away...but I am still planning it as if it was tomorrow so that I stay on top of things. My very good friend, Erin, who was in the delivery room with us will be his Godmother. I am so glad she agreed. This way, even if she moves from the area (she is not from NY) she will always be a very big part of Hunter's life.

I guess thats about it for today!