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    Well I've been thinking about writing one of these for a while now, and finally decided that today would be that day.
    My daughter, Sharah-Lynn Alexa, AKA Sassy, was born Jan 14, 2004. She is my second child, but my dh's first. She's a wonderful baby. Started sleeping all night long at 3 weeks old!!! Her labor was wonderful, I was induced, the same as with my ds, but this time i had an epidural that WORKED!!! It was the GREAEST thing!! WE actually had to turn it off cause i was 10cm and couldnt feel any presure to push. Which was fine with me, cause I only ended up pushing for 11 minutes!!!
    She is growing like a weed!!! Already up to just over 10 lbs. She got 3 shots today at her dr's appointment.
    Also today at her Dr's appointment we learned she has Torticollis. Which depending on the type it is, we dont know that yet, could just mean that her muscles in one side of her neck are tight and weaker then the other. Which explains why she favors turing her head to the right. So now we are waiting for the Physical Therap place to call us back tomorrow with authorization for treatment.
    Well thats all for now. Its time to go home

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    I figured I'd write a little bit while Sharah was sleeping. since she normaly doesnt nap during the day I'd better get thsi done.
    Well her PT appointment is set for next week on Monday. But I remember right after i set her appointment that we had ds in home teachers meeting monday at 10. which is When Shara's appt is to end. I placed a call into his teacher and havent heard anything back.
    I tried to give her a good amount of tummy time yesterday, which she didnt care for and i think it made her neck hurt a little cause she was fussy most of last night. But she did still sleep all night (10 to 7).
    I may have to go back to work outside the home, well I am working for my parents out home right now. But their funds are running short which means i may have to go get work. MY mom found me a job with someone she knows thru her BNI group. It would be Monday thru Friday 8 to 5, which means i would spend even LESS time with my ds. I may need to figure out a new schedual with his dad so i can at least have some Saturdays with him. I mostly feel sad about going back so soon was because i was able to stay home with ds till he was 5 months old. But Sharah will be with my mom, so it wont be too bad.

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    Here's is Sharah's Birth Story (same as Jan 04)
    EDD of Jan 15, 2004

    It overall went good and I am very happy with my birth experiance. Here's my story.
    Got to the hospital promptly at 7am. Got into my room, changed and hook up to all my I.V's (regual iv stuff, antibiotics for GBS, and Pitocin) by 8am. Dr came in and said I could have my epidural anytime i wanted after my antibotics went thru. And that she would be back 4 hours later to break my water after that if it hadnt broke on its own by then.
    Contractions started out coming anywhere from 4 to 6 mintues apart. So up the pitocin went. I laid there for a while, getting up every now and then to pee....a chore in itself. We watched a movie then some tv. Around 10 ish i started getting bloody show so i knew we where on our way.
    Around 11:45 I decided it was time for me to meet Dr Feel good. So after we paged him we started getting everything ready for him to arrive that way he could start right away. I told him the problem with my last epi and he said that was rare and we would try and get a good one this time, but it may have been from a membrane grown in the epidural spot that would cause that every time. But I still had faith. The wrost part was the begining. But We made it thru (contractions where 2 to 3 mintues apart lasting 20 to 30 seconds). He waited to tape me up till we knew if i got reliefe or not. One of 2 contractions later I could feel my bottom and legs starting to get warm. He told me thats a good sign and taped me all up. Soon there after I couldnt feel pain from my contractions but every now and then could feel my stomach get tight.
    My bp dropped low, started setting off an alarm and made me all dizzy and queezy. So they gave me some effedra. Eventualy that settled itself out (my right arm is brused due to the fact for a while it was taking my bp like every 5 mintues).
    Dr come back in at about 1ish and checked me. I was 6cm. So she broke my water. I was at 0 station with no contraction and +1 during a contraction.
    So again we just hung out. My nurse was gone for a bit with another delivery so i had a few others during this time....
    Well around 5 when my nurse got back she asked if i wanted to be check. I said ok since it had been a few hours. And I was 10!! Now mind you i had NO idea I was by my body. My epi was working wonderfully. So we asked the dr was she wanted us to do. We decided to turn off the epi so i could feel and wait a while to push and let my body bring her back down a bit. I litterally could feel anything below my armpits (MUCH different from my failed epi with ds). The epi was the weirdest feeling in the whole world!!!
    So at about 6:15 we decided to see where i was, since the contractions coming back into feeling. Still at about 2 mintues apart lasting maybe 30 seconds. Nurse said its time to call everyone and have this baby. Then told me I had to have her by 7 cause thats when her shift ended. I said no problem. Dr got there b 6:20 we had already had 1 practice push so i knew what i was doing. Dr got there I pushed again, she said call peds cause this baby would be here soon. They asked if dh wanted to see the babys head was coming down, he was reluctant at first but did look. And he didnt pass out!!! I was so proud of him.
    After 5 sets of 3 pushes and 11 minutes She was born. And she was trying to cry before her body was even out. Peds nurse wasnt actually there yet either. She had a short cord and could hardly fit up onto my tummy. But it was alright. She was beautiful (i hardly remember anything with ds's birth i was in to much pain to care). They asked dh if he wanted to cut the cord. Once again he was reluctant but he did it. We even got a picture (dr cover me up during the picture). Dh once again he did GREAT!!!
    I could actually feel her crowning too, now that was weird. My placenta took a while to come free but eventually it did with no problems. I did have a second degree tear.
    She weighted 7lbs 5oz, 19.5inches, head was 13 and 1/2 around. Ds's head was 15 and 5/8 around so this was much easier!!!
    The only time dh got queezy was when the dr was sewing me up.
    It went so very well this time!! I am VERY happy with how her birth went!!! I was much happier after she was born then ds. I really remember hers, as apposed to ds's birth I dont remember a lot of it.

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    Ita another day. Sharah slept till 6am again. She's such a good sleeper!!! Although ds had a few nightmares again so we where up with him once or twice last night.
    Sharah was NOT in a good mood yesterday. I dont know why. Maybe its cause she hasdnt pooped in 3 day, but she did poop this morning, a bit hard but there was poop so I bet that made her feel a bit better.
    I got the paperwork yesterday to fill out to take to her PT appointment with us Monday.
    WE may go take a walk today since its supposed to be in the 70's!!! Yes that's right 70 something in Colorado in MARCH!!!! Thats just CRAZY!!!!!!
    I am supposed to call the Chiropractor today, he wants to talk with us before Sharah's PT appointment on Monday. And we have to get the house CLEAN!!! Ds's teacher is coming over on Monday!!! Fun day again for us.

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    Well I'm pretty sure Sharah is teething ALREADY!!! There are 2 small white bumps on her bottom gums, right in the center about the size of baby teeth. And she's been fussy. THANKGOODNESS for Teething tables. The seems to help her today and she took a few naps, as long as I was holding her.
    MY crib is supposed to be here tomorrow, FIANLLY, but I wont get into that whole horrible situation here right now. I really should go get some sleep but I'm so ticked off about this crib thing i cant.
    Oh well.
    Well tomorrow is Sharah's first PT appointment. We took her to see the Chiroprator last week and he put some stuff back into place, but her neck is still a bit messed up.
    Also we have a meeting with ds's teacher tomorrow. Ugh I will get NOTHING done again tomorrow!!!!

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    SAme as JAn 04
    It went ok. Our PT person said that she does indeed have tightness in her neck which is causeing the tilt. And she also noticed that Sharah will only look to one side. unless you physically turn her head and hold it there....but then she gets MAD!!! So we are gonna try and work with that as well. I'm not sure of the saverity of the Torticollis yet, we go back next week for our confrence with the PT people. We have to wait for them to sent the eval into the insurance, UUGGHH!!
    Sharah did alright. She wasnt really happy with them messing with her neck. And she got REALLY mad when she was put on her tummy. She would only follow things with her eyes til her head was straight then she would give up, once again not wanting to look left.
    We took her to see a Chiroprator on Friday as well and he messed with her a bit, she liked him. And since dh and I go back on Friday we will then take her and see if he wants to check her out again.

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    We finally got our first picture of Sharah smiling. She doesnt do this often so it was a real treat.

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    WE fianlly got Sharah's crib!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I wont get into the big ordeal it was, but after 12 weeks of waiting we cancelled the origonal crib and went and got this one. Her room is almost done!!!

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