7 things about my 7 month old Averi baby!!

1) Averi grabs at everything she can get her hands on, doesn't matter what it is, or what it looks like, if its within reach she grabs it, if it isn't within reach she actualy reaches as hard as she can, then she'll go back into regular sitting position and "humph and puff" looks like she's regaining her "strength" and then reaches really far again ahaha, if its within reach of the tips of her fingers, she has learned how to twiddle her fingers and make the item come close enough to grab it is soooo darn cute , and then of course it goes straight into her mouth

2) When ever I go to pick her up from daycare I usualy walk up behind her and wait for her to turn around, when she does her whole face lights up and she starts to bounce up and down haahah I LOVE IT

3) She'll take steps now while we hold her hands, yaya she wants to walk. And if she's sitting and wants to move she tries to step, she swishes her feet back and forth, so cute

4) When we hold out our hands to her or ask her if she wants to come to us, she holds out her hands too, like an indication that she does want to come to us, saying pick me up mom/dad

5) She has so much more independance, it actually makes me kind of sad, she will play and play with her toys for what seems like hours before she wants my attention again.... that is as long as I am in the room, if I become "invisible" she cries

6) i think she is finally catching up with her size because she is 7 months old and wearing 6-9 month clothes. Before she was always a clothing size behind, thank God she's finally getting some chub!

7) She sings too!!! When I sing or when the radio is on she makes some "ahhhhhhhhh laaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa" sounds, if we turn the radio off, she usually stops too

I'll have to come back later and show more pix