"Welcome to Your Life, Brendon Nicholas!"

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"Welcome to Your Life, Brendon Nicholas!"

I've been meaning to start a journal for our newest addition, Brendon Nicholas so here it is.

Brendon Nichola's Birth Story:

Here is our little Mayflower's birth story. Not that there is much to it.

We started TTC #2 back in March 2002, our first cycle we got pg and we're due in December 2002 but we miscarried on April 1st (feels somewhat like a cruel joke even now, but if we hadn't lost that one we'd never have Brendon now). We really didn't take much of a break after the m/c, we continued to TTC till September when I had a feeling by late September I was either pregnant or in pre-menopause. Well on Oct. 2nd I decided to take an HPT to rule out pregnancy just in case I was going to have another long cycle and needed meds to restart a new cycle. Well it came back positive and on Oct. 3rd, we had the pg confirmed by the dr.

Overall it was a pretty much uneventful pregnancy except some problems with BH around 23 wks or so and some bad hip and pelvic pain for some time and return of morning sickness for 6 wks from 30-36 wks. We already knew that it would be a repeat c-section so it'd be much easier than with my older son Dylan (his birth story is an article here on pg.org -> My Miracle...My Son!.

Well my original due date was May 31st and OB originally scheduled the c-section for May 26th (DH's 39th birthday), I had hoped to avoid Ron's birthday as I believe in a child being able to have as much possibility of one's own birthday than having to share with someone else. So I asked OB if we could to the c-section on the 23rd instead, she said if I showed up at my appt. that day that we could probably do an 'emergency c-section' due to my fibroids bothering me.

Well on May 8th, I started getting contractions about 5 minutes apart, so off we went to the hospital, bags packed and all just in case...only to find out it was false labor. Next morning after a night's stay my OB came in and told me to be at L&D on May 21st in the morning for assessment and possible c-section. Apparently she was concerned about my fluid levels and that I was measuring almost 10 wks ahead in fundal height. So off we went home to wait to see if labor was going to start or whether I'd make it to my c-section date of May 26th (which was the date in stone apparently).

It felt like forever before May 21st was going to arrive but it finally did. So we packed my bags into the car, as well as Dylan, my mother, myself and Ron and headed to the hospital in hopes that we'd be greeting our newest addition that day. Well 8am came and Dr. Seraf-Dhar came in and asked me how I was feeling...of course I wasn't feeling too great, my fibroids had been causing me considerable pain and all. So at 38w+4d (by u/s dating in 1st tri), she warned me that there could be problems and such. I could accept that, been through stuff like that with Dylan even at 40 wks. And with that they were going to arrange OR time, for either morning or afternoon...unfortunately OR time ended up going longer for another operation so we ended up sitting around 5-6 hours waiting to be called to the OR.

Well that was just enough time for me to feel extremely nervous about the spinal block. Around 11am-12pm, the nurse came in and did the cathether in the bladder thing...yuck! That thing is miserable. Well 2pm came and they finally came up and got me and wheeled me down in a wheel chair, now I was taken in on gurney with Dylan so it was like I had no choice but be there but going in as I did, started wanting to run...don't like surgeries period, especially knowing this one would end with my tubal ligation.

Well got to the OR, the anaesthesiologist did the IV and the spinal block and ended up feeling really nauseous after the spinal block was done and a bit of a headache. In the meantime, my mother knew of Ron's reluctance to go into the OR with me so she went to the nurse's desk and told the nurses that I really wanted him in there with me as he wasn't there the first time with Dylan as he didn't make it back from the hospital in time, so mom had to be with me. Well the nurses managed to get him down to the OR and suited up, it surprised me that he did come. I thought for sure as he's a chicken in hospitals and around such stuff that he wouldn't end up with me...and if he did, he'd faint.

Well they started the c-section and supposedly I had a whole lot of amniotic fluid as Ron said one of the doctors got soaked as it had gushed out. Amazingly Ron actually watched it all even to the part where they took the baby out and the placenta. Well I was a bit shocked hearing that I had a 'big boy', I had hoped for a girl and I think a lot of others thought for sure this time I'd have had a girl. Oh well, we have the most beautiful little baby boy...looking almost like an exact copy of his older brother as a baby. Baby Brendon Nicholas arrived at 2:57pm. The nurses and neonatologist and all checked him out, got him cleaned up and Ron got to take him upstairs to where my room was. There Ron, Dylan and my mother got to spend the first two hours of Brendon's life with him before I did. Oh well, while that was going on, my tubes were tied and I was sent to the recovery room for a while till the anaesthesia was wearing off enough I could go upstairs.

It was so amazing when I arrived upstairs and was finally able to breastfeed Brendon for the first time and hold him and all. I couldn't get over how big he was when Ron and my mom told me that the neonatologist had come up to talk to them and told them that Brendon only had the appearance of a baby that arrived at 37 wks, not 38 wks. He had also told them there were about 6-7 large dead patches throughout the placenta and it was good they did the c-section when they did or something could have went wrong if they didn't and had me wait longer to have the c-section. Thank god they did it that day or we might not have had our angelbug, Brendon with us.

Brendon weighed in at 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long and we were released 4 days after the c-section, Brendon had jaundice and had to spend an extra night in an incubator in my room under billi lights and on a billi blanket and had to work extra hard as he had dropped to 7lbs 10oz, thank goodness the billirubin levels went down the next day and his weight at discharge was 7lbs 12oz. I never was so relieved to hear the results of a blood test or weighing a baby as I did this time with Brendon, though had to do it with Dylan, I never realized how much it meant to know that my baby was going to be alright and not end up with the problems like his brother had.

It was the best trip home despite it being a rainy day. We had our family complete finally.

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Here is the first journal entry that was done on my pregnancy journal, A New Sibling for Dylan!

May 30th, 2003

9 days post-partum (last entry)

Well Wednesday, May 21st went very well indeed, got to the hospital and told them I was having problems with my fibroids, waited about almost 6 hours or so to be taken to the OR but amazingly time came and Ron didn't chicken out on me. *laughs* So here we go...guess you'll be wanting details! Brendon Nicholas (yes we changed back to the original boy's name when I was on the operating table) arrived at 2:57pm by c-section of course weighing in at 8lbs 5oz (at 37 wks, at most 38 wks gestation by doctors, 38 wks+4days by due date). It turns out the placenta was aged quite about 40+ wks so unfortunately he was well ready to come or there would have been problems.

He came out crying and oddly daddy watched the whole operation till they made him take Brendon upstairs to the room while they did my tubal ligation. Except for an extra night's stay (supposed to have been released Sat.) due to Brendon was jaundiced so he had to be in an incubator with billi lights and blanket and monitored to make sure he didn't lose more than the 10% he lost. This morning he was weighed and gained about 40 grams and all so he's up to around 7lbs 12oz now and his bilirubin levels were acceptable, we're finally home. Dylan is being great with his baby brother even wanting to hold him. I'm just so glad Brendon is healthy and Ron is some proud to have his second and last boy.

Brendon is now 9 days old and doing very well, we're so happy to have him here with us.

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8 weeks + 1 day old

Well Brendon had his 2 month checkup + shots today, he's now 12lbs, 23.6" long and his head size is 15 3/4", at his 1 month appt. he was 10lbs 6.5oz, 22.4" long, and his head was 14.9". Oh boy is he growing a lot! He didn't like the shot at all, poor little guy screamed his head off and I felt like crying, not as bad though as with having gone through the shots thing before with Dylan.

I had my postpartum check, everything seems to be back to normal, weigh 166lbs at 8 wks pp, started pg off at 167lbs, so I'm below pre-pg weight by one whole pound. And well finally got my ok to have sex...yep, I'm one to follow dr's orders and wait for the ok. *laughs* We didn't have sex even when we got the ok after Dylan till he was 13 months old and that was when we started to TTC #2.

Other than that not much going on, Dylan's EI comes over this afternoon to work with him and the community support worker from the EIIS Autism Clinic is coming over tomorrow afternoon to bring me information and answer some of my questions.