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Hey Ladies,

I need some ideas! I have an almost 5 yr old daughter named Grace and a almost 2 year son named Grant. I might be expecting again and need some suggestions. Do I try to stick with another G name or pick something completely different?

We never intended to have to two kids with G names. With my daughter it was a surprise and we were set to use the name Grant if it was a boy and we were going to use Grace as a middle name if it was a girl but ended up really liking it as a first name because we couldn't agree on a girls first name. So when #2 came along we found out the gender and decided we both still loved the name Grant for our son. If #2 ended up being a girl we would not have chosen a G name.

So would a third child feel weird not have the same letter as the older siblings? Anyone have experience with this? Feel free to offer suggestions as well.

Thanks so much!

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I don't think you have to stick with G, but is #3 the last, because if you don't plan on more I might use a G name, so they are not the only one without a G name, ya know? If you are okay with two more and neither of them having a G, I think it can work.

I had a good friend growing up, Ashley, she had a younger sister named Abby, and they always told ppl their parents did not plan on all A's, just so happened they liked those two names. Their next two were Ian and Jade.

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I agree with the previous post, but it really all depends. My cousin had two girls with the first initial A middle initial B, and they were going to do the same for the third girl, but didn't because they went with Jamie, named after her father, James. So in that case it's nice because she's different, but it's still special. My MIL had two sisters whose names started with a K, two brothers whose names started with a J, and her initial is E! She ALWAYS felt left out! LOL poor girl! So I do think it depends...GL!

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I personally have 3 brother.....Kenny, Kevin, Kelly and then me....Laurene. I always, always figured and thought I was adopted, not to mention 7yrs younger than my closest brother. It always bugged me that I didn't get a K name...I'm glad I didn't tho.....I love my name.

For your case tho I say go with what your heart tells you.....throw around some G names and if you don't like go with what you like. That is more important. Smile