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I hated the name when DH suggested it when I was pregnant with our son. But now, its growing on me, and if we have a girl this time, I am strongly considering it! Anyway, do you think it is in danger of becoming too popular due to all the Twilight stuff? Or am I safe?

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Last week's blog post at Baby Name Wizard was Names on the Verge: Alice. Basically her prediction is that it'll make a comeback (so people won't act like you're nuts to name a baby that) but probably not become super popular... at least in the US. Not sure about other countries, though.

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I've not read / seen the twilight stuff, but I love the name.

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I have never seen Twilight and I know nothing about it. I do like the name Alice. My sister Allison was named after my Aunt Alice and my other sister has a sil named Alice.

But Alice is very similar to Allison and I know quite a few of little baby Allisons (that go by Ally, Allie, Ali, etc)

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I like it! Its sweet and feminine, and common enough that it's recognizable but not too common that it's in danger of appearing on a top 10 list.

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i think Alice is a great name!!!!

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I like it. I do think it runs the risk of getting more popular because of Twilight though.

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I really like it, but think it may become more popular due to Twilight. I think it's a beautiful name though!

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I'm alright with it getting a little more popular. I don't think it will get THAT popular now. I'm waiting to see when the SSA name list comes out Smile But I think we are pretty much set on Alice now.

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I think Alice is adorable!

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