another girl name!

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another girl name!

Brinley Avel

or Brinley Grace

My boss's daughter's friend is Brinley and I love it, so does dh. I think that one has a good chance. I haven't run Avel by him but I know he likes Grace. Only weird thing is that it means "burnt meadow" Strange right?

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Love the name brinley!!! I like brinley grace :).

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Brinley Grace

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Brinley Grace

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LOVE Brinley! I also like Brinley Grace

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I like Grace as the middle name.

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I actually just thought of Noel the other day. Though I always liked Grace I think it flows better, Brinley Noel. Dh likes it too. 12 weeks and we have both names picked out. If its a boy he will be Calvin Lucas

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Personally not a fan of Brinley, but the flow of Brinley Grace is much nicer than Brinley Avel.

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Brinley Grace

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I like Brinley Grace the best, but Brinley Noel is nice too.

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Brinley Grace

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I love Brinley Noel or Grace. Both are very nice.

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I like Brinley Grace or Brinley Noel. Smile My dd is named Brilee (prounounced Brye-lee) and she gets called Brinley A LOT. Smile

I love Calvin Lucas, my brother is named Calvin, and you don't hear it a ton. Smile