Baby boy name

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Baby boy name

We usually go with Biblical meanings for first names and the middles are after someone we are close to. We have:

Caleb James
Elijah Jack
Isabella Nancy

Sooooo, with this little man the names we like are:

Deacon Gregory
Mason Gregory
Michael Gregory

We are very stuck. Is Deacon too different? Is Michael too common?

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I really like Mason.

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"joyjim" wrote:

Is Deacon too different? Is Michael too common?

For me, Deacon is too different and Michael is too common. Out of your list, I like Mason the best. Smile

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I like Micheal

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I like Mason

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I really like Deacon and don't think it is too out there. I do think that Mason fits the best with your other kids names though. Michael is too common for me, but it is still a nice name.

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Michael is too common for me. I like Mason and Deacon, but they don't sound as biblical to me.

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Deacon Gregory 1
Mason Gregory 2
Michael Gregory 3

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I don't think Deacon is too different but I like those names are. And I do like Deacon.

Mason is pretty popular these days and Michael is a very popular name.

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If you're going for unusual, Deacon is the best choice. Mason and Michael are way too common for my taste, although Deacon is climbing the popularity charts as well!

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i LOVE the name Mason!!! Smile

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My vote's for Mason

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I like both Deacon and Mason - Michael is way too common for me.

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I also love Mason!

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I say Deacon or Mason