Baby Girls Middle Name - HELP!

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Baby Girls Middle Name - HELP!

So I'm pretty sure our Baby Girls first name (due in October) will be Bailey. Now we can't decide/agree on a middle name. Any thoughts? I wanted to use my middle name "Michele", but DH doesn't seem too thrilled. I also thought about using my Mom's name "Catherine", and DH likes it, but I'm worried about offending MIL. Thoughts? Do you have any other suggestions for a middle name?

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With our first daughter, we gave her my mom's middle name. We kind of decided that since it was the first girl, and I was the one doing all the hard work, it made sense to name her after my mom, and then if we had another girl, which we did, we gave her MIL's middle name. What is your MIL's name or middle name? Could you combine them somehow to honor both women?

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I'm not sure Bailey Michele or Bailey Catherine flow very well? What is your mom's middle name and your MIL's middle name? And if I went with your mom's name I'd actually tell my MIL that we were going to go with MIL's name for next girl so she would feel better. And just explain Mom's name goes better with the first name you choose. HTH!

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Personally, I prefer to avoid family names as it can cause issues. I guess more so if the name sake is alive. My daughter's middle name, Adelaide, was my husband's great grandmother's name (or something). We never knew here, I just liked the name.

I had a dog for 14 years, her name was Bayleigh Bailey just goes with Paige to me. LOL. I love the name though. Smile