Baby name Sophie

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Baby name Sophie

I love the name Sophie for a baby girl. I am looking for ohter's opinions on this name. Any feedback?

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Cute, but seriously overdone.

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This was actually my #1 pick when I was pg with DD! I love the name, and it's cousin Sophia. Both names are so popular personal preference is to stay away from uber popular names b/c I have a really common name and always thought it was so boring and dated. But that's just me...if you love it, go for it!!!!

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My nieces name is Sophie and it just seems to fit her. I think names are always subjective so if you love it, then do it!

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If you are concerned about the popularity, perhaps you could consider Sofia or Safia. I think both variations are lovely!

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It is a very cute name, but I know SOOOO many little girls named Sophie or Sophia, from 2-10 yrs old.

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It is pop what about Seariah I knew twins who where Sohpie and Seariah.

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I think it's cute... I like Sophia/Sofia better! But it is popular, so if that's something that might bother you, go a different route!

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I have always loved the name Sophia. We did not name DD that beacuse of it's popularity that year and the few before. I don't think it would bother me with this one though...

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Yes, Sophie and Sophia are really popular here, too.

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"acd8" wrote:

I love the name Sophie for a baby girl. I am looking for ohter's opinions on this name. Any feedback?

Love fact it's one of the girls names we are considering...

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Sophie has been my number 1 girl name for many many years. I love it so much