Baby names.

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Baby names.

Hi, I'm Janaya I'm a Single Teen Mum & Would Like To
Know What People Think Of My Baby Name That i Have
Choosen, Annzannah Stormy Arouha... Please Post a Comment
To Let Me Know What You Think Of Her Name.. Thank you.

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It's quite a long name Biggrin Would you call her Annzannah all the time or would she be called something for short? For example my daughter's name is Alexandrea but we call her Lexi (Alexandrea only gets pulled out if she's in BIG trouble)

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I would also like to know what you would call her. you also have to think about her learning to write her name when she is young...that will be a very difficult name for her to write out if she doesnt have a shorter version she goes by.

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Hey, Yes I Have Thought Of A Short Name For Annzannah Like I'd Like People To Call Her Annzannah Buht She Can Also Be Called Zannah For Short. & Because Its Such Along Name I'll Probably Tech Her The Short Way Witch Is Zannah Of Spelling It. So Not Much To Worry. Plus I'm still deciding on names.. But i really like this one because it's unique & Unkown But very Long.. & Alexandrea Is A Beautiful Name I Like That Nam:yahoo:..

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Personally, I don't like Annzannah. To me it looks like someone just stuck 2 names together.
Names like Anniston or Hannah come to mind that I like. I even think Zannah by itself would be better to me. But that's just me... Good luck on deciding!

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My first reaction to that name was to wonder if your post was a joke.

However, I'm going to assume you're serious.

How did you choose the name Annzannah? Were you trying to combine Ann with Hannah or Suzannah?

Is Arouha your last name or a second middle name? If it is not your last name, how did you choose it? Is it a family name?

You asked for opinions. I think this name is not a good choice. It appears to me to be weird for the sake of being different. Unless there are strong family ties to this name and she will be the third Annzannah in your family or something like that, I would keep searching for a name for your child.

May I suggest Suzannah? I'm not a big fan of the name "Storm," but I don't think Suzannah Storm sounds too bad. It has the sound of the first name you were thinking of, but it also has a more sophisticated and dignified air to it.

If you last name is Arouha, then I think Suzannah Storm Arouha flows pretty nicely.

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Annzannah Stormy Arouha

Same question as Jamie, is Arouha your last name?
If yes then ok. If not, well I wouldn't choose it as a middle name, neither Stormy...
As for Annzannah, I think it's unique and if you are going for that vibe well go for it! I personnaly like the name Annzannah. First time I hear it but I think it's has a nice sound.
Go with your gut feeling!!
Just saying a little weird for me....:wink:

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i don't like it