boy name suggestions?

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boy name suggestions?

Ive got 7 kids...3 of which are boys. They have names that can be shortened into a nickname that is cute and boyish...and they are all boy...Im looking for another name like that. We have a Nathan (Nate) Nicholas (Nick) and William (Will). I thought I had a name...Jacob (Jake)...but a couple of days ago my dh's cousin had a baby and named guessed it Jacob. I was thinking of Gabriel (Gabe) but wasnt sure about the whole Gay Gabe thing...thinking of the cruel things kids say....anyone with some good suggestions? oh btw...obviously at 13 weeks we have NO idea if this is a boy...just thinking ahead Smile and a boy would even the Im kind of thinking blue this time!

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Maxwell- Max
Jonathan- Jon
Camden- Cam
Andrew- Andy/Drew
Alexander- Alex/ Xander
Weston- Wes
Timothy- Tim
Trenton- Trent
Kenton- Kent
Jameson-Jamie/ James
Coleson- Cole
Matthew- Matt
Michael- Mike
Joseph- Joe/ Joey
Benjamin- Ben
Patrick- Pat
Lucas- Luke
Mitchell- Mitch
David- Dave
Joshua- Josh
Philip- Phil
Elijah- Eli
Tyler- Ty

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Wow great list!!! Thanks a bunch!

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I am partial to Benjamin, But i think Ben is a great strong name and it fits well with your other boys!!!

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Congrats on your pregnancy! Smile

I have a 14yr old nephew named Gabe. I don't know that he's been called Gay Gabe, but I could ask. I love the name! We called him Gabey-Baby for the longest time. Wink

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I think both Gabe and Ben are great names. I also like John with Johnny for a nickname, Richard/Rich or Rick, Ricky, Thomas/Tom... I also like Andrew and Timothy.

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oh yeah, we have Tucker, and shorten it to Tuck. Wink