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Boy's name

Ack--this child will never have a name. We are 13 weeks out and have no name yet. I thought I would throw this name out to this board and see what people think of it. Maybe get suggestions for other names. We have a one syllable last name beginning with M, so I'm avoiding too many M sounds or a one syllable name (though some one syllable names with an "n" at the end sound good because you drawl out the N naturally and so it doesn't sound like a weird combo to have both first and last with 1 syllable.

So here's the name we are throwing around:

Oakley Thomas M....

Any thoughts?

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I like it! I think Oakley is cute. Another name I like for little boys that is similiar sounding is Bentley. Good luck with your choice! Those 13 weeks are going to fly by!

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I think it is cute. It does remind me of the sunglasses though, but I wouldn't let that stop you if you like it.

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Sorry, that name doesn't do much for me....seems like it would work better if it was the surname of someone in your family that you are honouring...but otherwise, I agree that it reminds me of sunglasses.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, just giving you my two cents....if that's the name you love, then that's the name he shall have!!!! Smile

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I'm not a fan. BTW, with one syllable last names I loooove 2-3-1 combos. I have a friend with a one syllable last name who named her son Logan Dakota F_ and I think it flows so nicely. GL on your search

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Oh I guess I forgot to put the names background info. So dh's grandpa was named Joseph Oakley but no one ever called him anything but Oakley as he was a Joseph Jr. So we named ds1 Joseph after his great and g-g grandpas. But now we like Oakley to honor dh's grandpa with what he was actually known by. And Thomas is dh's dads name and my g-pas middle name (I don't like his first name)

I also think sunglasses but I think first of dh's gpa and what a wonderful man he was.

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Yea, it's not my cup of tea. I'm not keen on surnames as first names and I think if I was you, I would use Oakley as the middle name.

Something like...

Ryan Oakley M...
Aaron Oakley M...
James Oakley M...


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Knowing the background of the name, I say go for it. It is a cute name, and even though people may think of the sunglasses origianlly once little Oakley makes his debut that won't be an issue any more.

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I really like it Holly. I think it has great meaning and a good name as well. I did not think sunglasses at all, I just thought Annie Oakley. Smile

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It's OK. I give it points for originality though. I don't like common names, so I at least like the direction that you're going. It would help if I knew your other kids' names!

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Other kids are:

Joseph Thayn (dh is Thayn--he didn't want a Jr. so we did mn instead-Joseph I mentioned where it came from above)

Kaitlyn Alora (mainly just like the names, though Alora is for my mom, Laura)

Weston James (derived Weston from another grandpa Wesley but all we could think was princess bride movie, James from yet another grandpa-and a few uncles)

So I thought Joseph, Kaitlyn, Weston and Oakley sounded pretty good. At least it is better than Enchilada (the baby's current name, courtesy of ds2 and we all call him that now :roll: )

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I think it is cute! I love how it has family meaning and it is very original.

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"mjones6102" wrote:

I think it is cute. It does remind me of the sunglasses though, but I wouldn't let that stop you if you like it.

I have to agree while I like it ...the first thought I had was sunglasses....kind of like the name Bentley ...first's a car.... but I do like it.