Which do you like best? (girl name)

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Which do you like best? (girl name)


I had posted awhile back about traditional boy's names because I really swore I was having a boy! turns out I'm actually expecting a girl! LOL

so I have narrowed the list of names to nine. I want something that sounds good with my son's name, Ethan Benjamin and the middle name will not change because she will be named after my mom who has passed. I am okay with using "sue" instead of "Susan" if that sounds better. Our last name is two sylables, short and starts with an "O". What do you think?

Laurel Susan O_____
Chloe Susan O_____
Nora Susan (or Nora Sue) O______
Anna Susan O_________
Fiona Susan (or Fiona Sue) O_______
Gretchen Susan O______
Hayley Susan O______
Olivia Susan O_____
Sadie Susan O_______

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I love Laurel. So pretty.

And I love Nora. Adorable.


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I like Hayley and Olivia best Biggrin Lots of nice choices there though.

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I LOVR the name Chloe!! It sounds really nice with Ethan, and Susan too!

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I like Laurel, Anna and Hayley best!

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I like Nora, Anna, and Gretchen. They're a little awkward with Susan, though. All having two syllables. Would you consider Susannah? Of course Anna would sound ridiculous, but I think Gretchen Susannah is beautiful.

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I LOVE Hayley and think "Hayley Sue" sounds really cute... I also think it sounds good with Ethan!

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I do not like Sue as a middle name at all. Very country-ish and cutsey sounding to me. However I think Susan is a beautiful middle name.

Out of your choices, I like these two:
Olivia Susan
Chloe Susan

I think they both would complement your son's name nicely as well.

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My favorite is Laurel (very pretty). My second fav is Olivia, and I think that one flows better with your sons name. Congrats on having a girl!!

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You have chosen some great names! I like Gretchen, Olivia, Hayley (my DD is Hailey) & Fiona. My favourite of those aside from Hayley for obvious reasons, is Olivia. Good luck!

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I love the name Chloe we also considered it.