"E" Baby Names

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"E" Baby Names

Wow, this board is dead!

Our first three kids all have names beginning with "E".

Honest answers: Would you feel weird naming your 4th child with a non-E name if the first three were all "E"s?????

It feels weird to me. From my perspective, if we were going to abandon the "E" theme, it would have had to be done by the 3rd child. I keep saying to DH that the 4th kid would feel 'left out' even though I really don't think they'd particularly care (would they?), but it's just a nice excuse Smile

Granted, we do have a couple of E names that are in the running, and we'll likely use one of them, but I just wanted some opinions on if it really would be weird to use a different letter to start!

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I was the only non "J" name in my family and it never bothered me. I remember when I was young and made that realization, I though I was special because my name didn't start with a "J." It's funny though because I have an "E" name!

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I think the non-E kid might actually appreciate it!

They wont be walking around as a group introducing themselves their whole lives, so it's okay to just go with names you love, and not stick to a theme.

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Kids don't care what there name starts from , but they do care about nice and unique name. Try to find unique beautiful name ,which no one has. This will make him special.

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I don't think anyone can say how the kid will feel when he's older - everyone is different. It might bother him, it might not.

I think you should stick to it just because it's gone on for so long now lol.

I want to name all my kids with "L" names but I realised I never chose wisely as there are no boys names I like beginning with "L" haha.


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YOU are going to have to explain over and over again to family & friends why you didn't go with an E name for the baby!

the baby might care or might not.