feedback on our short list of girl names?

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feedback on our short list of girl names?

DH and i are having the hardest time agreeing on a name. here are the few that are still in the running (the names that one of us has suggested and other one doesn't totally hate...we haven't found anything that we are both excited about yet, so just hoping one of us can "warm up" to the other's suggestions):

Clara (my favorite. DH thinks it's "old lady")
Aria (too strange? DH loves this one.)

obviously, we tend to like shorter names that end in the "ah" sound. any other suggestions? our son's name is Asher, so we want it to "go" with that.

would love any feedback!! Smile

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I like Leah and Maya, although both are very popular right now (my personal preference is to stay away from uber popular names...but both of those names are very pretty).

I have to agree with your DH that Clara sounds a bit old lady-ish, but I've been hearing it a lot lately so it must be poised to make a come back!!!

Aria is an opera solo...not sure that I'd want to use it for a child's name...but it does have a pretty sound.

One of my absolute favourite names is Mara (that fits in with your "ah" preference). I was really hoping to use it for at least a middle name, but DH nixed it. Sad

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My daughters name is Ivory. I dunno, I liked it because it reminds me of the color.Pure,innocence. Wanted something that wasn't so common.Although, to some it may sound kind of wierd,but me and my husband love it! *We call her Ivy for short.*

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Clara-So Pretty, I love the name. I had an imaginary friend named Clara when I was little lol and my mom said I named 3 of my babies Clara.

Lydia-I nannied a little girl named Lydia, I love 'older' names.

Leah-I live in Indiana and the Teen Mom Amber is a big deal in my small town, her daughters name is this one bugs me lol

Aria-its an opera solo and also the name of a cell phone lol But I think its very pretty and sweet sounding.

Raina-Not my favorite.

Maya-I like this name, but I dont love it.

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Clara is my favorite, by far! I can see where some might consider it "old fashioned", but those names are making a come-back and some are just so beautiful.

I agree with PP about Leah. I loved that name until Teen Mom ruined it for me.

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Ain't nothing wrong with the name Leah (or Leia as we spell it Wink )

I'm not sure about the US, but it is very uncommon where I live and when people ask her name they're always very complimentary of it.

Apart from that, Lydia is my favourite from your list.

Clara does sound kind of old fashioned.

Raina, really? Sorry but this reminds me of some chavtastic adult with a sister called Mercedes! lol.

Aria - It's not flowy enough IMO, very stiff.

Maya - too close to Mia which is very common.


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Clara (my favorite. DH thinks it's "old lady") -- beautiful, I think it's classic, not 'old lady'
Lydia --alright...but I automatically think of beetlejuice. :eek:
Leah -- it's nice, but I'm not a fan, since I prefer not so common names
Aria (too strange? DH loves this one.) --LOVE!!
Raina -- Pretty and unusual! I had a friend who spelled it Rayna.
Maya -- Maya is nice! On our list we had Mira (pronounced My-rah) after a river on Cape Breton Island. Similar but a bit different.

Hope you can agree on something you love soon. Smile

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Clara: I like it, Nutcracker star, cute name, and making a comeback. Smile
Lydia: I love this, pretty and not super common
Leah: My mom's name (she spells it Lea) and a pretty name.
Aria: I like this as well, don't love it, but like it.
Raina: Truly love Raina/Rayna! So pretty, reminds me of one of my absolute fave stories,
Maya: Its cute but way too common for me.

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Aria is absolutely beautiful to me! I especially love the meaning, which is "song." Sorry, but Clara does sound like an old lady name to me. Aria sounds stunning, and is very unique!