Getting DH involved in name list

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Getting DH involved in name list


So in the past it's gone like this. I start suggesting names as soon as the u/s showed the gender. DH turns them all down and then about a month away says, "okay, I guess X is the name".

Well, I'm tired of it. This time he's shot down everything I've suggested without hesitation. I ask him to come up with names for me to think about and he just says "Bob" (an old joke dating back to our first pregnancy). *sigh*

So this morning at breakfast I told him I was being for real and that he needs to create his OWN name list for me to look at.

I hope it works and we can get our boy's name picked out. I'm still hoping it's a girl (we are team green this time) so that it's not a huge issue if it's only an "okay" name.

How do you guys get your men talking about names? Each time I bring it up he rolls his eyes and says "we have time..." :confused:

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DH was the same throughout my pregnancy. So much that we didn't have a name to give our son when he was born!! We looked at each other saying: so is it Hunter ??? Ok it is... LOL

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Bill was like that until I was about 35 weeks he was not ready to have a set name before then.

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yes, we did lots of joking about names and not a lot of seriousness, but eventually mostly decided on a name, but I insisted we had to see the baby before definitely deciding. lol

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I guess I'm not much help because we never decide for sure on baby's name until after the birth. Ella wasn't named until she was 3 days old and Eli was 2 days old.

One thing I used to do is take advantage of road trips - if you're trapped in a car together for hours on end, bring along a baby name book and spout them out! DH found a bunch he liked when I did that while preggo with DD.

DH mostly jokes around about names still (ex. I told him I liked William, and he said if I named him that, he'd call him BILL :eek: Now he calls my belly "Bill" all the time :rolleyes: ) But I do occasionally get serious answers out of him.

I think it's great that you asked him to make his own list! Hope he complies!

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Everything that I would suggest DH would shoot down. My girl name that I had I refused to budge on, even though he hated it... but this baby is a boy so we went back to the drawing board. I basically gave him a list of about 6 names that I liked (after looking through about six name books and websites!) and made him choose one of them, it's the only way to stay sane! In the end I carry the baby and push the baby out, so I think I get the final say lol!

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When I was pg with DD I made a list of names and DH vetoed what he didn't like........which was just about every name!!

Finally we Agreed on Makenna and Lucas. I am glad that DD was a girl cause Lucas is getting really popular!!

He will come around and your baby will have a name, try not to worry!!

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Yeah, my DH was saying we have time, let's wait til gender is known, etc. But in the last few weeks, if I threw a name out he'd actually say yay or nay. And he even started asking what names I was considering or if I thought about anymore. Weird.

No real help on how to get him involved but I know if there is a name I love and DH hesitates and then says no, all o need to do is say it over and over again and he cones around.

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I was in my 9th month before he was into it at all. In the end we did not even just names on our list anyway and named simon using looking for meanings Smile