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My good friend is due any day now...she is wondering what people think of the name Justice for a boy!? That is the only name the couple have came to an fell in love with. But her mother an sister thinks its stupid an should be "ONLY" a girls name. Please help! Smile

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I don't like Justice for a boy or girl.

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I don't like that for a girl or boy but definitely NOT for a boy!!!

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i dont particularily like it for either really... i know a girl who named her daughter that and ive seen it spelled "Justus" for a boy...but i still dont really like it... but ive seen worse

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I think "Justice" sounds like an American Gladiator stage name.

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I saw it spelled Justus for a boy.
Justice or Justus is fine for a boy or a girl. I think it fits better a boy... more masculin... Just my opinion.....

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I don't even think it should be a girl's name. I think of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" when I think of it, LOL. Sorry, I vote to remove that name from the island.

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For a boy spell it Justus. Justice is the female spelling. I like Justus for a boy but I don't like Justice for a girl.

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Dont like it for either sex!

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I love the name Justus for a boy. It's in the Bible actually (as a boy's name).