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Okay... So I am having problems on names. I have boy/girl twins, whos names are Miyah and Jaylen. My SO wants to name the baby, if it's a boy, Jonathan (after his Daddy who passed away when he was 15), or Cameron. Cameron is no relation, he just has always loved the name. I am fine with either one of those. Normally I dont like names that are used so much, but I fell in love with Jonathan. I guess because of the meaning behind it. We are still not settled though...


We cannot, for the life of us, figure out a name we like together. I really like Austyn for a girl and of course he hates it! He likes Jasmine and I dont like it.... We can not agree on anything. He mentioned Reagan and I think its okay... just not that "in love" feeling I have with Austyn.

Any suggestions on girls AND boys names would be helpful... or ideas on compromising.... LOL Thank you in advance! OH! The last name is Young. So pretty common and one-syllabul if that helps any of you out.

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Girls names can be tough! Question, do you prefer names that are more boyish but transitioning? Or girly names? I'm not a fan of the girly names (though there are a few OK), but DH is. So if this one is a girl we are thinking Jackson Paige, and he will use Jackie or Sunny to her.

Another name I like is of the girly ones.

You could also use Cameron, but change the spelling. I know a couple girls who are named Camryn, Camerine, Cameryn. Just another thought.

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I am sorry, but I don't like any of the names you suggested. Each to their own though Smile

Julia would be pretty with Johnathon if they were boy/girl again.

Chloe/Casey (boy or girl)

... mind block! lol.


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My favorite boys name that my husband wouldn't let me use for our boys was Sebastian. I love to suggest it to people! Smile

Girls names I love are Danica, Paige, and Alyssa.

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I have to say I love Cameron Wink

I like Austyn. It is super cute with the y, but you could also use Camryn for a girl. Our little one would have been Cameron regardless of gender, but the "y" spelling for a girl. Good luck with your decision!

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Austin is a boy name to me, even using a Y- sorry!

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Again I'll suggest the best baby name book in the world lol...

Jonathan is my brothers name, so because of that I have to like it, but if it wasn't it probably wouldn't be a pic of mine as it's too common. I think Cameron is really cute, but I would just go with Cam because it's not common! As for Reagan, that's my sons name so I love it dearly, but NOT for a girl. You said you're big on the meaning of a name, well Reagan actually means "little king", which is why I wouldn't name a girl that. And Austyn sounds like a boys name... again JMHO!! Good luck!