help me with names (XP)

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help me with names (XP)

no, i'm not preggo. AF is due in a week... if i am, i'll tell you then.

anyway, Ellie was named around the time she was conceived.. like before we new i was pregnant. so i want to name our next one... being superstitious, i think i wont get pregnant until we have a name.

boys are already picked out
William Joseph Jr
Rian David Allen (backup in case Jr doesnt suit)

girls.. ???? and the fact that i got ONE girl out of DH makes me think i'll get several girls out of him

Ellie's full name is EllissaMay Joscelyn, so i like complicated combiations. i'm actually sad i already used Joscelyn, now i want to use it for a first name. and it has to go with Ellie, without being to obnoxious. our backup name for Ellie was Lillian Rebecca Marie, but if we use Lillian for the next one Lily and Ellie sounds... oh so repetative.... AND,i pretty much HAVE TO use Marie for the middle name, because i covered all the "naming after" relatives i could with Ellie, and the ones that are left all have Marie or variations of it in their names.

i like Josephine Marie, but DH has a thing about Josephine... he doesnt like it. he already shot down my EmmaLea (like Emily) and EvieLyn( like Evelyn, but EE-VEEE-LYN) and Evolet which was just a random name from the movie 10000 BC and i liked the flow of.

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It is tough picking names... I am struggling with names now as well.
Emelyn (I really like this)

I know a little girl names Josephine. Everyone calls her Josie.

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Girls names are tough. A few names we were tossing around when we were trying to name Makenna were:


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I also know a Josephine/Josie. I think it's cute.
I always liked Elizabeth, I like Eliza too.
Other names on my short list:


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thank you all for your input, i know i didnt really give you much info to go on there. DH still doenst like Josephine. i still love it. ugh.

i wish i could just make a list of NO's and see what i have left...

i cant do Jillian because that was what my mom named her firstborn who was stillborn at 6 months... Jillian Rebecca, i would have to use it properly in tribute, if i just use it my mom might freak...

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How about something like AnnaLiza Marie or Annelise Marie? Anna and Ellie would be cute together!

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Genius Heather! Anna-something Marie

I had this epiphany a couple days after my second post that i needed to use some family names, but i'm still figureing out which ones and how to use them

maybe AnnaMarie something, that would work too Smile

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Aww cute names! Biggrin I didn't know Ellie was actually EllissaMay.. so cute! Good name... (mine is Elissa... Wink )

I like AnnaMarie or AnnaMaria or AnnaLiese Marie/a...
my baby doll was always Anna Maria when I was little hehe, and I still think it's a pretty name Wink