Help with names!

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Help with names!

Baby#6 is due this fall. We have 5 boys now. We aren't finding out the sex so we need a boy and a girl name. Our boys' names are in my siggie. So far we have:

middle names- Wynn (after my grandpa who's MN is Alwyn, Rose, Faith, Kate, Beth(my MN)


middle name-Lane

The boy names are super hard. We have used up so many! We like names that aren't super popular (although it seems like the minute we named one of our boys, we started hearing the name more!) but that aren't too out there. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I LOVE your girls names! Blakely is the name we have chosen for this baby if it's a girl. I love it. I really like piper as well, it's my cousins babys name. I seriously love your list. I think my least favorite is Carys.

That being said:
Blakely sounds good with all but Beth. I like Blakely Kate best
Amaris faith
Carys faith
Piper Wynn


Reed is my favorite.. I like that you would have three boys with 6 letter names and three with 4 letter names

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I agree with PP that Blakely sounds not so good with Beth. I also love her suggestion for Piper Wynn!

For boys I have to say I like Sawyer the most. Reading the names of your boys Sullivan came to mind as a good fit with the names you have already.

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My favorite for a girl is Piper Wynn. That was actually the only middle name I saw lol. I'm so tired I read that the other middle name choices were ones that were in your family already (not the boys! Ha ha, just relatives' middle names).

For a boy my favorite is Sawyer.

You've got a really good list of names!

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I like Carys and Amaris for girls.

For a boy Saywer, it seems a nice fit with your other boys.

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I like Sawyer Lane and Piper Rose! Smile

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Thanks ladies! I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Piper! It is our first choice right now if we have a girl. I have seen on SSA that it is becoming increasingly popular every year, which is one downside. I am looking around for other options, but Piper has been our choice for so long (before we found out DS2 was a boy) that it is hard to let go of. So, obviously I love that one. Smile

For the boys, I love Reed, which we were also considering and I really like Rhett too. It makes me think of Gone with the Wind.

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I love Piper and Sawyer. Both are super cute names!

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I love Piper but I've been sitting on that name, hoping to use it since 2006 lol. I keep having boys though so it's never been an option. I'm not liking that it's becoming increasingly popular either, Beth.

I like Piper Rose a lot.