Help with spelling/pronunciation please!

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Help with spelling/pronunciation please!

We are having a daughter to be named Evangeline. However, I want it pronounced e-VAN-gel-in. I'm afraid that people will constantly be saying e-VAN-gel-EEn.

I was thinking of spelling the new baby's name this way: Evangelyn. Would this spelling help with the pronunciation? Does it look made up? My husband thinks so. He wants to use the traditional spelling. I suppose it's not THAT big of a deal to correct people, but I'd like to avoid it if possible. My other daughter is named Karolina (karo-lee-nah), and no one ever gets that right.

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I personally think Evangeline looks like it should be prounounced E-Van-gel-een... with your other spelling I'd be more apt to pronounce it with the "lynn" at the end rather than the "line." Odd about your other daughter's name, because I took one look and assumed it was pronounce "Karoleeena" Smile

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I prefer the traditional spelling as well. I think that because it is an international name, you can pronounce it either "Evangel-eyen" or "Evangel-een" so I am guessing most people will ask.

The y makes it look made up, sorry.

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I like the Evangelyn spelling, it may look a little made up, but I would prefer that to the constant mispronunciations.

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I would pronounce it Evangeleen. What if you just left the "e" off at the end and spelled it Evangelin????

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I like it with the it makes pronouncing it clearer. I agree too that dropping the e at the end would work too.

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I like the Y spelling as well and agree, that would eliminate the mispronunciation. However, I would be one of the ones to get your other daughter's name wrong. It's the same spelling as North and South Carolina except with a K so I would've assumed it's pronounced the same.