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My boyfriend and I are currently TTC. Biggrin I'm totally in love with names and have been for most of my life. I have already started brainstorming some ideas for the baby. Right now my issue is that my boyfriend is Mexican and I'm struggling with how to best honor the baby's mixed heritage since I'm white. His family still lives in Mexico so they don't speak very much English. I would really like the name to be easily pronounced and recognized in English and Spanish. That hasn't been too hard for girls names since it's pretty easy to find lots of cute names that have a Spanish sound to them like Evita Luisa, Bianca Lynn, Clarissa Maria, Lola Jean, Evangeline Maria, Sienna Elena, Gabriela Luisa or Sierra Rose (these names are my top picks right now btw).

My first issue is finding boys names that fit the criteria. My boyfriend's name is Alfredo, and he was named after his father and uncle, so I wouldn't mind using that as a middle name. Most of the names I'm coming up with sound too Spanish to me, like Santiago, Diego, and Enrique. I put some non-Spanish names on my list like Donovan Earl, Tyson Cole and Ray Alfredo, but I think those would translate ok into Spanish. So, my first question is can you help me think of more names that would work well in Spanish and English. I want to honor my boyfriend's Mexican heritage but I don't want my child to be teased for having and ethnic sounding name and not look ethnic at all.

That brings me to my second issue. I am probably the whitest white girl ever, like super pale, and my boyfriend defiantly looks Mexican but he's not super dark. What if the baby is super, super white and we've already decided on a very Mexican name? Or vice versa, what if that baby ends up being dark and we've chosen a very traditional name. I know I'm probably being too paranoid about this, but I've always had a fear that my poor child will inherit my horribly white, Irish skin. Ok, long enough post with too much explanation. :rolleyes: Let me know your thoughts please! Anything will help.

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I like most the names you listed, and I think it's cool you want to honor his heritage.
First, remember you don't have to name the baby before meeting him or her. Go in with a few names you like, then once you get to know the little one, choose something that fits.
Second, remember that the original spanish-speakers (from Spain) are, in fact, white. Much of the spanish-speaking world does not have dark skin. You don't have to look mexican to have a spanish name.

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My first words of advice are don't sweat it! I'm white(Scotch/Irish) and my husband is Chinese/Vietnamese. We went around it for a while. First we thought of doing a"White" first name with a "Asain" middle name. But we couldn't come up with something we liked. Finally we just came up with two different names (with help from DH's parents). DH and I picked an American name, which is his official name on his birth certificate, Kaden Riley. Then with DH's parents we came up with a Chinese name that fit their family history, Chun Ga Wing. Obviously most people just use Kaden, but DH's parents and extended family who don't speak much if (if any) English use Wing.

Likewise, my cousin is married to a Mexican and have a little one on the way. They naming him after his father (Eduardo), his Mexican side is going to call him Lalo and our side is going to call him Eddie.

There's no right or wrong way to name him/her, just do what works best for you guys and ignore the potentially ignorant people who have issues with it. Good luck!

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I love most the girls names you listed. And it's very sweet that you want to honor your BFs liniage. Smile But just because your baby ends up looking very white or very hispanic shouldn't matter to his name. I have a buddy I went to school with named Spencer... He was as hispanic looking as they come. Smile and it works for him. Hope that helped some Biggrin

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The first name that came to mind was Juaquin. I think it's a name that will work beautifully for both sides.
I can definitely see your dilemma, I'm also a lover of names.

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Half of our family lives in Spain, and the other in Canada, although we are not Spanish. We also wanted to choose a name that would work both places, because we are not sure if we eventually live in Spain, or at least spend a lot of time there. It was important to me to choose a name that would be pronounced properly both places. My sons name is Rylan (not spanish at all) but, it is read and pronounced the same in Canada, and Spain. If he were a girl, we were thinking of using Jovie, which would actually end up being pronounced HOE-BEE when read in Spain...eek! so that was the only problem that I was concerned about. This next one we are thinking Lucia for a girl, because it works both ways... It would actually be pronounced Luthia over there, but that is fine with me. Smile I agree with the previous poster that choosing a traditional name for a dark skinned child is no big deal. But, if you are really worried about it, you can always choose one of each, and wait until baby is born. Good luck Smile

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Do you like the name Camilla? That would sound really nice in Spanish too b/c it would be pronounced Cami-yah. Another pretty girl name is Carlotta.

Here are some names of my Latino students (I teach high school): Duane, Camilla, Clarissa, Karla, Wendy, Nadya, Hugo, Elias, Josias, Vincente, and Matias.

I'm partial to Vincente b/c you could also call him Vincent and I LOVE that name.