How do I convince hubby to like the name I do?

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How do I convince hubby to like the name I do?

Well, I know there's probably no way to really convince him, but I really like it. We're only five weeks along, so we don't know what the baby is yet. If it's a girl we agree on Sarah Louise (Louise is mine, my mom's and my grandma's middle name), but we can't agree on any boy names. We definitely want Joel as the middle name. Hubby's brother, Joel was killed in Iraq and we want to honor him by using his name. For the first name I really like Nathan, but my husband doesn't like it that much. I think "Nathan Joel" sounds cute. If your SO doesn't like the name you really like, do you give up or fight for it?

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#1- Love the name for a boy Smile

#2-Me and DH were in the same situation you were. We had a girls name set, naturally we had a boy. We KNEW we wanted James as the middle, it's DH's. So now we needed a first... but we LOVED the NN "J.J" so now our first name choices were quite limited haha So I hear ya!

DH hated all the J names I found and on top of that he HATED talking about them and since I was so baby crazy all I wanted to do was talk baby names.

My number one piece of advice, you've got 35 weeks to worry about it Wink It'll be easier to 'fight' for your name once you have a gender. We picked several names and finally decided in the delivery room. We even had a set name pair by the time we got our 20 week gender scan and ended up not even using the boys name we had fought over haha! So, I guess moral of the story, I wouldn't fight too hard yet.. you might change your mind AND you might have a little girl so fights over Smile

Good luck!

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So true! I'll wait to worry about it until after we know what it is for sure. If it's a girl it won't even matter ('til the next one maybe). Biggrin

Your little one is beautiful!

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I found that my hubby was so adamant about naming our last that we threw around names the whole pregnancy. We really didn't have anything set in stone and Miranda was born he was at a total loss for words and said.....its a girl you get to name her (which we had always talked that DH would be suggesting names and I'd veto ones I didn't like) So I was in shock that he said that.....I could have named her booooger and I don't think he would have cared....he was over the moon in excitement over his new baby girl Smile

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As the other posters said you may have a girl and it won't be an issue at all. It's still early though so don't stop considering names just because you've found one you like. Make a list - keep that one but add other possibilities as well. Who knows you may find another you both love equally.'s picture
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We had the same problem, girl name came very easily and we've found ourselves arguing over a boy name. Neither of us agree on the others name, luckily we're only 7 weeks in or we'd be in trouble Smile

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1. You will have to get another first name that you both agree on. It won't be good if you get the name you like or if you convince your hubby, but that deep in him he hates it. Your son (in case it's a boy) will be using it his whole life so it must be something really nice and like music to your and your husband's ears.

2. In my baby's case, I got to choose the first name, and he got to choose the second name. So it was a win-win situation. You can just agree on that.

3. Or... you can tell him that since the name Joel is already in honor of HIS brother, it would just be fair to let you pick out the other one.

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Yikes! good luck I really like the name you have picked out! But I would be in the same boat as you.. if we had a boy my dh, and his dad would try to have it named the second I had My BFP! Good luck with your names and HH9m!

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My DH vetoed the name I absolutely loved for a girl (Keely) which meant I had to go back and keep looking for more. I really, really wanted it and didn't think I'd find another name I liked half as much. The name we ended up choosing I love so much more and it just suits her.

With DS DH had a name chosen right up until he was born. He took one look at him and said 'it doesn't suit' so we had to come up with a new name at the hospital. The name suits him perfectly too.

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My DH is forgetful enough, if I don't mention a name for a while, by the time I bring it back up he's forgotten about it and frequently offers a completely different opinion:)

Boy names are really difficult, IMO.