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How popular...

Do you think Oliver is going to be this year?

It was only 88th on the list for 2010 in the USA, but 20th in Canada (we're in Canada). I feel like I haven't heard it a lot before recently, but lately it seems so many people I know (IRL and on are naming their boys Oliver!

From what you've seen so far this year, do you think Oliver is going to make a big jump up the list this year?

DH and I have been thinking about doing Oliver Benjamin G**** for this new little boy. Now I'm worried he'll be one of 4 Oliver's in his school class once he starts school!

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oh, bummer! i hope it doesn't shoot up in popularity! i don't know any babies named Oliver, but that's our pick for next baby, if it's a boy. but in our case, it's a family name i've always loved, so we'll do it even if it starts to get "trendy." but i hope not!

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I do think it will jump in popularity this year. I know 2 babies born in the last year named Oliver and another lady was going to name her baby Oliver if it had been a boy. I do think it is a nice name, but you need to think about popularity concerns if that is important to you.

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Hi Sandra! Biggrin

There are a few ladies in my prenatal water aerobics class going with Oliver, but I wouldn't put too much stock in that. (eta: EVERYONE I know is going with either Carter or Cooper for their sons right now!).

I don't see Oliver hitting the top ten in either the US or Canada at any point, but that is just my opinion Biggrin

I think you should go for it!

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Oliver is not a popular name where I live (Ohio). With our DD we went with something "different" but not so weird that people would look at her funny. Her name is Brynna (Brin-uh). Our new addition is going to be Ryan Andrew. I realize that Ryan is more popular but it is not a name that I have heard often around here. With my name I was one of 4 in my class at school. But Jessica was the most popular name for YEARS during the early 80s when I was born. It didn't really bother me that there were so many of us. I am sure your little Oliver will be just fine with sharing his name because it's special to him Smile

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I know of two Oliver's under 5, thats it. I think it is a cute name, and though it may be gaining in popularity, I don't see it making it to the top ten. Smile

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Oliver is definitely gaining in poularity... although I don't think it should matter if you love it that much! I have ALWAYS been anti any popular names that you hear all the time, which is why I gave my kids names that I thought were unique and ensured that they would be the only kids in their class with that name (knock on wood lol). But when I got pregnant this time around, I thought for sure this baby would be a girl, and I would have named her Bella. Bella, as I'm sure you all know, has skyrocketed in popularity due to the Twilight movies, but I didn't care, as there was no other girl name that I loved more in the whole world. Baby turned out to be a boy (again!!) and so now he's Trystan... which is definitely lower on the popularity scale than Bella is! I say go with your gut on this one...

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I don't know any Oliver's either. I think you would be safe to use it. I kind of like that name.

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I thinkits increasing in popularity. That said it was on my short list for boys. You could go all sexy French and call him Olivier Smile

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Not popular here in my part of the world. I think it's cute.

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I have a friend who just named her baby Oliver! He was born in July. Also, I've had that name on my list of boy names I like for years (haha two girls so far) and would've liked it this time if we have a boy, but since our friends named their son Oliver we're going with a different name.

I do think the name will become more popular this year, but I don't know how popular.

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I agree it's ncreasing in popularity but doubt it will make top ten. We named our son Ronin because it's a name we liked and wasn't something we had heard often, but it's increasing in popularity as well.

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Its not popular in the midwest although I have noticed more tv characters (guest star fake name) being Oliver. I think its cute.

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It's trending up in the US (from the social security web site):

Popularity of the male name Oliver
Year of birthRank
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It's REALLY popular here in Australia. Definitely in the top 10, I think it may be in the top 5.