ideas for a girl name that goes with Asher?

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ideas for a girl name that goes with Asher?

hi ladies! i am expecting #2, and don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl, but DH and i are already talking about names. we suspect it's a girl, and we are completely stumped on a girl's name! if it's a boy, we want to name him Oliver, which was my great-grandpa's name. DS1 is named Asher. we always loved Ava for a girl, but now have two good friends with daughters by that name. the popularity is a turn-off to us now (although it's STILL a beautiful name!). we love shorter, simple names with no ambiguity regarding spelling, etc., but something you don't hear every day. we love to use family names, but a quick scan of the family tree didn't turn up any good female options. our last name is Johnson, if that helps. anyway, i'd love to hear any suggestions you have!!! Smile

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I have two little girls cousins named Asher and Avery. That was what first came to mind for me. Smile Avery is similar to Ava, but not nearly as popular.

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When I was a teen, I babysat a pair of twins named Asher and Eden. I loved how their names fit together.

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Did you want another name that starts with an A or does it matter?

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have you used the name nymbler website? You put in names you like, girl and/or boy, and it gives you suggestions, I love it. Wink

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I also like Eden, and Ava really is beautiful even if it is popular. Bella would have been my choice if this baby was a girl. I also like Arden... if you're going for an "A" name...

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I love the name Eden. I would use it myself except it rhymes with our last name.

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Eden is really pretty. I like that! I'm also liking Clara lately. My best friend's daughter is Avery, so probably wouldn't use that, but I do like it. I'm thinking I want to stay away from A names, but it really doesn't matter. If we end up falling in love with an A name, then that's fine!

Can't wait to check out that name site! I've been looking at, but haven't gotten too inspired yet.

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"waitingimpatiently614" wrote:

I'm also liking Clara lately.

:eek: OMG! That is so crazy. As soon as I read this thread, I instantly thought of Clara (which is one of the names we considered for DD2). I read through the replies before posting. That's so funny. But I love Clara!!

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Ayla? I have a co-worker who's grandchildren are Asher and Ayla.

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Oliver is SO popular here, is it not in the US? It's definitely in the top 3 here.

I consider Asher a "trendy and modern" name, so I would go with similar for a girl- Harper, Imogen, Ruby, Isabella, Chloe, Lily, Sienna, Abigail.

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Asher and...

Aailish? (A-Lish)






No idea why I have gone for the 'sh' sounding names lol!