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like it or not

for a boy. it's a native name. My dh is native.

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Not for me. Personally, it sounds like a childlike Disney character to me. Just my opinion though.

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It's not really my taste. And to me it sounds more like a girl name rather than a boy. Does it mean something?

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I like it, but I think of a girl's name too.

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How do you pronounce it? I ask because I would want to say "Nee-kuh"... but there is a boy in dd's class with a VERY (and I mean VERY) Native name and it's not pronounced quite the way it looks Smile

Just going by the look of it, I would probably automatically think it was a girl if I saw only the name and not the child.

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I need a pronunciation too. I don't like neh-ka. I kind of like nee-ka, but agree that the "a" at the end makes me think of it more for a girl.

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I like it, its different and stong. (:

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I like it, too. I especially like that it comes from your dh's heritage. Very cool.

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Not my taste.

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I like it. I like names that have meaning, and I'm assuming that since it's a name from your DH's heritage, that there is meaning to it. Another bonus, it will be unlikely that he'll know other Nekas , so he'll be everybody's only one.

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"AimeeLynne" wrote:

I like it, but I think of a girl's name too.

Same here!