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Middle name help

I had posted previously looking for naming help, but this is a little different from the last one. I think we finally agreed on Rayne being the first name, but don't have a definitive middle name. We are considering using McCann as the middle name again since it is also DD1's middle name. I'm on the fence on that since it wouldn't be original, but yet it is DH grandmothers maiden name and she just passed away last month. So I'm looking for some inspirations for middle names. Here's the small list that we have so far. Thanks!

Rayne McCann
Rayne Elizabeth
Rayne Alexandra

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I know a family that all three girls have the same middle name, but I am not really a fan, so I would not do McCann. Are there any other family members you would like to honor? I like Rayne Alexandra the best of those, I think. I think with a one syllable first name a three syllable middle name will work the best, but a 2 syllable will work as well. But I have no suggestions. lol

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I like Rayne Elizabeth

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I like Elizabeth, it sounds very beautiful together. Don't give them both the same middle name... my sisters both have my mother's name as their middle name and that always drove me crazy! There's so many beautiful names (especially for girls!) out there, and it looks to me as you've found some others!

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I like Rayne Elizabeth the best.

I also think it gives your daughter options in the future. I like more unusual names, but I tried to give my girls more common MN so if they don't like their names when they get older they have something else they can go by

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Of the three, I like Rayne Alexandra best though Rayne Elizabeth is a close second.

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I like Rayne Elizabeth. I personally wouldn't give my kids the same middle name. To me a name should be special to each individual child.

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Rayne Elizabeth is my favorite Smile

I made the mistake of giving my 2nd & 3rd girls the same middle name. They always think I'm crazy for doing it too.