Middle name help?

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Middle name help?

I posted this in the January group first, and I didn't even know we had a baby name board on here! We're having a girl, and we're pretty set on Harper for a first name. Middle names, however, have been a real challenge. We don't even have a general idea of what we want yet, so any suggestions y'all have would really be appreciated!!

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First, I really like Harper. As for the middle name is there anyone, friend or family, that you would like to honor. We picked both of our girls middle names that way. Both of my girls also have semi-unusual names so I wanted the middle name to be something more common that they could go by in the future if they want to.

Good luck deciding.

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Harper is cute.

I would go with something meaningful too. We chose our son's middle name after the place we went for our honeymoon: Cabo San Lucas: so our son is Hunter Lucas.

Here's are some ideas that popped in my head:

Harper Jean
Harper Joy

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We always use family names for middle names. Smile I think lots of names would work well with Harper. Smile

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I love the name Harper! I agree with the others, that you should try to find a name that means something very personal to you or DH for the middle name!