Middle Name Help :)

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Middle Name Help :)

Any suggestions for middle names to go with:


Our last name is pronounced "gets" (as in "she gets what she wants")

I feel like Ezra should be paired with a 3 syllable middle name, and Emerson I'm just not sure. Fairly classic, standard names seem to be our taste for middle names (our other kids are Ella Marie and Eli Jeremy).

These 2 names are the only ones DH has suggested that I don't mind, and I'm trying to let him have more say in the naming process this time!

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Hmmm, for Ezra I would say:


And Emerson, a one syllable sounds good to me:


There are so many to choose from, whether you want to go popular or unique! Good luck Sandra!

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I like Ezra Jamison! Good suggestion. Others I thought of... Ezra Samuel, Ezra Timothy, Ezra Alexander.

Emerson William, Emerson Jacob, Emerson Henry.

It's nice of you to let your hubby guide the top picks this time. DH and I are having a terrible time agreeing on a name for #2, and neither of us is willing to give in yet. Wink

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I love Ezra too. that name sounds very lovely! :rolleyes: