Middle Name ideas for Athena

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Middle Name ideas for Athena

The moment we found out that we were having a girl we instantly knew that her name will be Athena. The middle name on the other hand has been a bit tricky for us. Even though Athena is a Greek name we don't necessarily feel that her middle needs to be Greek too. The only real requirment is that is does not being with the letter "A". Her first and last name already begin with an "A" & we really do not want her initals to be AAA.
I really need some ideas.
Thanks!! Smile

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How about


I just want to say that I think Athena is a lovely classic name and I am so happy you are going to be using it.

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Athena Louise
Athena Lee
Athena Jane
Athena Mae

It seems like after a pretty and unique name like Athena, the middle name should be simple to give it a nice ring. Way to agree on the first name already! That's the biggest challenge. When you think about it, most people probably won't ever know her middle name.

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Athena Celeste
Athena Dawn
Athena Diane
Athena Joy
Athena Kathleen
Athena Lynn
Athena Marie
Athena Nicole
Athena Rayne
Athena Rose